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WASHINGTON: Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act; History of H.R. 4; DOE Energy Bill Position, 6-02; Daschle-Bingaman Energy Bill (Alaska, Sec. 1236 & tax credit, Sec. 2503 & H.R. 4 Conferees), Tax Credit; See amendments, "Energy Policy Act of 2002";  "Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act of 2001 (Draft)" & Background Paper, 8-9-01;Alaska Legislature Joint Committee position; Governor's position; Governor's 10-Point Plan; Anadarko Analysis; U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 10-2-01 - text version;  U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 9-14-00; Report on the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1971, prepared by staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1-18-01

ALASKA: 1-23-03, Governor Frank Murkowski's State of the State Speech; 2002 DRAFT Recommendations to 2003 Legislature; '02 Alaska Legislation; Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline Policy Council; Joint Legislative Gas Pipeline Committee; 9-01 Alaska Models: Canadian Routes, LNG, GTL; HR 4 Story; Cook Inlet Supply-Demand Report: AEDC; Commonwealth North Investigation & Our Article; Report: Backbone; Legislature Contacts; State Gas Pipeline Financing Study; 5-02 Alaska Producer Update; Kenai: "Oil & Gas Industry Issues and Activities Report, 11-02"; Alaska Oil & Gas Tax Structure; 2-27-02 Royalty Sale Background; Alaska Gas Pipeline Office opens, 7-01, and closes, 5-02; Betty Galbraith's 1997-1998 Chronology Our copy.

CANADA: 1-10-03, "Arctic Gas Pipeline Construction Impacts On Northern Transp."-Transport Canada-PROLOG Canada Inc.-The Van Horne Institute;Hill Times Reports, 8-30-02; 9-30-02, Cons. Info. Requirements; CBC Archives, Berger Commission; GNWT Economic Impact Study, 5-13-02; GNWT-Purvin & Gertz Study, 5-8-02; Alberta-Alaska MOU 6-02; Draft Pan- Northern Protocol for Oil and Gas Development; Yukon Government Economic Effects: 4-02 & PPT; Gas Pipeline Cooperation Plan Draft & Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board Mackenzie Valley Pipeline MOU Draft, 6-01; FirstEnergy Analysis: 10-19-01; Integrated Delta Studies; National Post on Mackenzie Pipeline, 1-02;Northern Pipeline Act;  Haida Nation v. British Columbia; Indian Claims Commission; Skeena Cellulose decision -- aboriginal consultations required, 12-02; Misc. Pipeline Studies '02

COMPANIES: Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team Newsletter, 7-27-01; APG Newsletter: 5-02, 7-02 & 9-02; ArctiGas NEB PIP Filing Background; NRGPC Newsletter: Fall-02;  4-02 ArctiGas Reduces Field Work; BP's Natural Gas Page; Enbridge Perspective; Foothills Perspective; Williams Perspective; YPC Perspective, 7-02

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Northern Gas Pipelines: Reader Comments

This Feedback Page Belongs to Readers: 

Reader Feedback: the comments are from private, non-profit, media, academic, governmental and industry readers throughout North America.  (Edited to protect private communications.  Negative, but polite reader comments/responses will be included.  Latest entries added: 12-02): 

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Dave, it has been a pleasure working with you this past year, as we all chase the northern pipeline  rainbow. May you and your family (near and far) be blessed with a peaceful, joyous and safe holiday season and all the best in the year ahead.   p.s. May someone find a pot of gold (to subsidize ...... whoops, not subsidize..... but financially enhance the project economics for a northern pipeline) or perhaps the pipeline itself wrapped nicely with a big red bow under their Christmas tree. Well, for those of us who still believe in Santa...... you never know.  Take care my friend, and we shall chat next year..........W.S.         "All the best of the Holiday Season to you Dave Harbour.   Having met you gives me a sense of connection, and the feeling that it would be appropriate to personally wish you warmest greetings of this season.  This past weekend we celebrated Winter Solstice and, in just two more days, it will be Christmas.  In such uncertain times, these celebrations remind us that there is still the possibility of new beginnings and the increase of light in our world. Thanks so much for all the news that you have made available through Northern Gas Pipelines over 2002.  Your web site is the source that many of us who check in regularly rely on more than any other.  You are providing an incredibly valuable information resource to the energy community and all those with northern interests.  Thanks again and best wishes for 2003."  Brian McCutcheon, Senior Consultant-Outcrop Communications Ltd.-Yellowknife (12-23-02)         I read the summary of your Palmer CC address and can't agree more with what you've stated.  The gas producers hold the cards and face the risk and I'm not sure that they know what's best.  But as I said before they have better and less risky alternatives for investments and those don't include an Alaska Gas Pipeline at this time.  The politicians need to focus on helping find the best economics for the producers, minimizing and not adding risk, and keeping the detractors at bay.  Keep up the good work.”  Retired Williams Arctic Team Member, Hank Kolesnik.    "Excellent website and coverage Dave, please keep it up!"  B.S.     "It sounds like it was a wonderful night and our Ministers certainly found it very worthwhile. Again my thanks."  M.M.  "Hi David, I'm so sorry I missed you last week at the Arctic Gas Symposium. I was so looking forward to us meeting. ______, as you know, covered the first day. Hope our paths will cross again. In the meantime best of luck with everything and it's been great working with you."  C.H.    "Thx, and I mean that you do a fantastic job!"  Hon. K.L.    "Dave, I will be returning to XXXX and need to have my e-mail address changing in your alert distribution list.  My new address is XXXX.  Thanks for your website/alerts and keep up the good work."    B.M.   "Northern Gas Pipelines website is the best source for information regarding a pipeline to the north.  In the presentations section, you have posted past presentations that were given at conferences.  Is this something that you plan on continuing?  I found these presentations a valuable source of information and would love to see more updates."  C.H.    "A great summary of my presentation.  I also found the comments of the 5 economists quite insightful."  S.G.      "Thanks for your work."  F.B.   I continue to be impressed with how well you keep up the Gas Lines web page!  Wow!M.N.    "Thanks for helping me out Dave."   P.B.   "Your web site has been very valuable on this issue. Keep up the great work."   C.C.  "I wanted to give you some comments on your website - 'great job' - our project team always know the latest on Arctic gas pipeline issues after receiving what we call the "Dave Alert". This is the e-mail notification you send out with breaking news.     P.T.     "Good morning Dave - thank you again and again for your most timely and informative postings. It never ceases to amaze me - your insightful, knowledgeable and unbiased presentation of the "news" and the incorporation of your view of the current progress (or not) of the northern gas development offers clarity where there is confusion. Thank you.  P.J.   "I'm sure you realized how important a Mackenzie Valley line is to people in the Delta and you can now understand why you have so many fans in the NWT."   T.H.  "You are a thorough reporter. I especially liked your XXXX photo.S.M.    "Just emailing you from home.  Wow - great shots and coverage of our show in XXXX.  Thank you so much :)"   B.D.     "Thanks again for your assistance with XXXX; you were a great asset.... Hopefully you enjoyed your time ... and were able to visit with some old friends. I wish it would not have been so hectic and we could have spent a little more time chatting about the pipeline and other items.  Your website is very informative and professional, you have done a great job with it and we appreciate the extensive coverage.... ... Thanks again and it was nice meeting you.  P.C.     "Thanks for the update on your site. I have been a secret admirer of yours for some time. You've done a great job there and I visit your site often. I've had to ingest a lot of pipeline info over the past four months as editor here in XXXX and your site has been a great help.  Sorry we never met while you were here, but by the looks of your photos, we must have almost been tripping over each other!    T.H.   "Keep up the good work!  Got your update, thanks for performing such a fine public service."  F.B.    "Dave, I admire the work you're doing!"  T.B.    "'ppreciate it. I look at your stuff every day. I've also shared the address with several reporters who are following the gasline."  B.W.    "Thank you very much, Dave.  I'm not all that articulate, however ... I do consider that "Northern Gas Pipelines" is serving as an important focal point on the web where all the various stakeholders can gain a timely overview of events as they unfold in this interesting juncture in Northern development and continental energy markets."  L.A.     "I really admire the depth of material you present on your site, Dave.  You present one of the best single-issue news sites I've seen anywhere.  I'll definitely be visiting often!  B.C.    "Just a short note to say how excellent you web site is. Most informative and for management consultants, a wealth of information."  R.G.    "Thank you for your responsiveness. It's a very comprehensive site!   H.E.   "I will keep you appraised of any new information I come across regarding the issues we discussed and I would appreciate it if you would pass on any new perspectives or issues you might have that are not posted to your website.  I have found your advice and views of great help."  B.P.   "Since meeting you at the Inuvik Petroleum Show, I’ve been checking your website regularly. It has become one of my top sources for news on the North, particularly the political climate in Alaska. This information isn’t always reported in Calgary (at least not in the detail your site offers). The site helps me keep up to date on what is occurring between the 'big stories.' Keep up the great work, Dave!"  C.W.     "Thank you!"  C.M.    "Thanks Dave for adding me as well."  W.K.     "Thanks again for continuing to provide such high quality coverage of developments affecting the gas pipeline."  C.M.    "Dave, thx for the kind words. Let me assure you that I intend to remain in Alaska and keep involved in economic development matters. Hope to work with you and others to move the gas pipeline ahead. Looking forward to seeing you soon." B. C.     "Good to see a new issue of your report, I have lost track of what is going on up North. I started a new job with Motiva Supply, a JV of Shell and Saudi Refining and my concentration is entirely on lower 48 goings-on. Thanks for keeping me on the distribution list."  M.S.       "Ignoring the Facts Doesn't Change the Facts"  - J. B.  "Northern Gas Pipelines website is the best source for information regarding a pipeline to the north.  In the presentations section, you have posted past presentations that were given at conferences.  ...  I found these presentations a valuable source of information...."  C. H..    "I would like to thank you for sending me the above mentioned file.  It works great and I appreciate the swift response."  B.F., Mackenzie Delta Team.  "I want to thank you for your work on the website. It takes some considerable effort to do so...."  P.S., Alaska Legislative Staff.  "I am the Committee Aide for Representative B. M., Co-Chair of the House Resources  Committee.  I would love for you to add both my work e-mail (from which I am sending this) and my home e-mail: ...@..., to your alert list."  J. Y.       “You have a great site; keep up the good work.”  P.S., Trade Commissioner, International Trade Centre - Industry Canada – Calgary  “I haven't had the opportunity to pass on my sympathies to you and your fellow Alaskans regarding the tragedy of Sept 11.  Like all strong nations I'm sure that you will be able to overcome this horror and emerge stronger than you were before. Thank you for continuing to send me your columns. I am really enjoying the fact that I can watch first hand the Alaska and Yukon relationship grow and flourish. It is a model many other Canadian/American jurisdictions can learn from.”  S. K., Minister of Economic Development – Yukon Territory  “I just wanted to pass on my compliments on the website.  You've done a terrific job of pulling together balanced perspectives on a range of complex topics spanning two nations and many First Nations interests.  I've recommended the site to many others.”  B. G. – Leader - National Energy Board  “You're providing a great service in bringing Canadians and Alaskans closer through the publication, and your work is greatly appreciated.”  & “Thanks of much for all of your efforts on ‘Northern Gas Pipelines’.  Your updates have been informative and helpful.”   D. D. - Deputy Program Manager - Canadian Consulate General – Seattle      “I’ve sent your website to all our staff and asked them to forward it on.”  P. J. - Communications Advisor - Inuvialuit Regional Corporation - Inuvik, NT   “…Thanks, too, for including me on your list for your publication.  There is some great information in it.  All the best.”  B.A., Office of Minister of Energy, Alberta.  “I am a Teamster often working in the pipeline industry so I really enjoy your page.”  G. B. - Parksville B.C.  “I very much respect and appreciate your northern pipeline page. It is an excellent service that you provide.”  C. B., Senior Resource Economist – NWT   “Many thanks, again, for the copies of the presentations.”  W. G. – Department of Indian and Northern Affairs   “I really do appreciate the efforts you put into that web page….” C. B. Barrister and Solicitor (Vancouver)  “You are really performing and incredibly important service here.  I have forwarded your email site to a lot of folks.”  C. M., Esq. - Van Ness Feldman – Washington D.C. “Thank you so very much.”  J. K. - Senior Analyst, Strategic Center for Natural Gas National Energy Technology Laboratory - U.S. Department of Energy – Pittsburgh     “It's always nice to be quoted in a concise and accurate manner.”  E. S. – Cambridge Energy Research Associates   “…the service you provide is essential to those of us who are interested in Northern developments.”  R.D. – Ziff Energy     “I feel like we are old friends because I have spent so much time on your Web site. It is wonderful and very thorough.”  C. U., Marketing Director - Round Oak Publishing – Texas   “…quite impressed with the coverage you provided on your website.”  M. B. - Canadian Institute  “Thanks so much for your feedback …. You've also done some great work on all of this.”  C. H. – National Post  “Thanks for helping with….” T. M. – Congressional Quarterly    “…Thanks for the link and the continuing info.” J.C., Editor - Canadian Business “I'll burn you a CD of the interview.”  P.M., Director - CBC North    …sending thanks for all the work you do on this website….”  S. L., Associate Editor - Anchorage Daily News / “Helpful website. I plan to check it often.”  L. R., Washington Reporter - Anchorage Daily News - National Press Building  “Your website is very comprehensive and informative.”  B.V., Managing Editor – Northern News Services – Yellowknife “…thanks for putting me on your news alert wire.”  R.T. – Platts / “I have passed along your Web site URL to those reporters, since it looks like you have compiled an array of useful information there.”  L.F. – Platts  “I just had a look at your excellent website, and all I can say is Wow! This is a great gusher of information.”  S.M., Editor - The Far North Oil & Gas Review – Yellowknife    Thanks for your interest - and I'm sure we will write more as the project develops.”  H.B. – Seattle Times   “There's a lot of good information on the site.”  B.M. – Juneau Empire     “I continue to be impressed by the quality and depth of your website.” C.R.,  Managing Editor - Alaska Quality Publishing     “… has passed along many positive comments about … your outstanding website. Many of us Enbridgers access it daily for the latest….” W.S., VP Northern Pipeline Development - Enbridge Inc.     “Could you put my colleague … on your alert e-mail list?  Bob is the VP of public affairs at … in Vancouver.” R.C., Communications Manager - Alaska Highway Pipeline Project - Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd.      “I took a look at your public service site and found it quite informative - I will be subscribing to your e-mail alert list.”  C.C.- Director, Business Development Williams Gas Pipeline / “Keep up the good work with the site.”  M.S. – Williams “Thanks for these updates.  They're very educational.”  D.R. – PG&E National Energy Group  “Thank you!!”  D.M., Executive Assistant to Fred John, Senior Vice President, External Affairs – Sempra Energy     “I just took at a look at your site . . . lots of good information!  I forwarded it to others within Alyeska.”  J.L. - Manager, Community Relations – Alyeska Pipeline Service Company “Great job….  Thanks!”  R.K. -  BP/Amoco Exploration (Ak) / “Thanks very much. We've got some really neat things going on in Nikiski and it's great news to spread - thanks for your part in it.”  S.O., BP's GTL program manager   The web site is a treasure chest of information, keep up the good work.”  J.B. -  Business Development Manger for Syntroleum Corporation     “This is excellent.  Great web page and great comments.”  J.B., Executive Director – Alaska Oil and Gas Association – Anchorage  /  “Kudos…”  Marilyn Crockett, Deputy Director - Alaska Oil and Gas Association     “I appreciate having the link to your website. It is quite interesting and full of good industry information.”  S.P. - Phillips Alaska, Inc.  /  “I will check in with the site frequently to get all the news!”  N.K. – Phillips Alaska Inc. /  “Great job!” Marnie Isaacs – Phillips Alaska Inc. / “…excellent web site!”  J.S.J. – Phillips Alaska, Inc.     "I have heard much about your site over the past few weeks … often visit … to get the latest update to northern pipeline issues … find it to be a great source for current information and discussion from a number of perspectives."   T.C., Senior Environmental Specialist - Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team – Calgary  /  “I've followed your webpage for some time and appreciate the thoroughness of materials provided and the frankness of your commentary.  Business and community leaders and the public at large need to hear a complete and balanced message.”  W.K., Program Manager, Alaska to Alberta - Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team – Anchorage     “As usual a great job.”  R.P., President – ANGTL- Anchorage     “Thank you for your request … regarding Golden Valley Electric Association's ….”  G.L., Vice-President, Member and Administrative Services - Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc    “Thanks for the pic and well spoken article!” & “Your site has so much on it everyday!”  S.H. – “Our Gas – Our Future”    “You have an informative website…” P.B., AeroMap, Inc. – Anchorage       “…your site is the most complete and up to date compendium of arctic energy issues anywhere.”  D.K., Professional Staff - U.S. Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee – Washington D.C.   “I've really appreciated your web page.”  A.M. - Office of the Alaska Governor  - Washington D.C.  “Thanks …. Looking forward to watching this all develop ….”  D.G., U.S. Customs Service  "…good going with that Website.”   Honorable S.C. – Former Alaska Governor  “Congratulations on your success with your website.  It is a great resource.”  &  “You have really done a great public service … with your unparalleled coverage of gas issues.”   K.F. - Special Assistant to Governor Tony Knowles – Anchorage     “I have given your name and web site to industry acquaintances and reporters….  Your information is just what they need.”  R.D., Public Affairs – Joint Pipeline Office      “You are doing an excellent job and performing a valuable educational service.  I hope you can keep it up.”  J.K., Executive Director - Alaska Science & Technology Foundation    “Wow!”  C.B., U.S. Department of Commerce – Anchorage     Alaska State House of Representatives: “It is a great public service, and I thank you for doing it.”  G.G., House of Representatives / “Thanks for helping to advertise the issue of our fiscal concerns.”  L.M.  House of Representatives  /  “Thanks again ….” J.G. House of Representatives / “Thanks so much for the information; I surely appreciate your perspective. ” K.L.  House of Representatives.  Alaska State Legislature Staff: “…first let me commend you on keeping the best, most comprehensive site with news related to AK gas!”  L.B. / “Just wanted to reply to let you know how much I appreciate receiving your alerts. Please keep 'em coming!”  D.S. / “Thanks for all your work on that website!”  S.S. “Thanks very much for the kind words. Your summary of my talk is dead on.”  A.S. – Regulatory Commission of Alaska  “I have good memories of your supportive efforts for Howard Rock and the Tundra Times (can it be 30 years ago? - amazing!).  T.R. - Economic Development Administration – Anchorage   “…very impressive.”  G.S. – Alaska Oil & Gas Royalty Board  Members – Governor’s Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Policy Council.Keep up the good work.”  B.D. / “…it looks great.”  B.C. “I have enjoyed your site.”  S.F., Planning Director – Municipality of Anchorage   “This web site seems to be a good idea at the right time.”    J.H., PE - Chief Engineer, Mechanical - ENTERPRISE ENGINEERING, INC. – Anchorage   “Great site….  We are using it in the company to remain abreast of developments.  Keep up the good work.”   J.G.– Chugach Electric Association    “Thanks for….”  T.O., Executive Director – Resource Development Council for Alaska     “I enjoy reading your Alerts--this one especially.   I hope you get what you want for Christmas.”  R.P. – Providence Hospital Foundation   “Excellent updates.”  F.B., Government Affairs Consultant – Anchorage/Juneau   “Thanks so much for the great photos.”  T.M., Esq.   “Nice job. I'm very impressed with how nicely it is laid out. … You've already got quite a deep resource here.”  C.W. – Journalist & former Anchorage Assembly Member   “I look forward to reading more.” V.H., Hamilton Public Relations - Anchorage   “As we close-in on the end of the year, I wanted to thank you for the difficult, yet superb, job you did in trying to keep peoples' eyes on the ball.  In that light, your letter to Santa Claus was a classic......It needs to be run in the New York Times.”  R.D.M., Jr. – President - Arctic Resources Company – Houston   “…your (ever interesting) site.”  J.K., Kumin & Associates – Anchorage    “Just wanted to compliment you on the web site ... pretty much chock full of relevant tidbits. Seems that there are so many web sites out there that look nice, but there's no real content.  Yours has a lot of very interesting reading.  …I guess that's what I'd expect, but nonetheless, I still find it impressive.  Keep up the good work!”  M.P. – GeoNorth – Anchorage     “Interesting and very useful website!  I've got it book marked.”  R.K. - RA Kreig & Associates – Anchorage    “You are doing a great job with your web site.”  K.F., PhD, Northern Consultant - Fairbanks    “Your web site is well done. Thanks.”  & “It was a real trip down memory lane. I was the Labour Relations guy for Williams Bros., a partner in Northern Engineering, who was a consultant to Canadian Arctic Gas on the Mackenzie Valley pipeline proposal.”  G.M. –    “Impressive website.”  G.T. - Evergreen Helicopters of Alaska    “Great site….” J.C. L. - Mack Travel Ltd. – Yellowknife      “Nice work.”  H.R. H. Director - Applied Technologies - Community & Technical College – UAA – Anchorage    “Thank you again for the information and website!”  B.L. - Consortium Library, University of Alaska- Anchorage  Links.  “This letter is to inform you that we plan to use your site as our ‘Link of the Week’ in an upcoming issue.”  K.E. - Managing Editor - Lewis Mosburg's Internet Oil and Gas Newsletter  /  “The wheels will be set in motion to get a link from our site to the conference page on yours.”  C.S. Canadian Institute  /  “With your permission, we will add a link to your site during our next update.”  S.T., President - CANADIAN GEOMATIC SOLUTIONS LTD.  “I have linked you on our oil and gas issues page as well as our business links page.”  J.B. – Resource Development Council for Alaska  /  “Your link now is on display to viewers under 'INDUSTRY NEWS SITES."  C.A., DESCO / “we have added a … link to your website from the Links page on the Canadian Association of Professional Land   Administration….” Glenda Primrose - CAPLA Website Administrator / “I am going to take the liberty to ask our Webmaster to put a link to your home page….” D.H., Executive Director – Commonwealth North / “I would also like to add the Northern Gas Pipelines URL to our Oil and Gas links.”  L.S., Communications - Department of Economic Development - Yukon Government


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