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4/30:  Hoovers:  Gasoline Prices Hit 11 year high.

4/29:  " In 2001, Arctic gas development is back on the front burner inside the industry."       "'We must develop Canadian natural gas resources in the Northwest Territories and the Mackenzie Delta and bring this gas south as soon as possible to meet market demands,' Chretien told the crowd.  'The government of Canada will do what is required to ensure that the proper regulatory regimes are in place to facilitate the earliest possible movement of Canadian and American gas from the North to the southern markets.'"      Whitehorse Star: "The Utilities Consumers’ Group held a peaceful demonstration and ....  ...Yukon Energy Corp. (YEC) hosted a technical workshop to provide information on the Mayo-to-Dawson City transmission system project."

4/28:  Schedule now for: IRWA Seminar, Gas Line/TAPS Renewal.

aabill1crop.png4/27: Alaska State Pipeline Coordinator, Bill Britt, provided Alliance members/guests with, "An Overview of the Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline", 7 a.m. Anchorage Petroleum Club (Photo: 4/27/01).  Responding to questions, Britt said: "The oil companies have signed contracts for $75 million.  I have no budget approval beyond June 30.  It will be a struggle for us to keep up."  Regarding Canadian relations, Britt said his office was now taking the first steps toward identifying proper agencies and contacts across the border.  "After all", he said, "this is the first international project we've dealt with."  (Attachments:  Mr. Britt's Alliance PowerPoint Presentation; his Calgary Arctic Gas Conference Outline; and, a brief resume.)aabob.png

4/27:  On 3/16, Representatives Whitaker and Croft (later joined by Kerttula) introduced HOUSE BILL NO. 190, "An Act levying and collecting an ad valorem tax on North Slope natural gas in place; and providing for an effective date."  It was referred to Oil & Gas, Resources and Finance Committees.  The Oil & Gas Committee heard the bill  at 8 a.m. this morning in Room 124 of the Capital.   (Photo, 4/27/01: Bob Stinson, President, CONAM Construction Company and Vice President of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, provided this testimony.)  After the morning session, Aide for House Special Committee on Oil & Gas, Linda Hay, said "The testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition to the bill."  The Committee reconvened at 5 p.m. this afternoon and Ms. Hay later confirmed that the entire day's testimony had opposed the bill.  No committee member attempted to move the matter out of committee or kill it.  The 2nd half of the 22nd Legislature will thus convene next January, with HB 190 still alive in this committee.  See Author's editorial here.)

4/27:  WASHINGTON, DC-- Sen. Frank Murkowski (R-Alas.) warned Thursday that US consumers could pay more than $3/gal for gasoline this

4/26HCS SB 164(O&G).  Legislature expects Governor to sign by 5/11

4/25: Harbour editorial, Petroleum News Alaska, re: SB 164, April 2001, similar to this. 

4/25: Governor Walter J. Hickel told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner's Washington office he won't oppose the overland pipeline but thinks Alaska missed an opportunity in Asia. 

4/25: AVAILABLE NOW:   At the Westcoast Energy Inc. Annual General Meeting held on April 25, 2001, Michael Phelps, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer gave the following remarks with regard to "Opportunities in the North". 

4/25:  Mary Ann Pease told a Downtown Anchorage 1mp-acs1.pngRotary audience yesterday that Wall Street looks  favorably on Alaska potential, owing in part to prospects for natural gas pipeline and ANWR development.   (Pease, right, is Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.'s Vice President-External and Investor Relations.)

4/25:  Alaska isn't the only oil province with budget problems.  The Edmonton Journal says of Alberta's new provincial budget this morning that, "Spending is up dramatically, gas revenues might soon tumble, and the debt could take up to 16 years to pay off."  The story then says, "government will spend a record $21 billion this year, an increase of $4.1 billion, or 24 per cent, from last year."  In another story today, it reports that current good-will between the two countries is good for Alberta's oil & gas-fired economy.

4/24:  On 3/16, Representatives Whitaker and Croft (later joined by Kerttula) introduced HOUSE BILL NO. 190, "An Act levying and collecting an ad valorem tax on North Slope natural gas in place; and providing for an effective date."  It was referred to Oil & Gas, Resources and Finance Committees.  The Oil & Gas Committee will hear the bill Friday, 4/24 in Room 124 of the Capital.  (See Author's editorial comment here)

4/24:  This morning's Whitehorse Star reports rental vacancies rates in Whitehorse have fallen from 18.1% in March 2000, to 14.6% last month; median rents remained unchanged at about C$650/month.

4/23:  Special roundtable with National Energy Board re: supply/demand projections, at the Canadian Oil & Gas Exploration Summit, May 29-30, 2001 Calgary.


4/22: Usually reserved for current news, but here's an excellent piece written for the Seattle P/I by Alaska Senate President Rick Halford (Photo-right) and House Speaker Brian Porter, that most Alaskans never saw. 

4/24: Alyeska Pipeline Service Company President & CEO, David Wight, will discuss current issues with Commonwealth North.

4/21: kay-pna-frame.png"Alaska Blocks Offshore Route....", Toronto Globe and Mail;   PNA Reports Canadian Opposition to HCS SB 164(O&G)  (Photo-right: Petroleum News Alaska Publisher, Kay Cashman,  provides timely, in-depth print and e-news coverage of Alaska's oil patch.)

4/21:  Gwich'in Steering Committee representative, Faith Gemmill celebrated Earth Day in Anchorage by attacking industry, state government, the Federal administration and ANSCA.  .

4/21: CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 158(RES) am, is "An Act directing the commissioner of revenue to prepare a report to the legislature relating to the state's participation in owning or financing a gas pipeline project; and providing for an effective date." The House Finance Committee recommended it be replaced with a substitute version.  There is little controversy surrounding this bill

4/20:  Today, North American Natural Gas Pipeline Group Management Committee member, Robbie Schilhab (ExxonMobil) discusses 'Contractexxon1.png Awards....', at the Alliance's 7 a.m. breakfast meeting.  According to Schilhab, the project is reaching a large peak of contracting activity this summer, lasting until next December.  ExxonMobil has spent $110 Million on efforts to commercialize Alaskan gas. (Photo: Schilhab (right) with Jack Williams, ExxonMobil's Production Manager, Alaska Interest-Joint Interest U.S., 4/20/01).

4/20:   SB 76 - SPONSOR SUBSTITUTE FOR SENATE BILL NO. 76 passed both Houses of the Legislature and was transmitted to the Governor today for signature.  It is another relatively uncontroversial "Act relating to the Alaska Right-of-Way Leasing Act; and providing for an effective date.  It coordinates the Alaska right of way leasing program with the Federal government's. 

4/20 update:  HCS SB 164(O&G) passed the House yesterday and was returned to the Senate for concurrence on minor changes.  It will then move to the Governor's desk.

4/19: SENATE BILL NO. 143 passed House Resources today after approval of the Oil and Gas Committee.  Next Committee of Referral is Finance.  It is another popular bill, entitled, "An Act authorizing the Department of Natural Resources to enter into agreements with a person or persons desiring to own an oil or natural gas pipeline proposed to be located on state land for the purposes of providing for payment of the reasonable costs incurred in preparing for activities before receipt of an application     under the Alaska Right-of-Way Leasing Act and for activities relating to the processing of an application under that Act; and providing for an effective date."


4/19: Pacific Rim Leadership Development President, Ken Thompson (also, former Arco Alaska, Inc. President), presented "Requirements For a Natural Gas Industry in Alaska", and principles for a gas trading industry in Alaska, during the monthly meeting today of the International Association of Energy Economists, at BP's Anchorage Headquarters.  (Photo: Thompson with IAEE President, William Nebesky, 4/1) 



4/19: (Photo-right: Alliance leaders, Chuck Becker and Mary Shields attend IAEE Presentation, 4/19) 

4/19: Forest Oil Company's Gary Carlson (See Senate Testimony), briefed Resource Development Council for Alaska on "New Cook Inlet Prospects".  See AEDC's study. forestoil.png (Photo: Carlson with RDC President, Robert B. Stiles, 4/19)

4/19: New Lower 48 prospects demand due diligence of Northern Gas Line Planners.  For example, see story on this new, 3 TCF gas field which may be underlying Delano, California; it would be largest in the Lower 48 West.  

4/19: Two dozen citizens testified Yesterday in Fairbanks to the The Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council (See schedule).  Some gave ideas for improving the project and all were supportive.   Speakers included Governor Knowles, Associated General Contractors president, Bert Bell, Great Northwest, Inc. President, Buzz Otis, and Alaska Native leaders from Healy Lake, Stevens Village and Tanacross. 

4/18:  This morning's Whitehorse Star addresses Canadian arguments: " Duncan argues the Alaska Highway route is the logical choice because of the permitting work that’s already in place as a result of the pipeline work done in the late 1970s. An offshore pipeline across the Beaufort Sea, in unknown Arctic ice conditions, may never fly because of environmental concerns, she has argued.
Kakfwi argues the technology is there, and that going over the top is shorter, much less costly and has the advantage of picking up the known natural gas reserves in the Mackenzie Valley.  Conversely, he argues, the Yukon doesn’t yet have any reserves to contribute to the line."

4/17:  Mackenzie Delta exploration could expand.

4/17:  SEMCO is a diversified energy company providing natural gas to over 350,000 customers in Alaska and Michigan.  Tune in on their annual meeting  to be broadcast live over the Internet on Tuesday, April 17 at 2:00 p.m. EDT with William Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SEMCO ENERGY, Inc.  Simply log on HERE.


gasjoena.png4/16 The North American Natural Gas Pipeline Group, which represents BP, Phillips, and ExxonMobil, make a major announcement regarding gas development in Alaska at the Anchorage Chamber "Make It Monday" Forum, at the Fourth Avenue Theater. This announcement will have an economic impact of over $75 million in contracts to bring Alaska North Slope Gas to market.  (Photo: Chamber Chairman, Rick Morrison-Left; Speaking-Joe Marushack of Phillips Alaska, a member of the "Management Committee" for the North American Natural Gas Pipeline Group-name later changed).  See this page for contractor contacts. (Photo left: Natchiq, Inc. President William Bill" H. Cheek, attending 4/16/01 Chamber meeting.  Natchiq, Inc. was one of several Alaskan companies awarded contracts supporting various North American Natural Gas Pipeline studies.)

4/14  BP's Juneau Report.  While issued some months ago, it remains the most definitive public report on North Slope natural gas background and potential for commercialization.

4/12: Issued late yesterday by Petroleum News Alaska, Yukon Dene legal threat to Alaska Highway pipeline

4/11:  SB 164 before House Resources, PASSED.   See editorial.

4/11: Northwest Territories Premier Stephen Kakfwi attacks Federal government for lack of support.

4/11: Alliance Pipeline management changes.

4/10:  Bush Plan Calls For ANWR Revenue.

See MSNBC story on North Slope and ANWR poll results: 49% for 48% against. 

4/9 (week of):  Anchorage larry4-12-01-cropped.pngEconomic Development Corporation President, Larry Crawford releases AEDC's study of Cook Inlet Natural Gas, a supply and demand forecast.  Please contact  AEDC for further information.  (Photo right: Larry Crawford, President, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation.  AEDC released its Cook Inlet Gas Supply and Demand Study this week.)

4/6:  US-Gas Sufficient if Drilling, Pipelines Expanded


4/5: Ottawa neutral re: Arctic gas pipeline

April 6, 7 a.m.:  "Foothills Pipe Lines' Commitment to Alaska."  Alliance breakfast forum speaker, Anchorage Petroleum Club, John Shively, Senior Partner, Jade North, LLC.  Shively, right, said that current California energy shortages could focus increased attention on Alaska's potential, 4/27/01 photo.

4/6:  US-Gas Sufficient if Drilling, Pipelines Expanded

4/5:  Yukon Dene are threatening to place a legal obstacle in the path of any Alaska Highway gas pipeline unless they see progress on land claims negotiations.  (Editor's note:  This is one of the reasons I gave in yesterday's editorial, for not depriving the companies of leverage in bargaining.    Lawmakers, aboriginal and other groups in all governmental jurisdictions should not underestimate their potential for allowing good intention to delay projects and interfere with otherwise positive international relations between our two great countries.  -dh)pat-esther4-5.png

4/5, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.:  Governor Knowles' Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council, Anchorage Sheraton.  Briefings from: the North American Natural Gas Pipeline Group; Bill Britt, coordinator, Alaska Joint Pipeline Office; Mark Myers, director, Alaska Division of Oil and Gas; Jeff Smith, Senior Vice President-Public Affairs, Hill and Knowlton, Calgary; Bob Loeffler, senior partner, Morrison and Forester, Washington, D.C. (Photo: Natural Resources Commissioners Pat Porchot, Present, and Esther Wunnicke, Former, are Council members.  See Ken Thompson's PowerPoint presentation.)

4/4:  Voice of the Times Disagrees With Professors Over ANWR Opinion - And, Sweet Supports ANWR.  Bush stance on Alaska refuge's natural gas puzzles some

4/3: NWT Leader Hits Alaska State Senate for Outlawing 'Northern Route'     See author's editorial piece on this subject, and the bill, here.

4/3: Governor Knowles briefs Ziff Energy North American Gas Strategies Conference

4/2: Interior Secretary Tours Alaskan Arctic

4/2: Senate President Rick Halford (R-Chugiak) and Speaker of the House Brian Porter (R-Anchorage) have joined other Alaska civic and business leaders on the Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council, Gov. Tony Knowles announced today. Knowles formed the 30-member council in January to address Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline public policy issues.

4/1:  Pipeline Consortium to Spend $70 Million



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