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2009 LINKS: FERC Reports to Congress, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7....; USGS Arctic Gas Estimates; MMS hearings: RDC, Our NGP, AJOC, DH, ADN, KTUU; Enstar Bullet Line: Map and News Links; ANGDA; Alaska Energy Forum; Prosperity Alaska

2008 LINKS: Shell Alaska OCS Study; Mackenzie Gas Project EIS; Join the Alaska Gas Pipeline Blog Discussion; Governor Sarah Palin's AGIA Links; 2007 ACES tax bill links; Department of Revenue 2007 ACES tax documents;  2007 ACES tax Presentations; 2007 ACES tax news; Alaska Gas Pipeline Training and Jobs; Gas Pipeline and Economic Development; Andrew Halcro; Bjørn Lomborg; FERC's Natural Gas Website Links

WASHINGTON: Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act; History of H.R. 4; DOE Energy Bill Position, 6-02; Daschle-Bingaman Energy Bill (Alaska, Sec. 1236 & tax credit, Sec. 2503 & H.R. 4 Conferees), Tax Credit; See amendments, "Energy Policy Act of 2002";  "Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act of 2001 (Draft)" & Background Paper, 8-9-01;Alaska Legislature Joint Committee position; Governor's position; Governor's 10-Point Plan; Anadarko Analysis; U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 10-2-01 - text version;  U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 9-14-00; Report on the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1971, prepared by staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1-18-01

ALASKA: 1-23-03, Governor Frank Murkowski's State of the State Speech; 2002 DRAFT Recommendations to 2003 Legislature; '02 Alaska Legislation; Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline Policy Council; Joint Legislative Gas Pipeline Committee; 9-01 Alaska Models: Canadian Routes, LNG, GTL; HR 4 Story; Cook Inlet Supply-Demand Report: AEDC; Commonwealth North Investigation & Our Article; Report: Backbone; Legislature Contacts; State Gas Pipeline Financing Study; 5-02 Alaska Producer Update; Kenai: "Oil & Gas Industry Issues and Activities Report, 11-02"; Alaska Oil & Gas Tax Structure; 2-27-02 Royalty Sale Background; Alaska Gas Pipeline Office opens, 7-01, and closes, 5-02; Betty Galbraith's 1997-1998 Chronology Our copy.

CANADA: 1-10-03, "Arctic Gas Pipeline Construction Impacts On Northern Transp."-Transport Canada-PROLOG Canada Inc.-The Van Horne Institute;Hill Times Reports, 8-30-02; 9-30-02, Cons. Info. Requirements; CBC Archives, Berger Commission; GNWT Economic Impact Study, 5-13-02; GNWT-Purvin & Gertz Study, 5-8-02; Alberta-Alaska MOU 6-02; Draft Pan- Northern Protocol for Oil and Gas Development; Yukon Government Economic Effects: 4-02 & PPT; Gas Pipeline Cooperation Plan Draft & Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board Mackenzie Valley Pipeline MOU Draft, 6-01; FirstEnergy Analysis: 10-19-01; Integrated Delta Studies; National Post on Mackenzie Pipeline, 1-02;Northern Pipeline Act;  Haida Nation v. British Columbia; Indian Claims Commission; Skeena Cellulose decision -- aboriginal consultations required, 12-02; Misc. Pipeline Studies '02

COMPANIES: Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team Newsletter, 7-27-01; APG Newsletter: 5-02, 7-02 & 9-02; ArctiGas NEB PIP Filing Background; NRGPC Newsletter: Fall-02;  4-02 ArctiGas Reduces Field Work; BP's Natural Gas Page; Enbridge Perspective; Foothills Perspective; Williams Perspective; YPC Perspective, 7-02

 MEDIA REFERENCE: Alaska Journal of Commerce; Alaska Inc. Magazine; Anchorage Daily News; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Juneau Empire; Northern News Services; Oil & Gas Reporter; Petroleum News Alaska; Whitehorse Star, etc.

EXTENDED CONFERENCE NEWS: Alaska Support Industry Alliance, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Canadian Institute, Insight Information, Inuvik Petroleum Shows, International Association of Energy Economists, Resource Development Council for Alaska, Ziff Energy Group











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  • 1-31-03:  Our 150,000th reader is Tom Schulman.  Tom writes, "I am a paralegal for Chugach Electric Association, Inc. in Anchorage, Alaska. I am actually a newbie to the web site but did find your summary of industry news, with links to more detailed information, a very helpful page for getting up-to-speed on current events. Great work!

  • 12-23-02: Lyle Neis (NGP Photo, 6-02), General Manager-Inuvik Gas Ltd., is winner of a special appreciation prize for our 140,000th reader.  Lyle will receive "Our Alaska, A Pictorial History of the Great Land and Its People" (Photo-l), hardbound, courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News.

  • 12-5-02: Our 135,000th reader was Charles Voon a student at Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton.  He'll receive from Enbridge Inc. a wonderful pen and calculator set along with its educational trilogy of northern pipeline CDs.  Any NGP reader may obtain the CDs free as a public education service of Enbridge. Contact is Kim Osborne: (780) 420-5219.

  • 11-17-02: Our prize winner is Jennifer Bidlake Schroeder, MSc. - Environmental Planner - AXYS Environmental Consulting Ltd. - Calgary.   She kindly writes: "I check your website several times a week for news updates on both Alaska and the Mackenzie Valley. Thanks for such a great website, and I'm excited that I actually won something!"   NGP Reader Greg Thies (NGP Photo) kindly provides our lucky 130,000th reader with a wonderful prize: an assortment of Evergreen Orchards' dried fruit and hazelnut mix, chocolate hazelnuts, sweet Bavarian hazelnuts, sugar/cinnamon hazelnuts.  Evergreen Orchards is part of the Evergreen International family of companies and Greg is Director of Marketing for another famous subsidiary: Evergreen Helicopters of Alaska, Inc.

  • 11-5-02:  Reader Appreciation Prize for our 125,555th reader: "Our Alaska, A Pictorial History of the Great Land and Its People" (Photo-above, 12-23), hardbound, courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News. WE HAVE A WINNER: Marc Lamontagne of Marr Associates joins the Winners' Circle.  Marc says, "I have been frequenting “Northern Gas Pipelines” for many months now.  I have been impressed with the amount of information and the up-to-date content for those interested in arctic gas pipelines.  Keep up the good work."

  • 10-30-02: Bill Popp - Oil & Gas Liaison - Kenai Peninsula Borough (NGP Photo, 9-23-02), wins the Reader Appreciation Prize for our 123,333rd reader: "Our Alaska, A Pictorial History of the Great Land and Its People" (Photo-above), hardbound, courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News.  Congratulations to Bill, who is our first, two-time winner.


  • 10-11-02: Let's celebrate our 117,777th reader, Bart Baker (Photo, right).  Bart wins a Band ANWR CD (Demo Clip for NGP Readers, courtesy of Gary Webster-NGP Photo, left) and an original Alaska Seaweed Bookmark (donated by author's wife.)  Bart works for Arctic Resources Company in Houston and kindly writes: "Best regards to someone who has featured the most comprehensive northern pipeline news available anywhere."

  • 9-24-02: We have a 111,000th 'Reader Appreciation Prize' winner for a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE ANCHORAGE CHRONICLE.  The winner is, Bill Popp - Oil & Gas Liaison - Kenai Peninsula Borough (NGP Photo above, 9-23-02) who says,  "I have been extremely pleased at the wealth of information Northern Gas Pipelines has provided.  I have generated over 2,000 pages of materials, downloaded from the many links your website offers.  I truly appreciate the quality and quantity of the content you have made available.  Northern Gas Pipelines has given me a number of insights into the issues of oil and gas in Alaska of which I previously had been unaware.  Hat's off to you for this excellent public resource."

  • 7-22-02: Our public service web site was honored with its 100,000th visitor and we are delighted to send these reader appreciation prizes: 

    • Our 100,000th visitor was Brett Chandler (Photo-r), publisher of, Whitehorse.  Brett will receive one Board Room pass courtesy of Joe Sprague at Alaska Airlines; another magnificent coaster set courtesy of thoughtful BP employees working with the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team during the 2001 study phase; 1-year subscription to Far North Oil and Gas Review courtesy of Sunny Munroe; 1-year subscription to the new Anchorage Chronicle, courtesy of Alex DeMarban; several Alaska & Canadian lapel pins; several mementos from the Inuvik Petroleum Show.  Brett writes: "Congratulations on getting 100,000 visitors, Dave. I'm REALLY glad I'm the one who got it."

    • First Runner-up is Andy North, Marketing Coordinator for Vantage Controls in Provo.  Andy will receive a 1-year subscription to Far North Oil and Gas Review and the Anchorage Chronicle.

    • Our third Runner-up is Kelly R. King (Photo-r) Researcher/Budget Officer - Institute of the North and Aide to Gov. Walter J. Hickel.  Kelly will receive an Alaska Airlines Board Room pass and Anchorage Chronicle subscription and says, "Great site. Always enjoy it.".

  • 7-23-02: Charles W. Bois won this small but tasty collectors gift as a Reader Appreciation Prize for our 92,300th reader today!  We'll also send him something extra!  Yesterday, the Alaska President of Wells Fargo, Richard Strutz, provided all Anchorage Chamber of Commerce attendees with this 150th Wells Fargo Anniversary gift: a milk chocolate square produced by Ghirardelli Chocolate.  Both companies were founded in 1852.  A longtime NGP reader, Charles writes, "Congratulations on such a successful website. You have accomplished much ... and have kept all informed on a factual basis. I think the energy business owes you a big pat on the back for a job well done."  Charles represents MILLER THOMSON LLP, Barristers & Solicitors, Patent & Trade Mark Agents, Vancouver.  Our winner did not have a photo but sent this short film clip, instead.  Though he sent it in a light hearted personal message, it is so outrageously funny that I hope he'll forgive my offering it to you to give mirth to what might otherwise be a routine day.  One might attribute this outstanding attorney's success as much to his sense of humor as to his competence.

  • 7-15-02: Our  90,000th reader appreciation prize Monday went to Lloyd L. Ash, P.Eng., P.Log.  Lloyd is General Manager, Trimac Logistics, in Calgary.  On June 4, Governor Tony Knowles' Staff was kind enough to give us two of the signing pens used by Governor Knowles and Premier Ralph Klein to sign their Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation.  We are pleased to send Lloyd one of those pens, and welcome him to the Winners Circle.  Lloyd observes: "Northern Gas Pipelines is serving as an important focal point on the web where all the various stakeholders can gain a timely overview of events as they unfold in this interesting juncture in Northern development and continental energy markets."

  • 7-9-02: Our Reader Appreciation Prize for our 88,333rd reader goes to Malcolm R. McKay, C.A. CFP, Managing Partner, MacKay LLP, Calgary.  His prize is our Inuvik Petroleum Show conference bag filled with goodies from one of the largest and most useful and exciting gas pipeline trade shows the author has ever attended.  Malcolm writes, "I do find the website useful. I formerly lived in Yellowknife, so the site keeps me up to date."   Find more Inuvik Petroleum Show information here.

  • 6-4-02: Our 80,000th Reader Appreciation Prize goes to Rachel Noble,
    ialuit Environmental and Geotechnical Inc., of Calgary.  We prepared a unique CD for our winner: a screen saver slide presentation of over 25 flowers from our Anchorage gardens.  As a bonus, we are sending Rachel a puffin to keep her in good spirits at her computer, courtesy of Kenai Fjords Tours.  She writes, "My interest in northern gas pipelines has been inculcated in me from an early age. My father, Barry Noble of Noble Resource Management worked on the environmental and regulatory components of the first Mackenzie Valley route proposal (Williams Brothers). I am currently pursuing a B.A. in geography and political science at the University of Calgary and hope to become involved in the environmental and policy research/development aspects of the next pipeline proposal. I am currently working at IEG this summer, as I did the summer of 2001 and find it an excellent learning environment, especially as it is an aboriginal-owned environmental company with significant presence in the Canadian arctic. I visit the Northern Gas Pipelines site daily to keep informed primarily on the environmental, policy and stakeholder aspects of the process.  I find the website useful and insightful."

  • Winner of our 75,000th Reader Appreciation Prize today is former Alaskan Val Rader His heirloom prize is another magnificent coaster set courtesy of thoughtful BP employees working with the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team during the past year!  After 47 years in Alaska, Val, an engineering and business consultant, DBA Rader Econometrics & Engineering, moved to Boston for the Dotcom  revolution.  He says, "Having worked through the Dotcom to Dotbomb transition, I've recently had a ringside seat to the disastrous effect hype and wishful thinking can have on sound economic investment analysis, not to mention 1986.  We who have personal, property, and business ties to Alaska, are challenged to understand the potential for a gas pipeline in our planning.  Dave's site has it all, the economics and the politics, more thorough and up-to-date than any other source."

  • 3-27-02.  Bill Burkhard, GSS/TC  of Sacramento wins our 63,000th Reader Appreciation Prize heirloom: a magnificent coaster set courtesy of thoughtful BP employees working with the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team during the past year!  Bill kindly writes, "Northern Gas Pipelines has greatly helped us understand the complex issues affecting the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline.  Specifically, it has helped in the planning of our direction and timing."

  • 3-15-02.  For our 60,000th reader: Ken Erickson (Photo, left) - Majority Webmaster - Alaska Legislature's Majority Coalition - Juneau!  Coming from a webmaster, Ken's words are especially meaningful: "...a professional, timely, and very informative site ... that I've often referred readers to when they need up-to-date information on gas issues affecting Alaska. ...  Keep up the good work."  In 1983, Alaska's prize European Chef, Herb Eckmann, celebrated the 20th Anniversary of his worldwide business, Alaska Sausage and Seafood.  A client in 1985, he gave the author a couple of outdoor Diamond Sharpeners, dated 1963-1983. We kept one in pristine condition (for you) and have used the other for sharpening fish hooks, knives, arrows, and chain saws.  Next year will be Herb's 30th anniversary, so this is a real collectors item!  If you didn't win the prize, you can be a winner by ordering his unexcelled seafood and meat products directly as happy customers around the world do.  And to you, Ken, Congratulations!

  • 3-12-02.  "I was your 59,000 reader ....  This is a great and informative site.  I use it often."  Phil Brna (Photo-left) - Principal Environmental Scientist - MWH - Anchorage.  Our 59,000th reader appreciation Springtime prize comes from our having participated in the founding of Anchorage's Saturday Market in the early 1990s.  Still going strong, you'll definitely want to visit some Saturday, late May through Mid-September.  Bill Webb is the manager, and he is carrying the market on in its best tradition.  Anyway, we bought several Saturday Market aprons intended as Christmas gifts and never gave them all away.  So, here is one for lucky reader, Phil, to enjoy during 2002 BBQs!

  • 2-11-02.  Our Golden Anniversary 50,000th reader appreciation prize goes to: Steve Riester (Photo)- ExxonMobil Gas Marketing Company - Houston, Texas.  Steve says: "The last time we talked I was working on the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team in Anchorage.  I've since moved back to Houston but am still involved with Alaska gas.  Your website is a big help and you do a great job."   "The Great Alaskan TourSaver" is a coupon book, an Alaska BARGAIN selling for $99.50.  Promoted by another Northern Gas Pipelines reader, Scott McMurren (Alaska's travel Guru), this coupon book claims to provide over $17,000 in travel savings.  Many  in-state Alaska Airlines flights, train rides and glacier cruises are totally free.  Dozens of other 2-for-1 offerings feature flightseeing, fishing trips, adventure travel, hotels, car rentals and nature trips.  We know Steve and his family and Alaska friends will enjoy it!

  • 2-7-02.  John Copeland, Analyst, Baker & O' Brien, Dallas (Photo-with son, Austin), says, "Looks like I hit it.... the website.  I was my son's age when this project began and with the efforts of great Americans like you, he will be using Alaskan gas before he is my age."   John won our last Olympic prize for the 49,000th reader, on this day before opening of the Winter Games 2002.  It is the author's 'gold polk' created by Anchorage's Kay Linton, Linton Productions.  We provided the 'polk' as a table favor given supporters of Anchorage's bid for the 1994 Olympics, at a $1/4 million fundraiser coordinated by the author and his wife at New York's Waldorf-Astoria, 3/88.  Included are a piece of Alaska jade, and a 'gold Big Apple' pin donated by New York business leader Lew Rudin along with a valuable assortment of other Olympic memorabilia.  We recruited Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford to MC the event while our Honorary Co-chairs of the event were Rudin, American Express Chairman Jim Robinson, and Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth of LA Olympics fame.  Future Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch arranged for our New York Planning Office in Ebasco Services' suites in the World Trade Center; future Anchorage Mayor Rick Mystrom was AOC Chairman; while Mayor Tom Fink & Governor Steve Cowper  -- were our special guests, basking among the nation's business leaders and Olympic medal winners like Donna DeVarona, Bonnie Blair, Dorothy Hamill, Rowdy Gaines, Kristen Thorsness, Dave Jansen and many more.  With Gloria Allen's help, Simon Estes sang for us.  Lifelong friendships grew from this experience for many of us.     If one is still in some acquisition stage of life--unlike the author--this prize will be treasured for actual value as well as these memories! 

  • 2-5-02: In the Olympic spirit, we offered a wonderful prize for our 48,000th reader, this Ulu, "Legendary Knife of the Arctic", made in Alaska by Dave Gransbury's Ulu Factory.  It is another fundraising memento from Anchorage's bid for the 1994 Winter Olympics with the AOC's beautiful flame/snowflake logo etched on the blade's surface.  (Dave, the author's next door neighbor and friend, began his now legendary Ulu enterprise in the 1970s, in his garage.  While this is a valuable collector's item, we have purchased many of Dave's razor sharp knives over the years and use them almost every day in the kitchen.  There is no better way to slice pizza and sausage, cut brownies, cube beef, chop onions and other vegetables.  If you order a working knife from Dave, I guarantee it will become one of the most relied upon utensils in your own kitchen, as it has been in ours for over 25 years. -dh)     "I check your site daily because I have come to trust it as the best source for unbiased and up-to-date information on the ever changing world of arctic gas pipelines and related issues. Now it looks like I am going to reap additional dividends in the form of a cool prize."    Peter Stulken (Photo-above, right) - Trade Commissioner - International Trade Centre - Industry Canada - Calgary   "The Ulu knife arrived in the mail today. Once again, many thanks for such a beautiful gift. It makes a great centrepiece on my bookshelf."  (2-13-02)   

  • 2-3: Readeimage001.pngr appreciation prize for the 47,250th weekend reader went to Scott Thorson, President of Network Business Systems: a brand new Anchorage Organizing Committee for the 1994 Olympics headband (Pure wool/Made in Alaska) and other bonus memorabilia, purchased at some long-ago fundraiser. " looks like I had the magic number working for me," Scott wrote. 

  • 1-29: "I am...,the 46,000th person to your site...."  Gordon T. Brinker, Chief of Surveys, F. Robert Bell and Associates, Anchorage.  Gordon joins in celebrating the Winter Olympics spirit, taking a treasure from our oil industry memorabilia: an Atlantic Richfield Company official sponsor pin from the 1984 L.A. games for the 46,000th reader: probably worth its weight in gold or silver in the Salt Lake City trading booths.  We're adding a bonus: ABC's official 1988 Calgary pin.   (Author had the pleasure of attending the Calgary games with the Anchorage Organizing Committee for the 1994 Olympics.) 

  • 1-24: Reader appreciation prize for the 44,444th reader goes to Darcy Janko , AGA Consulting Group of Calgary, who says, "I was the lucky 44444th reader today, I enjoy your site with the up to date articles."  The prize is this brand new condition, "Alaska Club" travel bag given supporters of Anchorage's bid for the 1994 Olympics, at a $1/4 million fundraiser coordinated by the author and his wife at New York's Waldorf-Astoria, 3/88.  Will this mint condition 'collectors item' be worth its weight in gold or silver among memorabilia traders at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games next month?  (Bag donated by Author and Bob Coe, Duty Free Shops.)

  • 1-18-02: We found the 43,000th, prizewinning reader at 7:29 p.m., AT, another after hours, work ethic reader!  "The Color of Oil", Donated and autographed by author Ron Oligney on 1-15-02 at an IAEE presentation in Anchorage--especially for us--is being mailed to our industry professional in Calgary:  Our reader writes, "I have heard much about your site over the past few weeks.  I often visit your site to get the latest update to northern pipeline issues.  I find it to be a great source for current information and discussion from a number of perspectives.  ...  I believe I am the 43,000 visitor to your site."  Tod Collard, Senior Environmental Specialist, Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team.

  • 1-2-02: 37,777th reader contest prize: a wonderful 2002 calendar celebrating Alyeska Pipeline Service Company's 25th anniversary.  "Hi there, My name is Guenter Bouman (Parksville, B.C.). I am a Teamster often working in the pipeline industry so I really enjoy your page.  I would like to claim the prize for 37,777th visitor."  Gunter checked in at 12:16 a.m..

  • 12-21-01, Curtis Thayer, 36,666th reader, Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team, Anchorage, won an original Arctic Gas embroidered logo shoulder patch designed for 1970s Arctic Winter Games participants.  He writes, "Of all people--I was 36,666."  Story here.  Curtis is the spokesman for the AGPPT, working late at night, 12:40 a.m., AT.

  • 12-7-01, 2:08 p.m.  Daniel Kish, 34,000th reader, Professional Staff, U.S. Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee (U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski), won our original Arctic Gas coffee mug, our very first "Reader Appreciation Prize".  He kindly writes: "Dave, those of us involved in this issue in DC love your webpage, and the service you're rendering.  Keep up the good work."   Story here.


Why was this page created?

The author worked for Alaskan Arctic Gas Pipeline Co. in the 1970s, but believes the best pipeline route for Century 21 should be the product of intense scientific study of current alternatives and careful compromise.  Only with 'due diligence' and good will can the state, territories, provinces, nations and industry be satisfied with the outcome.  With investor money on the line and North America's energy sufficiency at stake, critical decisions should be biased toward the free market, logic, science and diplomacy rather than politics and emotion.  (See author editorials.) Accordingly, you will not find herein a preference for any route; you will find respect for all parties. 

This volunteer effort focuses mostly on Alaska, Yukon and NWT, but acknowledges the importance of BC and Alberta, as represented by their flags above.  When we begin to see evidence of greater Pacific Rim participation, we look forward to including flags of the great nations of Japan, Korea and Taiwan.  It is a labor of love, a public service effort to document the historical importance and current events of what will surely be one (or more) of the largest single construction projects ever, as well as a milepost in the author's early career.   As you explore, you will find yet deeper caverns of information hidden from immediate view.  One hopes it merits your continuing interest, daily visits and active participation. 

The author does not claim to be an authority on the many complex issues covered here.  Accordingly, he wishes readers would consider this work-in-progress as their own site, with an invitation to contribute and edit.  To avoid the potential for error, readers are encouraged to participate.  Hundreds already have in this site's short life (i.e. begun 1-01).  Any information which adds accuracy also contributes to the historical value which may someday come of these pages.  No criticism is unwelcome.  

(Note: new readers may wonder that Northern Gas Pipelines devotes attention to TAPS and to ANWR developments.  All North Slope gas pipeline proposals begin at Prudhoe Bay adjacent to both the oil pipeline and ANWR.  One project would skirt ANWR and one would trace the TAPS trail to Fairbanks.  Accordingly, this coverage is intended to assist readers in understanding the big picture.  Similarly, we devote targeted coverage to oil & gas developments in the Yukon and Northwest Territories and Alberta.  -dh)

Free Email Notices:  For occasional "ALERTS" of pipeline news deemed to be unusually important, click here and insert the word "ALERT", in the subject line.  When this site again becomes actively managed, the Alert Email program will resume.  Meanwhile, all addresses are confidential.

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