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5-29-08.  "Written Findings and Determination by the Commissioners of Natural Resources and Revenue for Issuance of a License under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA)"

5-28-08.  Yesterday the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and Alaska Journal of Commerce sponsored an excellent, hour and one-half gas pipeline panel presentation (NGP Photo, with Harold Heinze {Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority} and Tony Palmer {TransCanada PipeLines}).  Moderated by KFQD talk show host, Dan Fagan, and introduced by Chamber incoming Chairman, Phil Okeson, the panel also included Tim Bradner of the Journal of Commerce, Representatives Ralph Samuels and Mike Doogan, Senator Bert Stedman, Revenue Commissioner Patrick S. Galvin, AOGCC Commissioner Cathy Foerster and Kurt Gibson of the Department of Natural Resources.    *     ADN by Wesley Loy.  The Palin administration Tuesday unveiled figures showing potentially fabulous profits should a Canadian company carry out its proposal to build a natural gas pipeline.      *      SEE THIS IMPORTANT STUDY! 
Section 604 of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) of 2000, as amended by Section 364 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, required an inventory of all onshore Federal lands to identify: 

  • the United States Geological Survey estimates of the oil and gas resources underlying these lands; and
  • the extent and nature of any restrictions or impediments to the development of the resources…” 

The results show that 279 million acres of Federal lands are within areas mapped as having oil and natural gas potential. These lands contain an estimated 31 billion barrels of oil and 231 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The report provides an inventory of the extent and nature of limitations to development of these resources and does not make any policy recommendations in response to its findings.  (Check these later links.)     *     ADN by Richard MauerHistory shows charges aren't often filed in months leading up to vote.    

5-27-08.  Northern News Services, Yellowknife, by Paul Bickford - The Mackenzie Gas Project is facing another regulatory delay.  A report by the Joint Review Panel (JRP) expected in mid-2008 has now been once again delayed to sometime next year.  "We cannot see this as a positive development for the project," said Pius Rolheiser, a spokesperson for Imperial Oil in Calgary.      *     Andrew Halcro evaluates ADN's AGIA Position and links to other North American opinions.     *     The TransCanada Spring 2008 issue of the Update magazine is here!     *     ASIA.  The Alliance opposes granting an exclusive AGIA license for construction of a North Slope gas pipeline to TransCanada or any other entity. We support a gas project that will result in the earliest possible development of a pipeline and maximum value for Alaskans. The AGIA process has been flawed from the outset, and it will not deliver a pipeline.  The Natural Resources commissioner should reverse his earlier decision rejecting the latest Plan of Development for Point Thomson. Revoking the leases is not in Alaska’s best interest. It will result in lengthy litigation and jeopardize a gas project. With the 17 Point Thomson owners committing to invest $1.3 billion to produce 10,000 barrels of liquids a day and pledging to forfeit their leases if they don’t fulfill their commitment, it’s time for the state to declare victory and get on with Point Thomson development.

5-26-08.    TODAY IS MEMORIAL DAY.  Countless citizens sacrificed life to defend our freedoms.  The least that we can do here at home is to always, daily, defend America's historic values and truth, especially in the face of intimidation.  On this Memorial Day, therefore, I would wish for my fellow citizens a desire to promote pioneering--not entitlement--values, for the former honor freedom and the latter erode it.  Thank you, Father, for the ability to say this humble prayer aloud, on this special day as once again I am moved to cherish my fallen comrades-in-arms.  Amen.  -dh.     *     Voice of the Times.  This day originally was known as Decoration Day, tracing its roots to the final months of the bloody Civil War when women’s auxiliaries in the South and North used flowers to decorate the graves of the fallen.

VOT.  The decision by Enstar Natural Gas to spend $6 million over the next eight months for research on a "bullet" gas pipeline from the North Slope to Southcentral Alaska is a bold step forward for an Alaskan company.  It's also a logical one. If only Gov. Sarah Palin and the Alaska Legislature could be so logical.  Enstar will use its money for engineering to determine the feasibility of a line to bring natural gas to area consumers. The company is facing a looming shortage of gas, but such a line would . . .     *     Andrew Halcro evaluates TransCanada recommendation.  (Photo-r).

5-25-08.  ADN by David Reaume (Photo-l).  Five years ago the great Alaska fear was that oil prices might stagnate, thereby allowing the continued decline in the volume of crude oil production to weigh heavily on the state's economy. Those fears seemed to have been well-based, given Alaska Department of Revenue forecasts and the very important fact that the U.S. Department of Energy in its "Annual Energy Outlook 2003" had this to say: "The average world oil price is projected ... to decline to $23.27 per barrel in 2005. Rising prices are projected for the longer term, to roughly $25.50 in 2020.     *     ADN by Governor Wally Hickel (NGP Photo-r, 11-06).  A week before the devastating earthquake hit China, an Alaska trade mission arrived at the Beijing Airport. We were ushered into Terminal 3, the world's biggest building, two times larger than the Pentagon. This was not the China I had visited 29 years ago with streets crowded with pedestrians, bicycles and debris. We drove to the city center on brand new highways bordered by flowering plants. We didn't see a single piece of litter.     *     ADN by Dan Fagan (NGP Photo-l, with Dave Harbour).  For those of you excited about the governor giving utility companies millions of dollars of free cash to cut your heating bill more than half, and her mailing you a debit card every month with hundreds more in free money, I have some bad news for you.


5-24-08. mug shot DNR uses outsiders to hype AGIA, by Paul JenkinsAs you’ll recall, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources has signed a contract with a high-power Massachusetts company, MCB Communications, described by the Boston Business Journal as a “public relations firm.” The amount, as previously reported, is for about $45,000.  What is it supposed to do? It will “lay the groundwork for national media attention, the final execution of which would occur if the findings recommend that the Alaska Legislature undertake a specific course of action under the AGIA process,” the request for proposal says. In other words, the effort is supposed to hype AGIA right before the Legislature must act.  MCB is a natural for the job and is no stranger to working with the state. It turns out, MCB Communications of Needham, Mass., has done business with Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration before, on a trial basis.   “Last fall, we arranged for a feature story in Fortune magazine, ‘Alaska Gets Tough on Big Oil,” which was published on October 17, 2007. In addition, we organized a press tour for the Governor and set up interviews with the nation’s top energy reporters,” Marcia C. Brier, a principal in the company, said in a letter to Marlys Hagen, the department’s procurement officer.    *     Governor's Office, May 22, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin, Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin and Department of Revenue Commissioner Patrick Galvin today released the AGIA Findings and Determination of the natural gas pipeline project as proposed by TransCanada Alaska Company, LLC and Foothills Pipelines Ltd. (TC Alaska) to the State of Alaska.     *     Andrew Halcro discusses TransCanada decision.

5-23-08.   Calgary Herald, by Deborah Yedlin.  ...this is the day the Alaska state legislature begins a seven-day session debating the pipeline giant's bid to build the 2,744 kilometre natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to the British Columbia - Alberta border.     *        Voice of the TimesWELL, NOW we’re in it up to our ears. ExxonMobil Corp. wants Alaska to cough up $800 million in damages because Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin, for reasons too convoluted to fathom, revoked oil and gas leases at Point Thomson and breached the state’s agreement with the company.     *     KTUU, by Bill McAllister.  Before Gov. Sarah Palin announced her relief package for high energy costs, legislative leaders were contemplating how to handle the special session already called for June 3, concerning a license for a natural gas pipeline.     *     Alaska Journal of Commerce, by the Peninsula Clarion The last time we checked, building a natural gas pipeline in the state would be a benefit to every Alaskan. So, is there a reason why it shouldn't be the No. 1 priority for the state?

5-22-08.     Energy Tribune, by Ron Oligney (NGP Photo: 1-15-02).   Literally as I wrote this article BP and ConocoPhillips announced that they will team up to build The Gas Line, dubbed “Denali.” I’ve heard this claim many times before, so I am not moved. Unless there is a marked change in the status quo, my estimate is that the gas line will not be constructed for another 20 years. And today I speak not as an Alaskan with childhood memories, but as a resident of Austin, Texas, an advisor to presidents, dictators, and Fortune 500 companies.    *       Voice of the Times.  ANYONE WANT to bet on whether Gov. Sarah Palin will recommend going ahead with her scheme to give the state "license" to build a gas pipeline to TransCanada?     *     KTUU, by Mike Ross.  ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Gov. Sarah Palin announced Tuesday that she'll reveal later this week whether she believes the state should go ahead with TransCanada's gas pipeline proposal.

5-21-08.  Reuters.  CALGARY - A key regulatory report for the $16.2-billion Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline is being delayed by several months, likely pushing the startup date for the stalled development back again.     *     Globe and Mail, by David Ebner and Brian Laghi.  CALGARY, OTTAWA -- Work on an $8-billion oil sands mine that was delayed by the loss of a key federal water permit is now likely to get under way within weeks because Ottawa sees the file as "important" and is putting it on a fast track.    *     Calgary Sun, by By MARKUS ERMISCH, SUN MEDIA.  Imperial Oil Ltd. executives had few reasons to smile this week after two of the energy giant's multibillion-dollar projects received significant setbacks.     *     Reuters, by Jeffery Jones.  CALGARY, Alberta, May 16 (Reuters) - A key regulatory report for the C$16.2 billion ($16.2 billion) Canadian Arctic gas pipeline is being delayed by several months, likely pushing the start-up date for the stalled development back again.

5-20-08.  PNA, by Eric Lidji.  Enstar Natural Gas Co. plans to spend $6 million over the next eight months to gather information about its proposed bullet line to Anchorage.  The engineering work scheduled between now and next February will help the Anchorage natural gas distributor determine a "more precise route, more precise cost and more precise timeline" for a 690-mile small-diameter pipeline to increase natural gas supplies to the population center around Southcentral Alaska.     *     Flash, ADN.....After reviewing logs and finding "no commercial hydrocarbons," Anadarko Petroleum plugged its Jacob's Ladder well this winter, the company said.

5-19-08.  ADN by James Halpin.  Corrosion appears to have caused an oil spill at one of the newer oil fields on the North Slope, according to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

5-17-08.  KTUU.  David Dittman says while a bare majority of Alaskans support Palin's natural gasline inducement act, a greater number think that the BP-Conoco Denali plan is more likely to yield results.     But Dittman says it's apparent that Alaskans aren't holding it against her.     *     Denali - The Alaska Gas Pipeline (Current PowerPoint from 5-08 IOGCC Meeting in Calgary).

5-16-08.   State Webpage – Governor Sarah Palin today unveiled a short-term energy plan to address the skyrocketing costs of energy in Alaska. The package includes two parts – returning surplus funds through a grant to all electric utilities to reduce ratepayer bills and an Energy Debit Card for the next 12 months.    *       ADN by Sean Cockerham.  It’s not easy to read the tea leaves on the upcoming gas pipeline special session.  Everyone assumes Palin will ask legislators to approve a license and $500 million subsidy for TransCanada to try and build the pipeline. And Palin usually seems to get what she wants (remember how many legislators were saying she was going to have a hard time getting her oil tax increase passed? So much for that.)

5-15-08.  See the Secretary's full Polar Bear decision hereADN, by Tom Kizza.  Alaska industry and political leaders reacted with disappointment, even vehemence, to the decision Wednesday to protect the polar bear as "threatened," despite assurances from the Bush administration that the listing would mean no new regulation in Alaska.     *     ADN by Zaz HollanderWASILLA -- A new player could be on the hunt for natural gas in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.      *     ADN by Erica Bolstad.  WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Senate rejected a Republican energy plan that promised to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, an option that was part of an overall package to increase domestic energy development.

5-14-08.  ADN.  Polar bear listed as threatened species WASHINGTON -- Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne announced Wednesday that the agency will list the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, a decision that could cast the bears as the enduring symbol of the effects of global warming.

5-13-08.  Your author wrote the following in response to Cal Thomas' national column today, "Let's Stop Whining and Start Drilling" (ADN) 

Mr. Thomas: 

As former Gas Committee Chairman of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners I couldn’t agree more that the potential for billions of barrels of oil exists beneath restricted, on- and off-shore Federal lands.  The Presidential and Congressional moratoria that block access to these areas were adopted when the prices of energy were lower, our dependence on foreign sources was less dangerous and our overall way of life less threatened. 

Your article also mentioned natural gas.  Hopefully, my state can begin to provide the Lower 48 with about 5% of your daily needs within a dozen years.  Even so, the country will need more natural gas.  Right now our Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) imports provide less than 5% of U.S. demand but within 10-15 years that dependence on foreign LNG could grow to 20% as our 60% dependence on oil continues to grow.  As an optimist, I now conclude that if Congress does not act to remove drilling moratoria soon, some greater power within the next several decades will try to do so at the peril of our freedom and future.

I’m sure you will find the attached resolution on this subject relevant.  It is supported by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, Consumer Energy Alliance, Natural Gas Supply Association and many other organizations.

Dave Harbour

Commissioner Emeritus (NARUC)

Board of Advisors, CEA

Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines

Anchorage, Alaska

     *        ADN (AP, by Steve Quinn).  JUNEAU -- Exxon Mobil Corp. asked Monday that Alaska pay $800 million in damages, claiming the state breached a deal when it revoked gas and oil leases on a North Slope oil field.  The Irving, Texas-based company also filed a separate request for reconsideration of a gas field development proposal that was rejected by state Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin last month.     *       Voice of the Times.  Forget TransCanada; let's build a bullet line instead.  THE ALASKA LEGISLATURE will be faced with some very poor options when it convenes for the June 3 special session.  Assuming that Gov. Sarah Palin asks it to approve TransCanada for the state "license" to build a gas pipeline, it could face her wrath if it says no. But otherwise Alaska would have to give the Canadian company $500 million for expenses for research and preparation for an open season to sign shipping commitments.  That would almost certainly be throwing $500 million down a rat hole because the North Slope producers, who control the bulk of the gas, are building their own pipeline and won't be interested in . . .     *     ADN by Sean Cockerham.  Gov. Sarah Palin will call the Legislature into a special session this summer meant to provide Alaskans some relief from the soaring cost of energy.


5-12-08.  Voice of the Times.  Bradner's Alaska Economic Report says about 50 people are already working on the ConocoPhillips/BP project. About 75 to 100 will be in the field by the end of the month and about 150 by the year's end. Three floors have been leased in one of the new Midtown office buildings.


5-11-08.  ADN, by Tim Bradner (NGP Photo-r).  I was disappointed with state Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin's recent decision to turn down a $1.3 billion project for Point Thompson development put forth by lease owners in the big North Slope gas and condensate field. We need to keep in mind, however, that this might be part of a broader strategy the state is pursuing.


5-10-08.  Petroleum News Alaska, by Gary Park, Eric Lidji & Kay Cashman.  The two North Slope producers looking to build a natural gas pipeline in Alaska plan to move forward even if the state awards a license to a competing project, according to a senior executive.  BP and ConocoPhillips announced plans in early April to spend $600 million over the next several years to prepare for a 2010 open season on a large-diameter pipeline from Alaska’s North Slope to markets in the Lower 48.   (Later ADN Link.)


5-9-08.  ADN Editorial, Bullet Line Prospects Look Good.  Alaska can be a sucker for hype about big projects that never get off the drawing board. So it's big news when there's serious talk about a multibillion dollar project that doesn't need big-time government help and isn't causing howls among environmentalists.


Gov. Sarah Palin's attempt to wrest control of development of Alaska's vast natural gas reserves away from the world's big petroleum companies may hinge on a medium-sized Canadian pipeline company.      *     CALGARY HERALD - Enbridge Inc. is looking to gain a large stake in a competing proposal to build an Alaska natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to Alberta, the company's chief executive officer said Wednesday.


5-3-08.  Author will be in Calgary through 5-7-08.


5-2-08.  Calgary Herald, by Dan Healing.  ... he remains "enthusiastic" about the Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline proposal, in spite of reductions in staffing and industry doubts about its viability, but wouldn't reveal where negotiations are at with the federal government.


5-1-08.  See Tim Bradner's outstanding Journal of Commerce article regarding current status of the Point Thomson Project. Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin tossed a wrench into planning for a North Slope natural gas pipeline April 22, when he rejected a plan by companies holding leases in the Point Thomson field for a project that would develop the big gas field.     *     The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is now producing Energy in Briefs, explaining important energy topics in plain language. Each Brief answers a question relevant to the public and recommends resources for further reading. Please use the tools to the right to give us feedback, share with others, or sign up for notices as new Briefs are released.


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