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Northern Gas Pipelines: Farewell Message, 12-20-03 & Reader Responses, 1-20-03, 1-21-03, 1-22-03 - 1-23-03, 1-27-03 & later

To many cherished and respected North American friends:

The news release below gives some details of a position I will be honored to assume in February.  The nature of that assignment will not permit continuing public service contributions to Northern Gas Pipelines.  Accordingly, I am attempting to arrange for the project to be continued in some manner.  The current publisher would appreciate receiving Ideas and/or comments from faithful readers.

This will express to you my gratitude for your association with this effort.  Our mission has been to provide a, “public service, objective, unbiased 1-stop-shop for Arctic gas pipeline projects and people, informal and rich with new information, updated at least 30 times weekly and best Northern Oil & Gas Industry Links on the Internet.”  The flood of email and phone calls we received (and answered) weekly from our government, industry, academia, and media readers, suggests the mission is being accomplished.  The huge readership, evidenced by the ‘hit counter’ has been a big motivation for providing the latest pipeline news, 6 or 7 days a week. 

We also had an ulterior motive, suggested by the flags included on the front page.  Canadian Consul General Roger Simmons and I once agreed that without always striving for good communications, a curtain can settle along the long border separating Alaskans from fellow northerners in Canada.  Without effort, a line on a map can grow into a wall of misunderstanding.  Many Alaskans and Canadians have commented that Northern Gas Pipelines has led them to better understand each other’s geography, issues, corporate and government leaders and political pressures.  Several Washington and Ottawa readers have noted how much the website assisted them in better understanding the impact their actions would have on Northerners.  We are happy if some believe we played a role in this important communications area.

This has been very much a community effort, as scores of you from throughout both countries graciously contributed news links and other leads monthly.

Hopefully, you will soon hear from a new publisher, describing the final disposition of Northern Gas Pipelines Please join me in thanking Network Business Systems for agreeing to keep the website on the Internet as a continuing research tool for your use and as their public service contribution to the Arctic gas pipeline body of knowledge.

Meanwhile, please feel free to keep in touch.  As those of you outside Alaska visit here, be sure to let me know so that we can at least have a cup of coffee together during your visit.

Fondly and respectfully, I remain


Dave Harbour (1-20-03) - Publisher - Northern Gas Pipelines, - 2440 E. Tudor Rd. #463 - Anchorage - Alaska - 99507 - Phone/Fax: 907, 333-9388 


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 18, 2003                                       No. 03-013

Murkowski Appoints Two to Regulatory Commission

(Juneau) - Governor Frank H. Murkowski today announced the appointment of two new members of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.  Dave Harbour will take office right away, while Mark Johnson will begin in July.

"The Regulatory Commission of Alaska, as a consumer protection arm of state government, must be staffed with competent, knowledgeable and fair-minded commissioners who will put the general well-being of Alaskans first," Murkowski said.  "My appointments today reflect these qualities."

Harbour, 60, has a varied work background in Alaska, going back to the early 1970s, when he was director of Alaska affairs at Alaska Methodist University. Since then, he has worked in public affairs at Murray, Kraft and Rockey Advertising, Alaska Arctic Gas Pipeline Company, ARCO, and Alaska Pacific University.  Harbour was executive director of the Anchorage Parking Authority from 1989-1996, President and CEO of Action Security, Inc., and since 2000 he has managed The Harbour Company, a management consulting, strategic planning, government affairs, public relations and marketing firm in Anchorage.  He has a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in communications/journalism.

Johnson, 50, is an attorney and business analyst for United Utilities, Inc. in Anchorage.  He has been an Alaska resident since 1966, has worked in the Legislature and as an executive assistant for former Anchorage Mayor Tom Fink.  Johnson also worked for two years for Congressman Don Young in Washington, D.C.  He has a B.S. in economics from Lewis and Clark College, and a law degree from the University of the Pacific.  (Ref. PNA)

Perhaps we'll look back on the comments below years later, as we would recall precious memories written in our high school yearbooks.  The memories involve sharing roles--however small--in the history of Northern Gas Pipelines.  Other entries are welcome!

Faithful Reader Comments (I am overwhelmed with your responses and will reply to everyone when possible.  We discretely eliminated personal references and used initials.  Thank you for this unexpected outpouring.  -dh):

Received 1-20-03.  First, congratulations on your appointment. This reflects your reputation as a fair and unbiased decision-maker. Second, we are REALLY going to miss you as the founder, editor, writer, “everything” for Northern Gas Pipelines. It has been pure public service and the only communication link among all the many interested parties in Canada and the U.S.  When I saw your e-mail on your new position, I suddenly realized I count on Northern Gas Pipelines for continual updates on the progress of the gas pipeline issues. I click on Northern Gas Pipelines every time it appears. Thank you for the difference you have made in communicating all sides and opinions. I am trying to imagine how this is going to continue to work without you at the helm.  J.B.  Alaska industry executive    *   I want to sincerely congratulate you on your appointment to the Regulatory Commission. You will serve that office and the State well. At the same time, I am sad to see you leave such a public service post as you have created with your website. You know how I feel that we need to have a chronology and communication plan for the next pipeline and all the other major projects happening in the present and near future in Alaska. You have single-handedly accomplished that feat better that anyone or any organization has before. I will consider it a personal loss if it can not be continued by someone of your energy and devotion, especially living out of the mainstream here in Houston as I do. I plan to at least attend the April conference and hope to see you there. I am pleased to congratulate you but will miss your contributions to all that is good for Alaska in the position you are now it. Good luck and find someone to carry on your good work.  J.E.  Aerospace executive   *      Congratulations in your new appointment by the Governor. You truly have provided a service to the State of Alaska and its citizens. I just don't know what we will do without your Northern Gas Pipelines web site.  Hopefully you will find an answer.  Again, congratulations.  Let us know if we can be of assistance.  B.F. Air cargo executive       *     Dave--I always enjoyed your website--it was a great source of information and insight on a complex, multifaceted industry that speaks with many voices And I have to say it makes me a little sad one voice will be absent--although certainly not forgotten. Hope you enjoy your new job--keep in touch.  M.L.  Washington O&G editor.  *   Congratulations, Dave.  We need good people on that commission.  I hope someone picks up on  N G P.  J.G. Broadcasting executive   *    This is A_____, Ph.D. Candidate. Congratulations on the new position- who is going to take over the web page?  Let me know if I can help so that it doesn't go off the air.   A.M.  *   My sincerest congratulations! Your dedication, intelligence, and obvious love of Alaska will be tremendous assets for your fellow Alaskans in such a  position where the public good is of utmost importance. Governor Murkowski has made an enlightened choice.   I was looking forward to seeing you in Anchorage this week when I was invited to that major conference but my colleague R.J. will attend instead since I'll be in Tanzania at the same time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The State of Alaska is so beautiful and has so much to offer that I'm sure I'll be up there at some point and hopefully we can get together.  Once again, congratulations.  R.G. Economist    *   Congratulations on your appointment and very best wishes for this important assignment!!  Your work with Northern Gas Pipelines has been a most extraordinary phenomena.  I echo the numerous accolades it has generated and thank you for doing such an important project.  Your comments below regarding relations across the Alaska/Canada border are absolutely spot on!   I hope to take you up on that offer of getting together for coffee one day.  C.L.  Canadian Aboriginal holding Co.   *     This will teach folks (like me) not to take rare individuals like you for granted. I am tentatively planning a trip to Alaska next week. If this materializes, I'd like to meet with you in Anchorage. Will you be in town?  R.O.  Gas pipeline/industry analyst     *   Congratulations on the new appointment. I am sure that the people of Alaska will be well served. Murkowski has made a great choice.  Regrettably, your selection is our loss. I just want to say thanks for everything. You have brought both a scholar's and a gentlemen's approach to the Arctic pipeline debate and I for one appreciate it very much.  Regrettably your appointment also means that it will be less likely that our paths will cross in the future. It has been my pleasure to have met you. I hope that we will keep in touch.  C.B.  - Solicitor, Canada   *   I just wanted to congratulate you on your appointment to the Regulatory Commission. You have demonstrated a balanced and rational approach to the gas pipeline issue which I believe will serve you well overall in your new position. I do hope that the website will be able to continue, as it is THE source for pipeline related information and debate. Again, congratulations and all the best in your new position.  C.B.  Canadian economist    *   Congratulations on the highly professional job you've done with Northern Gas Pipelines. The issues surrounding the development Arctic natural gas are quite complex, colored in many cases by strong personal and political philosophies. Somehow, you have managed the challenging feat of stepping back and seeing the forest from the trees. I have no doubt that you will bring that rare ability to your next job.  R.M. Finance executive   *   Congratulations! I am thrilled for you...and for Alaska. Governor Murkowski is a wise man. I will miss your leadership of "Northern Gas Pipelines" but wish you luck in finding a way to continue the service.  It has been such an amazing accomplishment. You must always be proud of the project and the network of people you brought together. I wish you well in meeting the new challenges at the Regulatory Commission and hope very much we can keep in touch. Good luck, Dave. All my best wishes and thanks go with you.  M.M.  Canadian government executive.     *   I guess I will now have to find a new home site. This will not be easy as your website provided a wealth of in depth information and, I think, was successful in your stated mission of increasing awareness and understanding between Canada and the U.S. I trust you will find your new endeavor as interesting and rewarding as the "Northern Gas Pipeline" and wish you good luck.   Thank you.  B.A. Canada, communications.    *   First and foremost, congratulations!  This is an outstanding appointment by Governor Murkowski and is a reflection, in part, on the public service you have been providing to all Alaskans through the Northern Gas Pipelines website.  There has been no better resource of unbiased and broad based information related to practically every aspect of the northern gas pipelines debate.  It is my sincerest hope that a way is found to keep Northern Gas Pipelines up and running in the coming years.  B.P. Government oil and gas executive   *   Heartiest congrats!  Mazel Tov too. That was good news and bad news, for sure.   I hope somebody comes forward to take over, though I can't imagine anyone with your energy, pun unintended!  May you find new avenues of success and enjoy Regulating.  Just don't forget us, your loyal fans.  I have learned so much reading you web page.  Thanks for all you've done and will do.  Cordially, A.T.-Florida   *   Congratulations on your new job.  It sounds exciting.  I will keep in touch.  Thanks for all of your help/guidance over the years.  Regards.  M.S.-Alaska Native corporation executive   *   Congratulations.  D.W.  Alaska tourism.  *  Congratulations. Let me know the next time you're going to be in Juneau.  B.M. Communications  *  Dave, I wanted to extend my congratulations on your appointment.  I am certain you will bring the same honor, caring and enthusiasm to your new posting that you have to your baby "arctic gas pipelines".  It's been an pleasure to bump into you over the last two years, whether that be in Calgary or Inuvik.  I will give you a call the next time I'm in Anchorage for that coffee. H.J. VP-Canada   *   Congratulations!  A commissioner wow that is great news.....  R.B.  Seattle, logistics  *  Congratulations.  You have taken on a real challenge.  Good luck.  J.S. Tourism executive  *  I read your farewell message and you will be missed. On the other hand, what a great opportunity to help Alaska move on in the direction that it should be going for development and prosperity. I have attended several of the Alaska Natural Gas Conferences in the past couple of years that you were chairing or co-chairing and you will probably recall some of our discussions.  J.S.  Environmental executive  *  I'm very happy for you. Best of everything.  I hope that it is both challenging and rewarding.  R.R. Manufacturing executive.  *  Congratulations on your position with the RCA.  M.N. Alaska Native executive  *  Congratulations.  J.G.  Industry executive   *   Congratulations on your appointment.  ... Your notice to your readers is very nicely done.  I hope that someone will pick up the banner and carry your effort forward.  B.N. Alaska industry and government executive  *  Congratulations on your appointment! I hope that you will be able to visit this part of the world again … the next Petroleum Show is June 18 and 19.  ... Keep in touch!  P.J. Aboriginal communications executive  *   I want to congratulate you on your new position.  You are a very honest man and I am glad that the Governor picked you.  I wish you the most success and if I can ever help you please let me know. R.R. Logistics executive *  Congratulations on your new appointment Dave. Your efforts were most appreciated. Thank you for your time and best of luck in your new position with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.  K.O.  Pipeline executive  *  Dave - saw your farewell message - disappointed for me, happy for you - good luck, hope our paths continue to cross occasionally - if there is any help I can provide in your new role, feel free to give me a call.  M.J.  Industry analyst   *   Congratulations on your new job.  T.B. Media executive  *  Congratulations!  I thank you for the updates and wish you well....  M.T.  Aboriginal benefits executive   *  Congratulations.  T.M.  TV Network analyst, Washington  *  Congratulations.  C.F.  Government finance executive   *   Congratulations!  You’ve done phenomenal work on the pipeline website.  Let me know if I can ever be of any assistance.  I started my career as an economist for the ___ regulatory commission.  S.N.  Former Congressional economics analyst  *  What wonderful news!!!!! Certainly a well-deserved appointment and a position that you will do honour to. Congratulations!!  M. B.  Canadian-U.S. conference manager   *   I for one have enjoyed your communications and have found them extremely informative I also hope that our paths will cross again Good Luck and farewell.  C.M.  Geophysical executive   *   Hearty congratulations on your new post with the RCA and best wishes for a successful 2003.  C.C. Former Alaska gas executive-Washington   *  Congrats David!  So glad.... G.&J.D.   *   Congratulations.  T.I.  Industry executive  *   Congratulations Dave - great choice by Frank Murkowski in choosing you. I will really miss your website. You have put a lot of effort in to keeping everyone informed, which has gone a long way to help the Northern gas development.  Thanks for all your hard work.  A.S.  Canadian/Alaska industry  *   Truly sorry to see you go.  Your tireless efforts were much appreciated and I’m glad you took the time to provide the details behind your departure and give readers a synopsis of the positive feedback that NGP has most certainly earned.  I’m sure all readers are hoping that someone can be recruited to carry on the NGP cause.  Congratulations and every success with the Commission.  B.S.  Canadian executive   *    Congrats, Dave.  You are well equipped to meet the enormous challenges in your new role.  D.M.  Industry executive   *   Dave - my heartiest congratulations. You will be a great asset to that commission.  D.M.  Government attorney   *   Congratulations Dave and best wishes.  R.D. Government pipeline agency  *  I completely understand that you will no longer be able to participate in the coming Arctic Gas Symposium. This new position is a real honour and I'm sure that you will fill it perfectly.  Thank you for everything you have done for us over the past two years. It's been a pleasure working with you and expect a phone call if I'm ever in Anchorage!  K.R. Conference organizer   *   Good luck, Dave. Appreciated this service.  D.R.  Government environmental executive   *   I remember thinking at the HOU Arctic Gas Symposium back in November that in-coming governor Murkowski would do well to appoint you to a position in his administration.  F.B.  Oil industry executive  *   Congrats.  Well done.  L.H. Trade association executive.   *   Thanks for your unbiased reporting of an issue that is absolutely fundamental to the future welfare of this state. I hope your successor at "Northern Gas Pipelines" can do half as well.  C.C.  Commercial gas pipeline analyst  *   Congratulations!!  Well deserved!  A.&M.F.B  Higher education  *   All the best going forward.  D.M. Calgary consultant  *  Congratulations Mr. Harbour; well deserved!  M.M. Canadian regulatory executive   *   Thanks for a job well done and congratulations on your new position in RCA.  We'll miss you timely and thorough updates until someone with your objectivity and dedication can be found to continue the site.   H.K. Gas pipeline executive   *   Dave, this truly sounds exciting and ... I wish you well.  I think that working for the Gov. will be great ....  Congratulations and all the best.  B.D. Waterborne logistics executive   *   Dave, congratulations on your appointment. I regret that we never met in person but I have appreciated staying in touch via Northern Gas Pipelines. All the best in your new role.  G.G.  Oil & gas executive   *   Well, congrats on your appointment...but I must tell you that I will miss NGP...  Frankly, I doubt much that anyone with your dedication and sense of politics/public policy will be found.  Some things, my good friend, are simply not replaceable.    Best in your new assignment.  Hope to get up to the state before too long.  B.H.  Washington political consultant  *  Congratulations on the appointment. It's well deserved. I know many of us out here in cyberspace will miss your insights, even if the web site lives.  G.F.  O&G Commercial Development, Texas   *   Good luck Dave.  M.B.   *   I have enjoyed your REPORTS and I wish you well.  I am with ____ and have been to Alaska many many times over the last few years during our consultation with the NSB, AEWC and government officals.... Good luck. A.P. O&G executive  *  Congrats.  S.S.  Foreign consulate   *   Congratulations my friend!  J.N. Attorney   *   Thank heavens it is YOU being appointed!  I didn't know you were in the running for this....  All the very best, so glad to hear of your new opportunity to do a lot of good for Alaska on the RCA.  R.K. O&G independent consultant   *   My warmest congratulations are extended to you in your new position!  Way to go!  I will miss the newsletter but you are moving on to a bigger journey that will provide a service for the state of Alaska with your wit and knowledge!  M.E. Newsletter publisher   *   Dave, heartfelt congratulations. A great opportunity for you, and I hope you give Alaska the great benefits you can provide in this seat.  J.M. Gas pipeline business analyst   *   Congrats on the appointment with the Government, I am sure that you will be a great asset no matter what the task is. ... You will certainly be missed on the internet and at the many gas conferences; we will try our best to replace you.  Good luck on your new challenge, talk to you soon.  P.C. Canadian mayor  *   Dave, as a journalist with Canada's National Public Broadcaster I have always found your website to be a comprehensive and up to date compilation of the latest pertinent information on energy issues in the north. You will be missed.  Thanks for all of your work over the years.  (1-21-03 Interview.)  B.B. Broadcast journalist  *  Dave, Good luck in the new role. As they say " we shall meet again".  T.H. Managing partner-communications   *    Congratulations, Dad.  T.&B.H.

Received 1-21-03:  Congratulations. I look forward to working with you in your new capacity. In my judgment, the Governor made a very good decision by appointing you. The commission will profit from the experience, insights, etc. that you will bring.  J.K. Washington    *   All the best in your new endeavors.  You and your web site performed an important and truly ground breaking public service.  B.N.  Calgary resource consulting firm  *  Congratulations, deserve it!  I know you will serve your fellow Alaskans with distinction.  S.W. Municipal executive, Idaho    *    Our updates will be missed but your voice and council will be heard elsewhere.  Have a great new year, congrats again.  M.M. Arctic environmental manager  *  Dave...Congratulations on the new position.  I know you will approach it with the same enthusiasm and integrity for which you are known through NGP.  Well done...and who knows, maybe we'll still get to have that coffee sometime here in ___ or Anchorage.  J.U. Military commander   *   I’m sure you are getting many messages like this.  We are going to miss you.  Hopefully your website can continue in some fashion.  Hope all goes well at the RCA.  You will be in a position to do much good.  J.K. Architect   *   Congratulations.  T.L.  Hotel executive  *   First my hearty congratulations on your appointment.  I wish you well in it. It will be a challenge but a worthy one.  I am very sorry about the probable demise of the Northern Gas Pipelines web-site.  Without you at the helm it will not be the same. Thank you for all the work you put into it.  B.D.  Retired O&G executive   *   Hi Dave: Congratulations. If the State is allowed to be in a development mode, this could be an exciting time ....  C.H.  Attorney   *   Congratulations, Commissioner Dave. I'm real pleased for you, you've earned this honor and will serve all Alaskans very ably.  B.W.  Congressional communications executive   *   Congratulations....  A.J.  International conference organizer   *   Congratulations on your appointment.  A terrific choice and your contribution will be very valuable.  It's been great reading your publication and seeing you from time to time.  You have provided a meaningful service at a time when information about the proposed pipelines was so important to keep the projects moving ahead.  We you get established, drop a business card or an email my way so we can stay in touch.  R.H.  Canadian Aboriginal drilling co. executive

Received 1-22-03 to 1-31-03:  Congratulations on the new "real" job. I'm nevertheless a bit fearful that we may lose the incomparable information source we have had on northern pipelines.  A.T.  Economist   *   Congratulations and best wishes.... C.P.-C. Communications executive   *   Hey! We are going to miss all this info. What are we going to do? Too, bad you are going to miss ...(Arctic Gas Symposium). Keep in touch. All the best.  Congratulations and best wishes to you on your new position!  J.G.  Aboriginal leader   *   Good luck Dave - I'm sure we'll be bumping into each other over the next few years.  Your website was truly invaluable and will be sorely missed.  D.D.  Yukon business executive   *   Congratulations. I know you will be a great asset to the State in this new position. Don't forget to keep Him in the first place.  Your friend,  C.M.  Pastor   *   Congratulations and best wishes on your appointment to the Regulatory Commission.  B.B.  Executive search firm owner   *   Now that you have to answer to the powers above, I imagine your time will be even more precious. Congratulations.  R.J.  Conference company executive   *  (1-23)    ...sorry as I am to see you go, or I should say not able to take part in the conference, I am very happy for you and I think that you're perfect for the job! I just want you to know that I really enjoyed working with you - you helped to turn a ... situation into one that was really enjoyed by all. I wish you all the best to you in your new role and future endeavours and I certainly hope that we will cross paths again.  E.B.  Conference company executive   *   Dear Dave: Congratulations on your new job!   I read your message on Monday, but I had to think about it for a few days before responding. First off, I am very pleased that Gov. Murkowski knows how to pick knowledgeable and hard-working individuals to work in important posts. I hope the job proves to be rewarding and interesting for you. I'm sure, with your experience, you can bring a great deal to the job.  But secondly, I'm sorry to lose you as our Alaskan correspondent. I agree with you that a greater understanding of Northern pipeline issues on both sides of the border is the key to ensuring that the right decisions are made that will benefit both countries. Your website went a long way to ensuring that the information people needed was available, and it will sorely be missed. In our own small way, we here at (________ Magazine) are trying to do the same-provide information for those wishing to learn more about northern oil and gas issues. Your column was, I feel, a necessary part of our effort, and you will be missed in the magazine. You will also be missed by me. Your website has been a "must read" everyday, and now it feels as if it has been replaced with a big hole. I'm proud to have had a chance to meet and get to know you a little bit, and pleased to have had you write for ________.  What an amazing job you've been doing for the past few years, and what an equally amazing archive of material you've collected. Please let me know when you write the book!   S.M.  Magazine editor   *   I thought I'd wait a couple days to let your mailbox settle down.  Congratulations! ... Best Wishes in your new endeavor.  V.R.  Engineer & songwriter, Nashville   *   Congratulations on your appointment to work with Murkowski's group.  Hope all goes well for you.  B.M., Industry association, Washington    *     ...just returned from a week on the road and found your "farewell" email.  First, congratulations.  Second, if there is anything I can do to support whomever takes over the Northern Gas Pipelines project, just let me know.  The Governor made a good appointment here.  J.K.  Alaska business broadcaster   *   Dave, congratulations on the new appointment.  ...  You've done a great job on the Northern Gas Pipelines website.  K.T. Retired O&G executive  *  (1-24)  Just heard you were appointed to the RCA. You will be a great asset to Alaska in this or any other position. I could go on about RCA being a thankless task etc, but you know what? Most tasks are thankless, but they have to be done well to maintain order in the house we all live in.  S.C.  Former Governor   *   Your note earlier this week brought on both elation for you, and a terrified feeling for me.  I am so happy for you to have an opportunity to positively contribute to the higher good within the State government.  Looking backward, your contribution to the dissemination of fair and unbiased reporting of northern pipeline development has been monumental.  It has taken all but one week and I feel like I am totally out of the loop.  Personally, you have become (and hopefully will continue to be) a very important influence in my life.  We have known each other for but a short time, but you have given me tremendous guidance – as a friend and as a colleague.  I looked forward to all of our conversations, our debates, and our hypothesizing.  If our communications were to end today, you will have left an indelible mark on my life and my future.  Thank you for everything you have said and done, and let us please stay in touch.  P.J. Environmental executive, Canada  *  (1-25)    Congratulations.  I do hope that your work will continue on, but I also wish you the joy of letting go of a great project and moving on to a new challenge.   Best wishes for you, in your new position.  K.H.  University logistics professor   *   (1-27) I am sorry to hear about the changes in your web page.  As one who tracks the viability and continuous changing face of Northern Gas Pipelines I found your page to be a good unbiased source of information.  Good luck in your future ventures.  P.G. Provincial government executive  *  (1-28)  Congratulations, and good for you!!! It sounds to be a challenging and interesting position; we will miss you.  When in Anchorage ... I will be sure to contact you.... Good luck, and it has been a pleasure reading and following by far the most interesting updates.  Ciao! L.B. Aboriginal corporation executive   *   (1-29 and later....) Your site has served all of us well.  You were pretty darn fair to me/us. ...  I will miss it as a clearinghouse of information.  S.H. LNG project advocate  *  ...let me congratulate you on your appointment.  B.H. Gas pipeline advocate, Alberta  *  I know your site was very popular and I've talked to several who hope it will be continued somehow. Talk to you soon.  R.D.  Regulatory executive  *   Congratulations....  Incidentally, I'm a commission member for ....  It seems that our paths cross again!  Best of luck to youM.N.  Native leader  *  Dave: I met you at the Inuvik Petroleum show last year and was very pleased to finally meet you and hear your views.  The website is a tribute to your efforts.  All the best.  S.R.  Canadian business development V.P.  *  Congratulations on your appointment to the RCA. From recent reports in the news regarding ... tariffs, it sounds like your tenure could be very interesting.  P.S.  California industry executive  *  I am hoping this is still your personal e-mail.  Congratulations on the move. Although I am sure it is a great personal and career move your input at "Gas Pipelines" will be missed.  T.H.  Canadian free lance writer  *   Good luck Dave!  Thanks for all your efforts.  My best to Nancy.  Let me know if I may be of assistance.   B.O.  Alaska contractor   *   We are hoping to move back to Alaska this summer ....  We miss the friends and "can do" spirit so I have my fingers crossed that things will work out!  Take care Dave and best wishes to you!  I'm sure this is a busy but exciting time so hope you enjoy your new adventures!  C.P.-C  College professor   *   Your Seattle CC address is excellent.  I have already saved, copied and shared it.  My wife works in an office staffed with environmentalists; we appreciate the ammunition.   K.S.  Washington state attorney  *  Dave...congratulations. I have been on vacation so am responding a bit late. It sounds like an excellent opportunity and I know they tapped the right guy. I'll miss your regular info, but I do hope you'll stay in touch.  E.S.  Canadian economist

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