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Northern Gas Pipelines: May 2001

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5/31:  OTTAWA, Canada - In a speech to the Canadian National Press Club, Alaska Governor Tony Knowles said two natural gas pipelines should be built to supply northern gas to the continent - one following the route of the Alaska-Canada Highway, known as the Alcan, to deliver Alaska gas to market, and the other to transport gas reserves from Canada's Mackenzie Delta.       *       EDMONTON (CBC) - Premier Ralph Klein (See National Post Editorial below) disagrees with Premier Lorne Calvert that Alberta should play the role of observer and let Ottawa take the lead at the international trade table for energy sales.       *       Patrick D. Daniel, Enbridge's President and CEO told the prominent Van Horne Institute recently that, "Northern gas is a continental solution to a continental problem...It requires continental decision making...Project must be viable...Would be largest pipeline project in North America" (Obtain presentation with alternate route maps.  Enbridge, a service provider, would likely be involved in any project, ultimately approved. -dh)     *       News Release & Interview below: In response to a recent article that appeared in the Calgary Herald (See below, 5-28), the Ernie McDonald Land Corporation stated today that they are unaware of the details of any tentative deal with Canadian energy companies for a Mackenzie Valley pipeline project.   (Larry Tourangeau is president of the Ernie McDonald Land Corporation, the largest Aboriginal land group in the NWT, one of the 7 Land groups that make up the Sahtu Region. Tourangeau told the Author today, his corporation would be hosting a large aboriginal group conference in mid-June to attempt consensus.  The APG group will be meeting in Hay River next week.  While there appears to be a cloud of disagreement presently, the Author suggests this is a normal process of difficult negotiation which likely will lead to a unified position of northern aboriginal groups.  Expect leaders from the far North to northern Alberta to weigh in.  -dh)       *        National Post's Excellent Commentary, Setting the Record Straight on Federal/Provincial Powers and Premier Klein's Upcoming Visit with Vice President Cheney (Reported here, below, on 5-28).  "Ralph Klein (Photo), the Premier of Alberta, announced over the weekend that he would meet with U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney in June to discuss his province's role in President George W. Bush's energy plans. There would be no Team Canada mission, just Mr. Klein, his Minister of Energy Murray Smith, and Canadian Ambassador Michael Kergin. Tuesday, Mr. Klein had written to Mr. Chrétien reassuring him that Alberta has no dispute with Ottawa."       *              HOUSTON, OGJ -- A consortium of Alaskan natural gas producers has awarded Natural Resource Group Inc. (NRG...working for Wilbanks Resource Corp.), an environmental consulting firm in Minneapolis, Minn., a contract to conduct feasibility studies for a potential natural gas pipeline from northern Alaska to the lower-48 states.       *      Whitehorse Star-Jason Small:  "NDP members are worried the Yukon will not be ready for the social problems a multi-billion-dollar pipeline construction project may bring....  For one ... local businesses may have a problem keeping staff who may be attracted to the higher wages connected with pipeline building."    *     Yellowknife (Northern News Services)  - "The Dene Nation is questioning the government's right to tax First Nations in the territory and the national chief said he'd like to take action."     *      CBC-North:  AKLAVIK, N.W.T. - Chief Charlie Furlong of Aklavik says his people need help managing their money, and "says he plans to approach the federal government and people in the oil and gas industry to get some help.  140 people in Aklavik found jobs in the oil and gas industry last winter. Many have thousands of dollars to spend...."        *      ANWR Related Current News: The Author is not aware of any northern oil & gas activity hurting the Central Arctic or Porcupine Caribou herds; indeed there is evidence to support that sensitive industry presence significantly supports caribou survival (See facts & editorials).  The above link is a report that about 15,000 caribou calves died before reaching ANWR's coastal plain last year; high water of the Porcupine River again threatens calves' ability to cross and the herd's survival.  -dh      *      NORTHERN GAS LESS UNIQUE IN 2001 THAN COMMONLY BELIEVED; COMPETITION BUILDS MOMENTUM:  Eastern Canada is one of the world's most hydrocarbon-rich areas, says writer Cathi Stevenson....Economically Sound LNG Projects Abound.....B.C.may remove moratorium blocking oil & gas offshore exploration.

5/30:  Gov. Tony Knowles heads to Canada's capital city today with Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Pat Pourchot and Revenue Commissioner Wilson Condon, for two days of meetings Thursday and Friday to promote development of Alaska North Slope natural gas. The governor is scheduled to meet with six ministers who are members of the Prime Minister's natural gas development working group, with newly named U.S. Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, and will speak to Canadian media in a speech at the National Press Club...."My message to our neighbors in Canada is simple: help for the North American energy crisis is on the way," Knowles said. "Arctic natural gas from Alaska and Canada can meet our nations' growing energy needs with the clean-burning fuel of the 21st century, and contribute significantly to Canadian and American economic prosperity....  Those he is meeting include: Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley, head of the natural gas working group; Environment Minister David Anderson; Fisheries and Oceans Minister Herb Dhaliwal; International Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew; Indian Affairs and Northern Development Minister Bob Nault (See Nault story below); and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Stephane Dion."     *      CBC-North: YELLOWKNIFE, N.W.T. - Harvey Andre, chairperson of Arctic Gas Resources Corporation in Calgary, says unless a pipeline includes gas from Alaska, it won't happen.  "I doubt at this point in time that there will be a Mackenzie Valley-only line built, because it doesn't make economic sense," he says.      *     Whitehorse Star:  "This week’s Western Premiers’ Conference ... Premier Duncan...will lead a presentation on energy with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein (See below).  'Yukon will be doing a joint presentation with Alberta,' she said in an interview Monday.... Duncan will be giving her usual message that the Yukon supports the idea of two natural gas pipelines."       *        Edmonton Journal: "Conoco also picks up 212,000 hectares of potentially rich gas assets in the Mackenzie River Basin near Inuvik, N.W.T."   "... The most tantalizing plum in the pudding, however, is clearly Gulf's position in the Mackenzie Delta. Gulf is one of four companies -- with Imperial Oil, Shell Canada and ExxonMobil -- in a group studying ways to get ... N.W.T. natural gas to southern markets."  "The partners will complete a feasibility study by 2002, said (Gulf president Dick Auchinleck).  "Certainly, Mackenzie Delta gas is a key factor that was attractive to Conoco."  (Conoco CEO Archie Dunham) said Mackenzie will be Conoco's highest-priority project. "We're going to use all of our global relationships with the partners involved in that project, to (press) them to accelerate the timetable."  It's not clear which of two dueling pipeline proposals from the Far North -- one from Alaska, through Yukon, and the other up the Mackenzie Valley -- will be built first, Dunham said. But eventually both lines will be needed."   "The (U.S.), the continent, the hemisphere needs this gas, and I think it's going to be developed as expeditiously as possible."      *     National Post, on yesterday's purchase of Gulf Canada: "The appeal ... for Conoco is that it enables the U.S. company to ...  increase its North American production of natural gas by about 50%, at a time of peak gas demand from U.S. energy utilities."     *     CBC-Edmonton: Crime Stoppers to stem Alberta's oil patch theft of $7 million.     *    

5/29:  YELLOWKNIFE, NWT, NEB - "A draft framework for a single environmental assessment process will be developed for the review of Mackenzie Valley and Beaufort offshore pipeline proposals. The agreement was reached following two days of meetings of the chairs of the boards and agencies with responsibility for regulating energy developments in the Northwest Territories."     *     Richard Gleeson, Northern News Services, Hay River - "Conflicts swirling around a Mackenzie Valley pipeline will reach a crescendo at a meeting next week in Hay River.  The central event of the June 5-6 meeting of the aboriginal pipeline working group will be the release of a proposed agreement that outlined terms of aboriginal ownership of the pipeline.  'It's a god-damned sell-out,' Winter Lennie said of the proposal."     *     Dave Sullivan, Northern News Services, Norman Wells - "Some Sahtu leaders are joining Deh Cho communities in denouncing the size of the slice of the pie that oil giants are offering if a natural gas pipeline is built through the Mackenzie Valley."     *     OPEC ministers meet again June 5th.      *        Conoco Inc. of Houston is buying Gulf Canada Resources for $9.8 billion, the two oil companies announced Tuesday morning.     *    WHITEHORSE, YUKON - The Yukon government is sending out the big guns to try to bring critics of its environmental strategy back in the fold.     *     Perhaps, with all of our complex data and debate, we should take a quality minute to focus on the big challenge for Northern and Southern oil and gas development: leadership in educating the public.  Look at this reader's suggestion re: Vick's Nyquil 6oz for $8.35  =  $178.13 per gallon. -dh


5/28:  Anchorage Daily News, AP - Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team's Curtis Thayer is quoted as saying, "I think as we go forward with this project we're going to have to be united....  Politics can't make a deal happen, but it sure can kill one." (Photo, 5-01-Thayer, describing Pipeline Team progress in Anchorage this month.)     *     IQALUIT - (Travelers' Alert)-"A fire in Iqaluit has destroyed a maintenance hanger owned by the largest airline operating in Canada's Arctic" (First Air).     *     EDMONTON (National Post) - (Calgary Herald)- "Ralph Klein, the Alberta Premier, will sit down with Dick Cheney, the U.S. Vice-President, in Washington on June 14 to discuss Alberta's role in U.S. energy policy and to ensure that the Americans understand the province retains exclusive control of its natural resources.....  He will ... point out the province has the technology and infrastructure necessary to feed northern gas pipelines from Alaska or the Mackenzie Delta."  (See Klein story below, 5-25-01)     *     Calgary Herald-"The federal government is quietly negotiating with northern aboriginal groups to ensure they have the financing to secure an ownership stake in a Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline.  '...In principle, everybody at the federal level is in agreement that this (financing) is going to happen. It's just a matter of how they construct the arrangement,' the source said Friday." (See CBC story)

5/27:  Review significant pipeline developments this past week--below.    (Comment: Mackenzie Delta momentum may lead to shifts in U.S.\Canada strategy.  Review the archives for truly exceptional Arctic gas project progress, particularly May, April and March  -dh)     *      Petroleum News Alaska:  Check out their front page (new, online version) and subscription service--for Alaska's total petroleum picture.

5/26:  Whitehorse Star (See 5-25 issue): "Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd. believes its already-approved gas pipeline route along the Alaska Highway corridor will be the route of choice.  'We feel confident that common sense, money, time, everything, points toward the Foothills option,' Brian Love, the Whitehorse-based Foothills spokesman, said this morning.  'We believe it is the best option, not only for the producers, but also for Yukon.'”     *      FORT SIMPSON, N.W.T. (CBC)- "The N.W.T.'s premier had some tough words for the people of the Deh Cho this week. Stephen Kakfwi (Photo-Above, right) told the Deh Cho communities that when it comes to the pipeline project they must either join the rest of the territory... or lose out completely."     *     WHITEHORSE,YUKON (CBC)-  Alaska Senator Frank Murkowski vows to still try to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, even though he's no longer calling the shots.

5-25: Major headlines today, followed by reports of the Governor's Policy Council meeting and the British Ambassador's appearance at the Annual Export Alaska Banquet. 

"First Nations would own one-third of $3-billion project", by Chris Varcoe and Stephen Ewart, Calgary Herald: "Northern aboriginal leaders have reached a tentative deal with Canadian energy companies developing massive Arctic natural gas reserves to take up to a one-third ownership stake in a multibillion-dollar Mackenzie Valley pipeline project

Ashley Geddes, Provincial Affairs Writer, The Edmonton Journal writes that: "Alberta will get its 'pound of flesh' on any pipeline connecting natural gas from the Canadian Arctic or Alaska to U.S. markets, Premier Ralph Klein (Photo-above) vowed Thursday."     (Comment: U.S. consumers enjoy use of over half of Alberta's natural gas production.  Alberta provides over 10% of America's total gas supply.  The Alberta Energy webpage boasts: "Our energy sector offers abundant hydrocarbon resources...and a stable political environment."  Alaskan study groups have discussed in a positive and cooperative way, identifying a possible Alberta site for marketing heavier gas liquids from the North Slope gas stream.  -dh)        *       WHITEHORSE STAR (Check 4/24 news)--Yukoners report on Senator Murkowski losing chairmanship     *       CBC NORTH--40 Yukon businessmen are in Inuvik looking for a piece of the $1 billion oil and gas boom. (Comment: consider this event alongside the aboriginal/Mackenzie Delta company deal reported above.  -dh)       *         Alliance urges members to remedy aging Alaska workforce: contact Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium (APICC).


Ambassador Delivers Information and Gas Pipeline Humor--Anchorage international trade leaders Bill Noll, Chuck Webber and Chuck Becker adroitly hosted Last night's annual Export Alaska Banquet.  The event was supported by Diddy Hitchins, Honorary British Counsel for Alaska and attended by Commissioner Debby Sedwick (Photo, 2001: Sedwick attending recent Rotary presentation by Governor Tony Knowles, with SMG of Alaska, Inc. General Manager, Dexter King) along with Representative Lesil McGuire, Alaska's other honorary and General Counsel diplomatic representatives and community leaders. 

The author was natural resources and general attorney John Norman's guest as VECO Corporation was honored with Lt. Governor Fran Ulmer's accolades (“Thank you for keeping your roots in Alaska”) as winner of the Governor's Exporter of the Year  award.  Pete Leathard, whose company is one of the large, major contractors retained by the Alaska Producers Gas Pipeline Team, accepted the award offering that, ‘We don’t export things; we export know-how….”  Williams (employing 500 Alaskans, and another gas pipeline player) was first runner up, with Williams Alaska Petroleum, Inc.  President, Randy M. Newcomer accepting the honors. 


British Ambassador, Sir Christopher Meyers, KCMG, (Photo-center, with Lieutenant Governor Fran Ulmer and BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. President, Richard C. Campbell) entertained the audience with dramatic facts, statistics and humor: "We deregulated electricity and it has been a huge success....  We expect resulting competition will bring down prices another 30%....” Britain, he noted, is the center of telecommunications and fiber optics...and boasts more information technology than anywhere except the USA.  He observed that the country has the lowest inflation in 20 years, the lowest unemployment and the biggest budget surplus ever.  "Half of the U.S.'s investment in the European Union is in Britain, $200-300 billion."  He spoke about the close alliance between the two countries, similar contract and accounting laws, and "language," he said, "roughly speaking is sort of similar."  When a questioner observed the importance of BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. as a corporate citizen and asking for an opinion on gas pipeline questions, Sir Christopher rose to the diplomatic occasion by observing that, "Decisions on where this pipeline should go are decisions for the companies and the parties concerned.  I would be mad as a dog to give an opinion for the record on this matter."   -dh

Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Policy Council Meeting (See Anchorage Daily News Story).  Governor Tony Knowles’ special assistant, Ken Freeman and his small but efficient staff had a busy week.  Within a few days, readers will have the report of meetings he arranged in Kenai late last week, here.  Meanwhile, today he hosted a full meeting of the Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council at the Egan Center in Anchorage (Audio tapes available).  From 12:30-2 p.m., the ‘State Royalty Share Options/Pipeline Ownership’ committee met under Bill Corbus’ (Juneau) leadership.  Chairman Ken Thompson of Anchorage headed the ‘Access for In-State Gas Use/Future Opportunities’ while Fairbanks’ Charlie Cole chaired the ‘Federal/International Action’ committee. 


‘Alaska Hire/Buy/Build’ Chair Mike Navarre, Kenai (photo at Kenai Airport, 5/17), had conducted an earlier committee meeting as had Peg Tileston, Chair of the ‘Environmental Considerations’ Committee.  At 2 p.m.Co-chairman Frank Brown introduced Alaska’s Washington Office director, John Katz, by conference call, followed by subcommittee reports and special presentations from Cuba Wadlington, President & CEO, Williams Gas Pipelines and Ed Small of Cambridge Energy Research Associates.  At 5:30, the group reconvened with remarks from Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch, a member of the Council, Governor Tony Knowles, DNR Commissioner Pat Pourchot and Ken Thompson’s presentation of a ‘vision’ for development of Alaska’s gas.  The Council entertained public testimony in the evening.  Following are observations:

Governor Knowles recalled that having been through Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction, Alaska now has a chance to, “…weigh in and apply our experience to the next great project, the Alaska gas pipeline.”

(See balance of complete story on the Policy Council page, here.) 

5/24:  Washington (Platts)--"With a recommendation months away, a BP official gave strong indications Wednesday that Alaska producers favor a gas pipeline across Canada's Northwest Territories over one across Alaska."  See balance of Platts story here (Note: while this story is relayed as reported, it seems not to have picked up on the full dimension of the producer team's objective, due diligence study as reported elsewhere.  One wonders if the reporter conducted a thorough interview / investigation.  -dh).        *       Ben Spiess' latest report, this one on LNG status:  "'We could do this project right now,' said Lowenfels, president of Yukon Pacific Corp, a company formed in 1982 ....  'Jobs, state revenue and gas for Alaskans,' said Scott Heyworth...."     *     CALGARY, Alberta - May 24, 2001 - TransCanada PipeLines Limited and Petro-Canada today announced an agreement to build the MacKay River Cogeneration Project, a 165 megawatt (MW) natural gas-fired cogeneration power plant near Fort McMurray, Alberta. *         FORT SIMPSON, N.W.T. - "Residents of the Deh Cho area of the N.W.T. will turn their energies to economic development, after signing new self-government agreements Wednesday."      *       Early Registration Deadline Tomorrow: GO-EXPO includes a special "North of Sixty" feature that highlights future exploration and development options in Alaska, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Meet with the stakeholders to explore the many opportunities in the new northern frontier.  Info and FREE online registration.

 5/23:   INUVIK, N.W.T. - The Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, Robert Nault (Photo), said yesterday in Inuvik that the federal government is spending more than $4 million on development projects in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (Courtesy CBC North).       *        CBC 7:30 am -- Yukon MP Larry Bagnell says he's encouraged after a meeting with Alaska Senator Frank Murkowski about northern developments. The two northern politicians met at the Canada/US Parliamentary Association last week shortly after US President George Bush laid out his new energy policy.  Bagnell says they spoke about a possible Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline and a rail link between Alaska and southern Canada.      *        Anchorage Daily News--Ben Spiess writes that Northern Route is "... is financially cheap...politically expensive."   Fairbanks      *      AP--An unidentified company is asking the state for an oil and gas exploration license in the Nenana Basin in what is the first significant interest in the area in two decades.


5/22:  "There is a huge window of opportunity right now for energy project investment," Commonwealth North speaker Gary M. Krellenstein (Photo, 5-22) told an early morning audience at Anchorage's Hotel Captain Cook.  Krellenstein, Vice President of J.P. Morgan Securities Inc., of New York, said his firm's "...preference is for the ANGTS (Alaska Highway) project...," because of rights-of-way and permits.   J.P. Morgan has looked at various routes and modes for moving Alaska's North Slope natural gas reserves he projects to be in the 79 TCF range (with about 30 TCF recoverable).  He itemized benefits of LNG and GTL projects but concluded that cost and market issues pointed to an all-land pipeline system for the time being.       *        Aboriginal opposition to 'over the top,' northern gas pipeline route.          *             Anchorage Daily News, Ben Spiess: Sen. Ted Stevens lashed out at opponents of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Monday, accusing environmentalists of spreading misinformation about development in the refuge's coastal plain.
        *        The Governor's Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, May 24 from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Egan Center. Prior to the public hearing, the Council will conduct subcommittee meetings from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and a business meeting from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  All meetings are at the Egan Center and are open to the public. Erika McConnell - 269-7455


5/21: Speaking during the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA) Report today at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Monday Forum, Phillips Alaska Inc. President Kevin Meyers, announced new discoveries on behalf of Phillips and its partner, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.  (Photo, 5/21: Today U.S. Senator Ted Stevens said he is "ebullient about Alaska's economy", that it is "...robust, particularly with the new Administration...," and Alaska's relationship with the Vice President's energy task force staff. With the Senator-left, is VECO President & CEO, Pete Leathard)  Meyers said these are the first discoveries in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) since the area was reopened to exploration in 1999.   Five wells and the sidetrack all encountered oil or gas and condensate, while a sixth well was a dry hole.  These wells are Spark #1 and Spark #1A, Moose's Tooth C, Lookout #1, Rendezvous A, and Rendezvous #2.   "Though these results are preliminary," Meyers said, " we believe the five successful wells have encountered three separate hydrocarbon accumulations and are confident they will prove to contain commercial quantities."

  bkevinseancrop.png bheatwole.png

"2001 is off to a busy, challenging and often hectic start, due partly to an exciting winter exploration season," he said.  Meyers then went on to report a fall startup of the company's Meltwater Satelite, last week's announcement of the Palm discovery, anticipated 10% increase in the Company's Alaska production this year along with the NPR-A discovery 25 miles south of the Alpine field. (Photo-left: Former State Senator Sean R. Parnell-L and Representative Kevin Meyer enjoy the AOGA report as does Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Public Relations Mgr., Mike Heatwole-Photo-right.)  -dh 


AOGA President, Mark Hanley of Anadarko Petroleum Company announced the induction of new AOGA members, Alberta Energy (AEC Oil & Gas (USA)) and Evergreen Resources, Inc..  In the last lease sale, he said, successful companies included UNOCAL, Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Alberta Energy, Petro-Canada (See special Arctic gas report here) and Burlington Resources (See Archives, 5/9 Lease Sale Report).  "It shows the interest that the industry is taking in Alaska", he said, and is "...also a sign of our investment climate."  (Photo-above: First National Bank Chairman Dan Cuddy said that he is "...optimistic.  The three major producers have initially put up $75 million to survey and prepare for permits leading to construction of a natural gas pipeline," he said after the meeting.  "Companies will not spend that amount of money if they don't expect to carry it through.") -dh


While the big news of the meeting was Phillips' NPR-A discoveries, BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. President, Richard C. Campbell added the spice of humor to another serving of optimism.  With a "tackle box of visual aids", BP executive Paul Laird (Photo-right), assisted in rendering serious information entertaining.  Holding up a photo of Anchorage's celebrated Performing Arts Center (PAC), Campbell pointed out that the $850 million cost of this year's Alaska capital investments would build about a dozen PACs, and that a good share of that investment would be focused on exploration and drilling.  Associate Laird held up an electric drill as the crowd chuckled.  Increasing satellite field production by 50 million barrels/year by the end of 2001 was illustrated with what looked like a tinker toy universe.  A jar of honey simulated the company's effort to efficiently produce 'viscous oils'.  Somehow there was a relationship drawn as Laird held up a can of beans and Campbell discussed gas progress: completion of BP's Nikiski Gas to Liquid plant by early next year and beginning the process for building a North Slope natural gas line by year-end. 


Remembering other aspects of Alaska's culture, Campbell emphasized the importance of environmental concern as Laird dutifully brought forth a 'Chamber Clean-up' trash bag.  (See reference here to the upcoming BP Classic.)  With AOGA president Judy Brady's creative introductions and such presentations, the Alaska oil industry succeeded in creating a highly positive mood among the influential audience, which included Lieutenant Governor Fran Ulmer, several current and former cabinet members, state legislators, mayors and several hundred business leaders (Photo, above: Longtime oilfield services executive, James Udelhoven follows the presentation.  Jim is President/CEO of Udelhoven Oilfield Systems Service, Inc.). -dh 

5/21.  The Whitehorse Star's Chuck Tobin reports Governor Knowles has asked Vice President Cheney for Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Support.     *         Anchorage Daily News business writer, Ben Spiess, produces 2nd article of 5-part-series on northern natural gas projects; today's focus is GTL.  *     Yukon Department of Renewable Resources spokesperson says, “The whole oil and gas industry is quite new, so we’re still developing a whole bunch of policies and procedures.”     *     Jay Barrett of the Clarion, reports: "Central peninsula residents spoke almost as one about efforts to bringing North Slope natural gas to market at a Thursday evening hearing in Kenai before the governor's Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council."  (See Author's special report/photos after 10 p.m. EST.)      *    Janet McFarland's Globe and Mail piece says Bush still intent on ANWR exploration.

5/20:  Anchorage Daily News business writer, Ben Spiess, produces 5-part-series on northern natural gas projects and current status, beginning with today's feature: "Gas-fired future".  Even with Alaska's current prosperity and bright outlook, Columnist Tim Bradner observes that its government spends more than it takes in and its leaders have yet to forge a fiscal plan.

5/20:   EDMONTON JOURNAL ( Ed Struzik, Staff Writer)
- An international team of scientists will fly to the Canadian Arctic just before Christmas to conduct a $10-million experiment that could provide an energy bonanza and someday solve the gas shortage that has President George W. Bush pushing the panic button."  (Alaska's Mark D. Myers, Ph.D, Director of Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas Division, has statistics on Alaska's huge methane hydrate storehouse. -dh)


5/19:  CALGARY - Enbridge Energy chief executive Patrick Daniels says the Bush administration's Continental Energy Policy hasn't ruled out either of two competing pipeline proposals for moving Arctic gas to southern markets.  (Photo: Calgary Herald reprint of TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. map)        *        WHITEHORSE, YUKON - Premier Pat Duncan says the Yukon's opposition to development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is known at the highest levels.        *          FORT SIMPSON, N.W.T. - Deh Cho elders and chiefs say not all aboriginal groups support building a pipeline down the MacKenzie Valley.        *        NAHANNI BUTTE, N.W.T. - 'The industry is looking for... comfort that there would be land nominations.'– Perry Kotkas....A Calgary-based company has decided to go ahead with a $15 million seismic program south of Nahanni Butte this summer.


5/18:  Questioned about its possible role in any natural gas pipeline project, Patrick K. Gamble, President and CEO of the Alaska Railroad Corporation (Photo, 5-01) said today that, "Commercialization of Alaska natural gas is an exciting prospect for our state.  It has the potential to help the nation, enhance Alaska's economy, and provide much needed municipal access to natural gas within the State as well.  As this vision materializes, the Alaska Railroad stands ready to partner in the effort.  We can support pipeline construction and service needs because we are an efficient and reliable method of transporting people and equipment.  We look forward to doing our share to develop Alaska's natural gas resources, and to being an agent for other successful developments throughout our state."  -dh

CALGARY--"Bush energy policy looks good for Alberta... the ever-growing demand for natural gas in the U.S. means the development of gas reserves in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Mackenzie Delta."


5/17:  Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team Update.   Questioned about current gas pipeline planning status this week in Anchorage, Phillips Alaska Inc.'s Vice President for ANS Gas Commercialization, Joe Marushack, said, "…current scope of work ranges from Prudhoe Bay to Anchorage, to Northern Canada, Southern Canada and the Lower 48 States.  The $75 million project evaluation currently involves 90 company employees coordinating feasibility level project design, cost estimate development, environmental, socio-economic, land and other issues with ten major contractors and many more subcontractors and supply vendors."              

“Our objective is to identify all factors relating to feasibility of alternate pipeline routes for transporting Alaskan North Slope gas reserves to market.”  Marushack, also a member of the ‘Management Committee’ for the Alaskan Gas Producers Pipeline Team, said the various 'subcommittees' studying all aspects of the project are, "looking through seven lenses, examining project impact on:  jobs, environment, revenue, safety, economics, access to gas and timing."       

“We are in contact", he said, "with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other U.S. agencies, with Alaska's Gas Cabinet and appropriate departments, with Canada's Federal agencies, Provincial governments and aboriginal 'First Nations', and a huge array of contractors and special interest groups."            

"The project," Marushack observed, "is larger than most people imagine.  For example, the ultimate, approved project could have assets comparable to those of some of North America's largest companies.  The steel requirement alone could for two years tax the capacity of the several mills in the world capable of rolling large diameter, high pressure gas pipeline steel."            

The Alaskan Gas Producers Pipeline Team includes members from BP/AMOCO, Phillips Alaska, Inc., and ExxonMobil.   -dh    (See archived report of Marushack's 4-16-01 presentation to the Anchorage Chamber of Comerce.)

r.schilhab5-17-01.png5/17.  Robbie Schilhab (Photo, 5-17-01), Alaska Gas Development Manager for ExxonMobil, addressed members of the Resource Development Council for Alaska this morning.  Schilhab, another member of the ‘Management Committee’ for the Alaskan Gas Producers Pipeline Team , said, "We are fully engaged in a joint program to evaluate ... a large modern pipeline from Alaska to Canada and the Lower 48 states."  He then outlined three primary goals: " create an economic project with a competitive cost of supply; to bring together sufficient information to support NEB and FERC applications as soon as possible; and to prepare for future phase(s) of activity."

White House report on President Bush's Energy Policy Discussion yesterday.  According to the Washington Times, TODAY in Minnesota, the President will reveal over 100 proposals for improving energy supply in his 163 page National Energy Policy.  He said yesterday that America needs to be able to move gas from outside our borders to inside our borders.  Of a proposal to open 8% of ANWR, the President's spokesman said it is like, "building an airport one-fifth the size of Dulles and putting it in an expanse the size of  South Carolina."  (See on this subject and the report on Teamster Jerry Hood's recent speech in Anchorage.)        *        Conoco to build $75 million GTL demonstration plant in Oklahoma.        *        Author attending Kenai meeting today of The Governor's Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council: news to follow.


5/16:  (Photo: see 'Mark Korting Real Estate story' below, photo-right.)  CALGARY, Alberta - May 16, 2001 - TransCanada Power Services Ltd., the general partner of TransCanada Power, L.P., (the Partnership) announced the
Partnership results for the three months ended March 31, 2001. Funds generated from operations for the three months ended March 31, 2001 were
$27.6 million or $0.82 per unit, compared to $22.9 million or $0.79 per unit for the same period in 2000.    According to the 2000 Annual Report, "...we are poised and positioned to be a participant in the development of gas reserves in the far north."  -Page 6)          *         
Jason Small's Whitehorse Star story: In Whitehorse, job seekers should carefully study the 3 month residency requirement for territorial jobs, and recent changes to the law.          *        Dianna Campbell of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner writes that, " Borough Mayor Rhonda Boyles has told other members of the Alaska Gasline Port Authority that she is reluctant to provide another $50,000 of borough money until she is assured the money will be spent wisely...; and, the News-Miner's story on Governor Knowles' support for the gas line project at his IOGCC meeting early this week.       *         Real Estate.  "Southcentral Alaska is somewhat involved in a frenzy of real estate activity, across the board,” Mark Korting, said today.  Korting (Photo, above-right, 4-15-01) is the Re/Max Properties, Inc. broker who recalls that Anchorage new home construction until this year has been somewhat flat.  “In 1998, the 1200 homes built was a peak, but fell to 800 last year.  2001 started slowly.  Then suddenly the market became active and while we don’t know for sure, new home construction could reach the 1100 range this year.”                    Asked for reasons behind growing real estate enthusiasm, Korting observes some is owing to the sense that, “Oh, my gosh, another boom could be on the way and we better buy now rather than later.”  Supporting that rather emotional reaction is a hint that there is substance behind the feeling, with oil and gas lease sales, exploration, production and pipeline activity being contributing factors.  “We are seeing new oil and gas industry people renting and buying here in Anchorage.  We’re also seeing a surge in Kenai sales and rentals supported in part, we believe, by work on BP’s new  GTL plant."            “Along with oil and gas employees and contractor families”, he said, “we’re seeing significant real estate activity among medical, university and military families.  The retail sector, which grew dramatically in the last decade has more or less flattened, for now,” he said.

rmathura5-14-011.png aabjgray5-14-01.png

5/15:  AP Coverage of Governor's Speech to IOGCC.     *      "I'm impressed that the Alaska producers are working together and have committed to completion this year of their $75 million feasibility study," Randolph E. Mathura (Photo-right), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Division of Pipeline Certificates Director, said this morning.  Yesterday, he participated in an IOGCC panel discussion: "Pipeline Regulatory Challenges".  Another panelist was the National Energy Board's (NEB), Bonnie J. Gray (Photo-upper left), Professional Leader, Environment.        *        Alberta Natural Gas Royalty, Prices and Allowances, 3/01     

5/15: CHON FM.  Just days after completing debate on the Yukon's largest budget the premier is in Ottawa promoting the pipeline.  Ken MacGillivray, cabinet communications advisor says Pat Duncan has a very busy agenda but first and foremost is lobbying for support of the Alaska Highway pipeline. MacGillivray says those who support a MacKenzie Valley line have been lobbying hard in the capital and now it's the Yukon's turn (Sharon LeGoffe of the Yukon Territory Oil and Gas Resources Branch today provided more Canadian media reports on the Premier's trip: "CBC 7:30am news: 3. The Yukon's premier is in Ottawa doing some ground work for an Alaska Highway pipeline. ... She says she's not quite as optimistic about the timing of a pipeline as Alaska Governor Tony Knowles but she is confident a line will be built. (Duncan) 'Governor Knowles wants to see people at the ... working ... end of a shovel by 2002. That may be optimistic ... but then again if there's work and agreement that can go ahead, sooner rather than later would be better for us most definitely and better for Canada.'  Duncan is meeting with with Foreign Affairs minister and the head of theTreasury Board. She says a lot of what she is doing is teaching government officials about the work that was done 20 years ago to get ready for a pipeline.  4. (6:30 a.m.) The Yukon's premier is in Ottawa selling her vision of an Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline. Pat Duncan says she's trying to re-educate federal bureaucrats about preparatory work that was done on the pipeline 20 years ago. She says her message is getting through. (Duncan) "My message to Ottawa has been be ready, regulate, let the private sector do their work and ... be prepared and be ready ... for an application and that message certainly has been well received.'  Duncan is meeting with Foreign Affairs minister, the head of the Treasury Board and the Liberal House leader and although she's trying to sell her vision of an Alaska Highway pipeline she says Ottawa shouldn't play favorites. She says a decision about where a pipeline should go is essentially a private sector decision.")        *           Alaskans should be asking lots of questions about gasline plan says guest columnist, Scott Heyworth.               


5/14:  Former U.S. Senator Slate Gorton (Photo, 5-14-01) described the "blame game" to his international IOGCC audience of industry leaders, state, local and national officials.  "Congressional Democrats say there has been insufficient conservation and government regulation", said Gorton, "while the Bush Administration says there is too much regulation, insufficient refining and production capacity."  Gorton, now representing Omega Oil Company, predicts some easing of restrictions on exploration, development and transportation, but further delay of ANWR approval. Omega's President, Wayne L. Kelley, described his company's "below the reservior recovery" technique for increasing efficiency and recovery while decreasing capital and operating costs and environmental impacts of production.


5/14:  IOGCC Conference:  John F. Riordan, President and CEO of Gas Technology Institute, said Alaska's large energy projects can have lower costs and greater reliability with enhanced, long term industry R&D spending.  Riordan proposed formation of a 'Royalty Trust Fund' which in five years could produce $70 million in research programs.  "Contributions that R&D can make to developing energy supplies are critical to our country's future," he said.


5/14: Of this week's historic IOGCC gathering at Anchorage's Hotel Captain Cook, Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner, Pat Pourchot (Photo-left), observes that the event will have impact. "When IOGCC members become excited about Alaska's oil and gas resources, as I think they are, they will be taking an important message back to their states and organizations," he said.  "The more they, in turn, become credible and knowledgable spokespeople on Alaska issues with their constituencies, the more it helps in the national and international arenas."


5/14: "Born to boom: Natural Gas Pipeline Plan Shows Alaska's Bent for Big Ideas", TheProvinceDotCom-David Foster (Story mentions Commonwealth North co-founder, Governor Hickel, shown here at recent CWN gas resource study group meeting, 5-9-01, with organization's first President, Max Hodel, right. Hickel, also a former Interior Department Secretary,  has played critical roles in Alaska's statehood battle, Prudhoe Bay Development, gas pipeline promotion and made countless other contributions--in addition to envisioning other large projects whose time have not yet come (see article). The current  IOGCC  meeting is headquartered at his Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage.-dh).   

aacaskey5-14-01.png5/14: Netricity LLC could create a new market for Alaska's North Slope gas and help Internet companies searching for a reliable source of power to keep their data flowing (Clarion-AP.  Fidelity E&P Company's Michael C. Caskey, (Photo, above) a Netricity owner, meets state and industry officials at this morning's IOGCC meeting).     *     National Post: "...The (Bush Energy) package will include ... another stab at trying to drill on sensitive lands in Alaska and seek to tap into the vast but underdeveloped resources of ... Canada's Arctic frontiers."     *     Halifax -- "Gas-pipeline  builder Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline said it plans over the next 10 years to twin its system that carries Nova Scotia natural gas to New England."      *      The Governor's Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council will hold a public meeting from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Thursday, May 17, 2001, at the Kenai Merit Inn, 260 Willow Street, Kenai, Alaska. The agenda includes presentations and public testimony on an Alaska gasline project.

5/14: Robbie Gries, President of Priority Oil & Gas and President-elect of the American Association of Petroleum aarobbie1-a.pngGeologists says that Alaska holds the greatest potential for new U.S. gas discoveries (Photo, 5-13-01; PowerPoint Presentation).  "Eighy-five percent of oil and gas wells are drilled by small companies like Priority," Gries said while attending the IOGCC meeting in Anchorage this week, "and they are virtually all just tapping into existing reserves.  America is running short of new reserves and Alaska has them.  I know proven gas reserve estimates here are in the 35 TCF range, but I can tell you that professional geologists are quite comfortable with an estimate of total Alaska gas potential exceeding 300 TCF." 



5/12-13:  (Photo: Governor Knowles confers with Alaska IOGCC representative, Mike Abbott, at conference, 5/14/01) Weekend alert:  Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) Chairman, Gov. Tony Knowles, will discuss efforts to stimulate development of a national energy policy in a speech to IOGCC members Monday, May 14.  IOGCC members include 37 oil and gas producing states. The speech is scheduled for 8:30 a.m., Ballroom, Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage.  Press Secretary contact


IOGCC Executive Director Christine Hansen (Photo), gives credit to Alaska commission members for arranging perfect weather for speakers addressing northern gas pipelines and other energy issues, including:  Pat Pourchot, Alaska Department of Natural Resources Commissioner; Former US Sen. Slade Gorton; Wayne Kelley, OMEGA Oil Company President; Robbie Gries, President, Priority Oil & Gas and President-elect, American Association of Petroleum Geologists; John F. Riordan, President and CEO of Gas Technology Institute; Mike Richter, Vice President, Phillips Petroleum Division of Exploration and Land; Peter Ditton, Supervisory Petroleum Engineer, Alaska Bureau of Land Management; Tom Maunder, Petroleum Engineer, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission; Geoffrey A. Emerson, Regulatory State Government Affairs Director, CMS Energy; Marvin Rogers, Counsel, Alabama Oil and Gas Board; Barbara N. McKee, Director, DOE Office of Coal and Power Imports and Export Activities; Lisa Pekich, Phillips Alaska; William Friar, BP Amoco; Wendy Mahan, Natural Resources Manager, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation; Mike Terry, Executive Director, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board; "Mac" Alloway, Chairman of International Society of the Energy Advocates; Dr. William Lawson, Director of Department of Energy's National Petroleum Technology Office; Dr. Charles Mankin, director of Sarkeys Energy Center at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma state geologist; Gregory C. Wilson, Phillips Alaska; Mark Stanley, BP Alaska; Michael F. G. Williams, Senior Partner, Frontier System Integrators LLC; Scott Hansen, Production Engineering Supervisor, Unocal Cook Inlet operations; Bill Van Dyke, Petroleum Manager, and Dan Zobrist, Petroleum Economist, Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas.   IOGCC Guests and participants from national regulatory agencies included: the National Energy Board's (NEB) Bonnie J.Gray, Professional Leader, Environment; Bill Bingham, NEB Commodities Business Unit Gas Team Leader; and Randolph E. Mathura, Director of the Pipeline Certificates Division, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  See agenda here.)      *      NORTHERN DIPLOMACY: Alaska State Senator John Torgerson to Discuss Pipelines with Northern Premiers      *      Notice: Western Governors' Association, 2001 Annual Meeting, Coeur d'Alene Resort, 8/12-14 -- "Plenary II – Securing America’s Energy Future".



5/11:  "Absolutely, we see impact of North Slope gas pipeline decisions on our Cook Inlet gas marketing business," said Scott Pfoff, President & COO Aurora Power, Inc. (Photo: Pfoff-L, with Lauren Colas, Aurora's Vice President, 5-11-01).   Speaking at  this morning's Alliance meeting (attended by about 100 business leaders, including natural resources and general practice attorney, John K. Norman, photo-right), Pfoff said that if North Slope gas came to Southcentral Alaska in the immediate future, the incentive for new Cook Inlet discoveries could diminish.  "On the other hand, future North Slope gas access for Southcentral is important for long term energy supplies in the region," he said.  Aurora Power supplies nearly 20% of all space heat and power generation for the area, 50% of the commercial gas market, is ENSTAR Natural Gas' largest customer and was named "Contractor of the Year" by the Defense Logistics Agency.    *       Seattle P/I: ANWR debate spurring tourism     *     One of Governor Tony Knowles' 'Talking Points':  "...lawmakers ... passed a measure restricting routes, which many Canadians believe violate the spirit if not intent of an international free trade agreement."    

5/10:  Petro-Canada representative, Chris Dawson, said today that, "At the news conference following the AGM last month, CEO and President Ron Brenneman said:  'We think both pipelines could be built one or two years apart.  My expectation is Mackenzie Delta will get connected - it's only a question of when.'"

"He was referring to separate pipelines from Alaska and the NWT.  Petro-Canada's formal position is that the 'over-the-top' route tying in both Alaskan and NWT gas makes the most economic sense.  But we also believe that both  Alaskan and NWT gas will ultimately be tied in and piped to North American markets."  -cd

5/10:  Alaska Teamster Local 959 Secretary-Treasurer, Jerry Hood, told the Resource Development Council for Alaska this morning that, "Some of our ANWR opposition in Washington D.C. uses the gas pipeline as a defense against responsible Coastal Plain exploration.  (Photo and story on ANWR page, Arctic Power's D.C. Coordinator, Roger Herrera-left, visits with Jerry Hood following his RDC speech, 5-10-01)  They say, 'develop the gas pipeline, not ANWR'.  We tell them it's not an 'either-or' situation.  America needs the natural gas and the oil."  In addition to his volunteer work supporting Arctic Power’s Washington lobbying effort, Hood serves on Governor Tony Knowles' Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council.  .     *      Yukon Legislative Assembly adjourns: "Dennis Fentie points to spending to promote a pipeline along the Alaska Highway...."        *         Agrium CEO John Van Brunt, with a plant on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, says the company is well positioned to take advantage of industry conditions that could push the price of nitrogen fertilizer even higher (Comment:  while good for companies, higher prices for agricultural products is further argument supporting responsible gas pipeline/ANWR development.  Are the farmers listening?  -dh) 


5/9:  Author's Lease Sale CommentaryThe North Slope Foothills Areawide Oil and Gas Lease Sale in Anchorage yesterday has significant implications for those interested in gas pipeline projects (not to minimize positive results from the smaller Cook Inlet Area Wide Lease Sale also conducted yesterday, good news for Southcentral Alaska consumers).  Alaska oil patch pros will confirm that most wells drilled in the foothills region have encountered gas and the geology is compelling.  In addition to the optimism expressed yesterday (below) by Anadarko's Mark Hanley and state Oil and Gas Director, Mark Myers, Unocal's longtime Land and Government Affairs Manager, Kevin A. Tabler (Photo-above, 5-9-01), later said his company is "...excited about its success and impressed with results of the sale.  We accomplished....(See balance of lease sale editorial below.)


5/9:  Today's North Slope Foothills Lease Sale involved, "...the most acreage the state ever sold in a lease sale," according to Mark D. Myers, Ph.D, Director of Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas (Photo-left, 5-9-01; see Meyers' recent PowerPoint presentation on Alaska's gas potential.).  After the sale, which garnered $10,720,940.80, Myers said it was an, "independent verification of people's perception of the commercialization of Alaska's gas; it also supports the belief that new companies can find opportunities here."  Earlier in the day, Myers said that ,"there is a dramatic increase in expensive 3-D seismic exploration in the North Slope foothills region.  This is classic 'gas country', no question.  This activity in itself indicates the industry's new interest in gas exploration."  Myers observed what others have, that "Industry hasn't even looked for gas on the North Slope in the past.  Now," he suggests, "that is changing.  The foothills could be a world class gas area." 


(Photo-right, Anadarko Petroleum Corp.'s Mark Hanley, says today's sale has gas pipeline implications: "Many assume there will be a transportation vehicle for the gas; otherwise there wouldn't be this level of interest," he said. 5-9-01)       *       The Oil & Gas Journal reports that Phillips CEO Jim Mulva on Monday said the company "...expects rising oil and gas demand to open opportunities for its gas resources in ... and Alaska's North Slope. "      *     "The The Minerals Management Service disbursed $65 million to six coastal states...", including $13.4 Million to Alaska.



5/8:  Anchorage's "...Mayor Wuerch deserves credit for opening the friendly discussion."  ...building gas pipeline bridge of understanding between Anchorage and Fairbanks.     *     (Photo-left: MLA Scott Kent addressed PacCom Conference; see 2-14-01 Archive entry.) Yukon's Legislative Sitting comes to close: "MLA Scott Kent rose and (rhetorically)asked the premier whether a natural gas pipeline would create jobs for Yukoners....5/8 Whitehorse Star"     *     Tourists and Professionals needed along Alaska Highway gas route:  (1)  "...shortage of doctors in Whitehorse has become so acute...feeling it in Watson Lake.  (2)  "...uncertain U.S. economy and high fuel prices will keep tourists away (from the Yukon) this summer...."


The Joint Pipeline Office has prepared a new "Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Renewal Website", here, which will provide information on the TAPS right of way renewal application filed on May 2.  According to Rhea DoBosh's (Photo-above) office, " The Federal government will prepare an Environmental Impact Statement under the National Environmental Policy Act and the State of Alaska will prepare a Commissioner's Determination as required by AS 38.35 and 11 AAC 80.075."    *     NWT: "The Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development hereby calls for the submission of nominations for Crown reserve lands located in the Mackenzie Valley of the Northwest Territories."  Official "Call for Nominations" map.


5/7:  The alphabet soup of regulatory agencies responsible for co-ordinating permitting and licensing approvals for an Arctic natural gas pipeline proposal are waiting for the next shoe to drop (Join the "alert" list to receive a copy, courtesy NNSL).     *     $60 Million Mackenzie bridge crossing study, 4/26.    *     Alliance President Bill Stamps (Photo-above) testified recently (i.e. see here) on HB 190(As Alaska's legislature approaches adjournment, readers may wish to note that the bill will still be active in Committee next January when the Legislature reconvenes. -dh)     *     YELLOWKNIFE: Minister says both pipelines possible, 4/26.    

5/5-6:  Anchorage Daily News' Reaume says gas pipeline offers a "boost, not a boom".     *     Yukoners begin reconstructing  part of Alaska Highway.  Whitehorse Star says 50 to be employed.        *            AVAILABLE NOW:   At the Westcoast Energy Inc. Annual General Meeting held on April 25, 2001, Michael Phelps, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer gave the following remarks with regard to "Opportunities in the North".          *          Schedule now:    6th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium-June 17-22, 2001  Girdwood, AK-Alaska Science & Technology     *     (Also remember: Schedule now for: IRWA Seminar, Gas Line/TAPS Renewal.)


5/4:  Tesoro Alaska Company President, Gene Burden (Photo-left, 5/4/01), said after today's Alliance meeting in Anchorage, that natural gas pipeline planners should consider the impact of new, ultra-low sulfur highway diesel standards on construction costs, with estimates ranging from increases of 4-10 cents per gallon within six years (Notes:  a.  Alaska costs could be higher than the Lower 48 ranges given.  b.  Canada may be expected to increase standards, too.  -dh).    *      Alert:    Proposed amendments to the Prince William Sound Tanker  Oil Spill Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan      *      Scott Heyworth said in an Op-Ed article for the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner yesterday, "The best way to get gas to Fairbanks is to get gas to Anchorage".       *      SCR14:  "SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 14, Establishing the Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines", was introduced by the Senate Rules Committee on 5/1, moved from Rules yesterday to the Senate floor where it passed unanimously and was transmitted to the House; P.M. update: today the fast moving resolution was referred to the Rules Committee.     *       Public support for BP's planed 750 megawatt natural gas power plant near its Cherry Point Refinery.      *        SB 143 awaits House Rules Committee action on its final steps to passage.  It allows "the Department of Natural Resources to enter into agreements with a person or persons desiring to own an oil or natural gas pipeline ... on state land for the purposes of providing for payment of the reasonable costs incurred ..."    

5/3:  WHITEHORSE, YT--CBC says "The Alaska Highway Pipeline route will be going under the microscope this summer."      S.H. tip: Senator Taylor sponsored introduction of Senate Bill 221 on 5/2, "An Act establishing the Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas Development Authority, a public corporation, and providing for its structure, management, responsibilities, and operation"... referred to Senate Resources and Finance Committees for consideration."   "...30 tribal leaders from Alaska and Canada were meeting in Fairbanks Wednesday to discuss the possible effect of a natural gas pipeline on ."  (Associated Press, ADN)

5/2:  ANCHORAGE, Alaska, May 2, 2001--The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) have received applications to renew the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) right-of-way authorizations; also, see TAPS ROW Team Release (Schedule now for: IRWA Seminar, Gas Line/TAPS Renewal.);  Calgary Herald: "For Canadian energy executives, the biggest issue may lie in the ground -- the decision on whether a pipeline to bring natural gas from the Arctic travels through Alaska or down the Mackenzie Valley in the Northwest Territories;"  LNG Express reports LNG projects proliferating; Note: the author apologizes for an error made early today when reporting on a USX  news item, and thanks an alert reader.

5/1:  Petro-Canada Completes First Mackenzie Delta Well Successfully (Click 'press release' on left tab) + Oil and Gas Journal Report; Continental Energy Pact developing, Calgary Herald; Cheney Promotes More Energy From Alaska, Globe and Mail;  Greg Stringham, vice-president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers reportedly said, "Mr. Cheney's remarks support the Canadian push to find new reserves in the North, the East Coast offshore, as well as Western Canada,"according to the National Post; The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has hired Jonne Slemons as the Liaison/Supervisor for the Gas Pipeline Office (GPO) starting May 1.   



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