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2-26 & 27 & 28-09.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE; DEATH IN THE FAMILY.  OBITUARY SCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY'S PAPER     *     Calgary Herald, by Shaun Polczera.  decision to allow the National Energy Board (NEB) to regulate the Alberta natural gas gathering system paves the way for a pair of new pipelines to tap the prolific Montney and Horn River shale gas plays, Canada's largest pipeline operator said Thursday.

2-25-09.  Monday, NGP Publisher, Dave Harbour (Photo-r), addressed the Alaska Chapter of the International Association for Energy Economics on the subject: "An Ex-Regulator Confronts Some of Alaska's EnergyDave Harbour Speech - Portland - 2008 - Drilling Moratoria - NARUC Challenges".  Here is a copy of his notes.     *     FNM by Rena Delbridge.  Legislative leaders are wondering when they’ll see the details of a bill enabling development of in-state natural gas, while some Interior lawmakers say they wouldn’t be surprised if the bill addresses more than simply a gas pipeline.  Gov. Sarah Palin announced she would introduce such legislation during her State of the State address Jan. 22. Special assistant Joe Balash said Tuesday that the work is under review and possibly could be filed with the Legislature this week.         *     Juneau Empire Ad: Denali-The Alaska Gas Pipeline.     *     Silobreaker: Nuclear-safety boss \'caught by surprise\' at ...
Sensornet, provider of the worlds most advanced optical monitoring solutions, has successfully installed its Sentinel Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) pipeline leak detection system at National Grids LNG facilities on the Isle of ... A hydrogen gas leak Thursday morning at AmerenUE's Callaway Nuclear Plant caused the utility to evacuate employees for about 40 minutes. The plant was under an 'unusual event' alert from 10:21 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. after flammable gas was ...

2-24-09.  FERC Reports to the Congress on Alaska Gas Pipeline status.  (Also see earlier reports in left margin and: Oil and Gas Journal.)     *     Environmental & Energy, by Caroline Findlay and Roy Millen.   February 18, 2009, the B.C. Court of Appeal issued two decisions requiring the British Columbia Utilities Commission (the Commission), when making its decisions, to assess the adequacy of Crown consultation with First Nations. With the tremendous continuing growth in B.C.'s energy sector, including B.C. Hydro's purchase of electricity from independent power producers and the projected expansion of transmission infrastructure, these decisions mark a significant shift in the regulatory regime applicable to many businesses operating in this arena.  (Comment: Anyone interested in pipeline rights of way in Canada better be very well schooled on the "duty to consult" requirement and precedents.  If you need legal references in Canada on this subject, write me.  -dh)

2-23-09.  TODAY.........Dave Harbour will address the International Association for Energy Economics: "An Ex-Regulator Confronts Alaska's Energy Challenges", 2-23-09.   The public is invited Watch here for a link to Harbour's notes for the entire presentation which makes new observations about Regulatory Commission decisions, their far reaching impact and the need to act quickly to avoid a looming gas shortage crisis in South Central Alaska.


2-13-09.   ADN by Erika Bolstad.  WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on Wednesday called Alaska's proposed natural gas pipeline "promising" as a national energy resource and pledged to discuss it with Canadian leaders during his Feb. 19 trip to Ottawa.  (Also, see UK Guardian)     *   APRN.  The Acting Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, is encouraging TransCanada to start the federal permitting process for an Alaska natural gas pipeline.     *         DOL.  Acting Attorney General Rick Svobodny today released the results of a gasoline pricing investigation that has been underway since August of 2008.        *       Energy influence leaders meet in D.C. to consider 'How to survive in critical times', including  T. Boone Pickens, BP Capital Management; Charles E. Phillips Jr., Oracle Corporation; Dan Reicher,; and James Rogers, Duke Energy. Visit      *      Obtain Free Consumer Energy Alliance News Alerts.  (Disclosure: Dave Harbour is a board member.)     *     Jones Day. The amendments modernize and update the manner in which companies disclose their oil and gas reserves in SEC filings by taking into account significant changes in the oil and gas industry since the SEC's adoption of its original rules more than 25 years ago....       *      WATTS UP WITH THAT?  Experts at Britain’s top climate research centre have launched a blistering attack on scientific colleagues and journalists who exaggerate the effects of global warming.  The Met Office Hadley Centre, one of the most prestigious research facilities in the world, says recent “apocalyptic predictions” about Arctic ice melt and soaring temperatures are as bad as claims that global warming does not exist.        *      Sign this US Chamber petition  on global warming, from our friend Bill Miller....    *     APRN.  The Department of Law today  released the results of an investigation that found no indication of collusion or other illegal pricing activity in the gasoline and heating fuel markets in the state.

2-12-09.   Big Gas Pipeline Job: CH2M Hill Lead Cost Engineer.     *     Financial Post. TransCanada CEO Hal Kvisle said he is frustrated that the (Mackenzie Valley) pipeline, which would carry gas to Canadian and U.S. markets from the Mackenzie Delta on the Beaufort Sea coast, still does not have clearance to go ahead after years of planning and rising costs. *       ADN(Comment: Folks, this story uses headline treatment to suggest an Arctic environmental disaster.  Actually, Exxon responsibly reported that its contractor accidently used FRESH WATER rather than BRACKISH  WATER (Horrors!) in making an ice road.  Actually, using fresh water on the ice road might benefit the few lichen-type-tundra-symbiotic-growing things there but, no, the company is required to use salty water closer to the open sea rather than fresh water farther up river.  Actually Exxon's voluntary reporting is a perfect example of how above and beyond the call of duty the oil industry goes when compared with, say, the commercial fishing industry.  Were you to inspect any commercial fishing fleet in America--or any recreational boat harbor--you would see not-so-subtle sheens of oil on a fairly regular basis and an awful lot of raw sewage goes right overboard--way out to sea.  No headlines.  Not even a mention on page 36.  But just let an oil company report an incident that doesn't even cause damage and the event achieves notoriety.  We've identified the double standard again.  Instead, we should be focusing on the fact that oil, gas and coal provide the underpinnings of wealth for North America: jobs, taxes, royalties, fuel for heating, lights and transportation and donations for cultural support.  We had better wake up and recognize the source of a quality of lifScott Heyworth by Dave Harbour 10-15-02e that has distinguished North America from the rest of the world for over 150 years.  To not recognize the fundamental value of hydrocarbon wealth is to succumb to financial weakness, political paralysis and more economic tribulation.    -dh)        Radio KENI, by Joe Nicks.  If the AGIA project fails and the Denali pipeline fails, there still may be hope for a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope. Last month, Scott Hayworth (NGP Photo) of the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority spoke to our news department about their current project from the Cook Inlet to Fairbanks. He promised that ANGDA would go to the North Slope with pipe, if nobody else does.     *       The Times Colonist.  Regulatory delays have worsened the odds that the $16.2 billion Mackenzie gas pipeline in Canada's far north will ever be built despite a promise of help from Ottawa, TransCanada Corp's chief executive said Wednesday.  TransCanada CEO Hal Kvisle said he is frustrated that the pipeline, which would carry gas to Canadian and U.S. markets from the Mackenzie Delta on the Beaufort Sea, still does not have clearance to go ahead after years of planning and rising costs.  "I confess to some pessimism on the Mackenzie project, and it may well not proceed," Kvisle said at an industry conference in Houston.

2-11-09.   Reuters by Bruce Nichols.  North America's natural gas supply bubble could last another six to 18 months but prices will probably not drop much lower, the head of TransCanada Corp, one of the continent's largest natural gas pipeline operators, said.  U.S. gas prices topped $13 per thousand cubic feet in July but have fallen 65 percent to below $5, caused first by an unexpected boom in production, then later by concerns about the weak economy and its impact on demand. Inventories started the winter at their second highest level ever, and still remain above the average.  "We could see things tightening up this summer. It could be as long as a year and a half from now," said Harold N. Kvisle, president and CEO of TransCanada, said in an interview late Tuesday on the sidelines of the CERAWeek conference.        *       The Alaska Standard (Vote Here)....   Why is the price at the pump higher in Alaska than in other states?     *     ADN by Erika Bolstad.  Calling a last-minute Bush administration plan to expand offshore drilling a "headlong rush of the worst kind," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Tuesday slowed down by six months any oil and gas leasing in the nation's outer continental shelf.     *     PGS Webinar: Understanding Today's LNG and Natural Gas Industry.   

2-10-09.     Denali Gas Pipeline Project, Contact David MacDowell, 907-865-4735 The Alaska Gas Pipeline LLC (“Denali”) hasBrian Tomlinson - Fluor General Manager - Alaska Operations - by Dave Harbour announced that it has awarded an engineering contract for the Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) to Fluor WorleyParsons Arctic Solutions, a joint venture composed of world class engineering firms. Fluor WorleyParsons Arctic Solutions have engaged CH2MHill as their exclusive Alaska subcontractor to provide support services during this initial design phase.  "I'm delighted that Denali has been able to partner with Fluor WorleyParsons Arctic Solutions for this work,” said Dave O’Connor, Vice President and GTP General Manager. “These companies both have Alaskan operations, significant Arctic and North Slope experience, and possess unrivalled knowledge and capability in the design and construction of mega projects in Alaska. The Alaska content is further strengthened with the inclusion of CH2MHill to assist with constructability studies. CH2MHill is a well known and well-respected firm in Alaska."   (Notes:  Brian Tomlinson -Dr. Scott Goldsmith by Dave Harbour - Anchorage - 12-08NGP Photo-r- is the General Manager of Fluor's Alaska Operations, and  2) see Journal of Commerce article by Tim BradnerReuters article by Yereth Rosen.         *        Energy Daily.  US environmentalists including actor Robert Redford have hailed US President Barack Obama's administration's reversal of a Bush-era move to lease wilderness land in Utah to energy companies. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has ordered the Bureau of Land Management "not to accept the bids on 77 parcels" that, he said, former president George W. Bush's administration had rushed to sell off in its dying days in office.     *     Research Matters No. 42: Alaska's Construction Spending: 2009 Forecast
February 10, 2009
Construction spending in Alaska this year will be about $7.1 billion, down 3% from last year's total. That's the new estimate prepared by Scott Goldsmith (NGP Photo-l) and Mary Killorin of ISER for the Associated General Contractors of Alaska. It's based on currently anticipated spending, taking into account a likely modest boost from a federal stimulus package.

2-9-09.    News from the Governor's office.   (Our copy.
Governor Sarah Palin today congratulated TransCanada Corporation forGovernor Sarah Palin receiving an order from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that represents another successful step on the path toward construction of a natural gas pipeline under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA).    On December 15, 2008, TransCanada's subsidiary, the Alaskan Northwest Natural Gas Transportation Company (ANNGTC), informed FERC it was surrendering the conditional certificate issued to it in 1977.  On February 6, 2009, FERC issued an order recognizing the surrender of the certificate and terminating the ANNGTC certificate proceedings. This FERC order confirms the AGIA Finding by the commissioners of revenue and natural resources that the so-called “withdrawn partners’ liability” will not be transferred to gas shippers through the pipeline tariff.  FERC's order terminating the ANNGTC proceeding fulfills one of TransCanada's key commitments to pursue the AGIA project and to officially bring the ANNGTC era to a close.  It also provides further confirmation of the commissioners' conclusion that ANNGTC is unlikely to be a significant barrier to the success of TC Alaska's AGIA project.  Notably, none of ANNGTC's former partners opposed the termination of the ANNGTC certificate proceeding at FERC.  (Comment: TransCanada could likely remove the perception--if not the reality--that certain withdrawn partners' project interests remain as a barrier or liability against investor commitment or producer cooperation with its project.  Such confusion might be removed forever were TransCanada to file with the FERC, withdrawn partners' affirmations that they retain no further interest in the project and, indeed, will hold TransCanada and any project sponsors or investors harmless with regard to any withdrawn partner liability issue that may have existed in the past or that may arise in the future.   In hindsight, that might have been one of the AGIA "must haves", resolved before Alaska committed $.5 billion to TransCanada.  Lack of  declarations from withdrawn partners, could look to potential project sponsors and investors like an infected, festering Achilles heel.   -dh)         *         Andrew Halcro Blog.  In her State of the State speech two weeks ago, Governor Sarah Palin stated her priority was to facilitate a an in-state line to be completed within five years. "We’re facilitating a smaller, in-state gasline with legislation we’ll hand you next month. My goal for this in-state line is completion in five years," she told Alaskans on January 22, 2009.  However after testimony in the Senate Resources Committee last week, there appears to be a major problem with the goal of gas flowing by 2014; the company that will supply the gas testified that they won't even know if there is commercial amounts of natural gas until at least 2016.      *       Red Orbit from Morris Communications' Alaska Journal of Commerce.  The Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority is on a fast track with its plan for a natural gas pipeline spur connecting Southcentral Alaska to a planned large-diameter gas pipeline built to the Lower 48 through Interior Alaska.      *       Center for Energy.  “If you look at the hydrocarbons - oil, gas, bitumen and for that matter coal, they are essentially sequestered carbon, only carbon that was sequestered millions of years ago,” writes one contributor under the alias ‘Bill.’ “I think it is perfectly logical option to ‘resequester’ this same carbon in depleted oil and gas reservoirs where it once was sequestered. It would be sequestered as CO2 rather than as CH4 or other hydrocarbons. We have simply extracted the energy from it.”

2-8-09.   Big Picture Speculator.  Q - If we recognize we have an imbalance in NA Gas deliverability, what with the success of shale gas and LNG world capacity, why is the Mackenzie pipeline going forward? Or is this a 20 year project?     *      ADN (AP)Gov. Sarah Palin plans to introduce a bill calling for creating a joint corporation of the six Railbelt electric utilities.       *          State WebsiteGovernor Sarah Palin today encouraged President Obama to discuss construction of an Alaska natural gas pipeline in his upcoming meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.    (Comment: Wouldn't it be wise to arrange for Senator Mark Begich to suggest Alaska related strategy to his party's leader?  ...just wondering if advice from Mark might be more warmly received than advice coming via a news release from a former campaign opponent.  -dh)    *          Energy Current, repeating the Wesley Loy, ADN article below.  New gas supplies in the Lower 48 could negate the need for Alaska gas until after 2030, a report from a Fairbanks group says.    *     Juneau Empire ad for Denali Gas Pipeline Project.     *     Greek News, by Panos Livadas.  No current hardship can change the fact that Greece has become one of the most important energy hubs in the world, thanks to 4 oil and natural gas pipeline projects underway.

2-7&8-09 (Weekend)  FNM, by Rena Delbridge.  Future state funding for power-generation projects to electric utilities along theJoe Balash - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 1-09 Railbelt could be contingent on whether they agree to come together as a joint corporation.  Gov. Sarah Palin plans to file a bill creating a joint corporation of the six Railbelt electric providers this month, a move she said could unite a “fragmented group of rival utilities,” and might save rate payers $40 million per year.   But Golden Valley Electric Cooperative President and CEO Brian Newton said the utilities are far from agreeing on a structure despite months of talks.  Joe Balash (NGP Photo, 1-09 Energy Press Conference), special assistant to the governor, said the administration feels the state’s people would be better served by spending more money on a large project that could meet all power-generation needs, rather than Wesley Loy by Dave Harbour 1-23-09 Alliance Meetingon disjointed, smaller-scale works.         *      ADN by Wesley Loy (NGP Photo).   New gas supplies in the Lower 48 could negate the need for Alaska gas until after 2030, a report from a Fairbanks group says.  Frank Abegg, a former manager for Golden Valley Electric Association, the Fairbanks power utility, chaired the task force.   Jomo Stewart, energy project manager at the Fairbanks Economic Development Corp., said he personally did much of the research on the Lower 48 gas supply picture. He said he found that the nation is developing potentially huge supplies of "unconventional" gas from such sources as shale deposits. The country also has the capacity to import enormous volumes of liquefied natural gas or LNG.        *      FERC.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved this order regarding of a jurisdictional transfer from DOE to FERC of the Cook Inlet LNG Export facility.  This notice came in mid-January but readers have asked for a link.    *       The Alaska Standard, by Paula Easley (NGP Photo).  Say it isn’t so – the vicious rumor that global coolingPaula Easley - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour - 2-5-09 may soon be upon us. If it’s true another Ice Age is coming, Al Gore might have to call off his $300 million campaign to alert every last one of us that CO2 emissions are causing a planetary crisis.        *        Daylies Blog.  From Maine to Florida animals are freezing to death. Yet global warming promoters claim you must cut back on everything from heating your home to eating beef in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Blogs from the Huffington Post to Boing Boing are spreading the global warming myth at warp speed this week with terrorizing tales of polar ice caps melting and sea levels flooding coastal cities around the world.   Boing Boing who usually posts about the bizarre and entertaining keeping their massive audience fed on a steady diet of cotton candy really pushed the climate scare hard this week with 10 posts supporting the bankers plan to curtail civil liberties and force the public to buy carbon credits. They even went so far as to say, “Climate change economics is excellent..”  What you won’t see from these intellectually bankrupt mob of fake environmentalist is stories about animals up and down the Atlantic coast dying, as everything from whales to iguanas freeze.    *     ADN by Wesley Loy.  Prudhoe Bay gathering line cleaning incident.     *     ADN by Kyle Hopkins.  (Personal: SomJack Powers - Tudor Bingo - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 9-08etimes I include a personal reference here.  Kyle's story acquaints us with Jack Powers -hat- and Northern Gas Pipelines Publisher Dave Harbour - 9-08a bigger-than-life Alaska institution, Jack Powers {Photos, alone and with author, 9-08}.  Alaskan residents and tourists alike should visit Tudor Bingo at least one time to take in a Bingo night, especially when particularly big prizes are being offered.  Hundreds of folks, primarily Alaska Native, fill the hall and many are regulars.  They enjoy the games and food, swap stories and employment leads and share ancient stories with each other of village life.  Tudor Bingo, to the interloper, looks like a cultural phenomenon.  At the least, it provides a safe, colorful, active and inexpensive way for friends to share time together in a recreational setting.  A pioneer of Alaska's 'gaming' industry, Jack has been a supporter of many community efforts and routinely contributes to non profit organizations more than Alaska's gaming laws and regulations require.  His friends and family respect him for his business acumen and love him for his generous nature.  -dh)

2-6-09.  "Global Warming Presentation", Resource Development Council for Alaska (RDC),  PowerPointPaul Chesser (NGP Photo), directorPaul Chesser - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 2-5-09 of the Climate Strategies Watch, said at yesterday's meeting that no statistical global warming has occurred since 1997 and that the world experienced a large temperature drop for the last two years.  Introduced by RDC President, Rick Rogers, Chesser noted that according to the University of Illinois Arctic Center the Antarctic has experienced increased ice while the Arctic icepack has recovered to 1980 levels.  He noted a question presented by Dr. David Gee, Chairman of the International Geological Congress: "For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming?"  Chesser pointed out that absent the Beacon Hill Institute peer reviews of various, biased state global warming studies, the myths presented by the biased studies would not be uncovered.  For example, an Appalachian State University study argued that taking global warming mitigation steps would create for North Carolina 32,000 new jobs and increase the gross state product by $2.2 billion by 2020.  The corresponding Beacon Hill Institute research revealed a loss of 33,000 jobs and a gross state product reduction of $4.5 billion by 2020.  (Comment: Environmental extremists led by Al Gore propose that the global warming assumption is non-debatable and, further, that American mitigating action can significantly reduce global warming.  The more research one analyzes, the more one is led to question these assumptions, particularly, 1) in a world that is arguably not warming, and 2) when the oceans produce most of the greenhouse gas effect, belying the significance of mitigating human action by one country, and, 3) especially when developing countries like India and China are producing new coal fired power plants at a rate of one every week or two and taking virtually no sustainable, global warming, mitigating steps.  Lastly, from a consumer perspective, one marvels at the sophistry of those advocating the expenditures of hundreds of billions, then trillions of dollars of American wealth to create carbon mitigating programs without getting consumer approval first for the outrageous costs families will be bearing.  One major national non-profit energy organization estimated that the cost of just one program (the proposed, Warner-Lieberman cap and trade carbon bill), could impact American families annually to the tune of about $4,500.  This market manipulation would temporarily force more use of natural gas to replace coal-fired power generation (thus augmenting the financing of northern gas pipelines.  Good.)  The permanent effect, however, would be self defeating as consumers and businesses would have access to less reasonably priced coal and gas fired energy, leading to still more economic malaise.  Bad.    -dh)     *     Petersburg Pilot, by Klas Stolpe.  Former Alaska Legislator Ralph Samuels said, "The worst case scenario? $150 oil and a third of the oil that we have now, because then you can’t afford to do anything… If Alaskan’s don’t hang together, then we will most assuredly, hang separately.”     *     Straight Dot Com, by Andrew Findlay.  Caamano Sound is a universe away from the office towers of Edmonton, but these disparate locations are now inextricably linked by plans for the so-called Northern Gateway pipeline, which will connect Alberta with Kitimat on B.C.’s central coast.  ... The subplot to this story is that major oil-sands players like Suncor, Husky, Shell, and Petro-Canada desperately want the pipeline to access Asian markets as a cushion against threats from the nascent Barack Obama administration to wean the U.S. off its reliance on dirty oil-sands fuel.  ... In a strange twist, former provincial NDP leader and cabinet minister Dan Miller has emerged as one of the most vocal cheerleaders for offshore oil exploration.  ...  Premier Gordon Campbell made references to an “energy corridor” that will be a boon to the northern economy....  The federal government mouths a similar line, but a former minister of natural resources, Gary Lunn, preferred to duck hard questions about the tanker moratorium. After the last federal election, Lunn was removed from the ministry and replaced by Toronto MP Lisa Raitt, a lawyer and former CEO of the Toronto Port Authority.     *     Globe Newswire.  Telvent (Nasdaq:TLVT), the IT company for a sustainable and secure world, announced that it has signed a new contract, valued at more than 30 million euros, with PEMEX, Mexico's state-owned petroleum company. Telvent will implement the SCADA control system in seven product pipelines in the PEMEX Refining division's national pipeline network.

2-5-09.   Hellenic Shipping News.   Sadly, it is looking like all the parties involved in the potential $30 million (Dh110.21 million) Curtis Thayer by Dave HarbourAlaska gas pipeline project are getting cold feet as a chill settles over the price of natural gas.   *      Executive Office News Sarah Palin said she will introduce legislation in February enabling Enstar Natural Gas Company to move ahead on plans to build a gas “bullet line” linking ...   *     FNM.  A natural gas "bullet line" from the foothills of the Brooks Range to Cook Inlet could breathe new life into Kenai Peninsula industries, according to a spokesman for Enstar Natural Gas Co.  Curtis Thayer (NGP Photo) told Kenai business leaders Wednesday that the Enstar line "could revive the Agrium plant."  Enstar proposes to build a 20-inch, 690-mile long pipeline to bring the gas to Cook Inlet. The line would follow the Dalton Highway to Fairbanks and the Parks Highway to Wasilla before shifting to Cook Inlet.  It complements the Alaska Gas Inducement Act-approved TransCanada pipeline, as well as the proposed ConocoPhillips-BP pipeline, Thayer said.  Enstar estimates the cost at $3.3 billion. It could be built in five to six years, Thayer said.     *     ADN by James Belcher.  Economies of scale and gas supply make Enstar’s bullet line into the wrong kind of bullet, one that will cripple our economy and take a big chunk out of our wallets for many decades to come.

2-4-09.  EENews by Monica TrauzziDavid Holt, President, Consumer Energy Alliance (NGP Photo), said  "...we've got to recognize that we're a hydrocarbon-based economy and anything that limits carbon in that economy will impact consumers and small businesses and manufacturing in this country...."      *      Alberta Oil Magazine by Sidney SharpeThe pipelines are in view again. The vision still inspires official imaginations in Ottawa, where high hopes are pinned on the Mackenzie Gas Project. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives returned from the Oct. 14 election telling Canadians it is worth waiting for regulatory approval for a $16-billion production system and delivery route that would carry gas from the Beaufort Sea coast through the Mackenzie Valley corridor to Alberta.     *     Empire, Denali Ad.     *     Energy Pulse.  An era is ending. A generation of workers born after World War II is beginning to retire. Inevitably, as these valued employees leave, they take with them years of knowledge and experience. That is value that cannot be replaced by hiring even the smartest workers in their twenties.    *     NOAA.  Improving emergency responses in Arctic waters.     *     RIA Novosti - The Belarusian gas pipeline construction company Belgazstroy has suspended work in Venezuela, while two other Belarusian contracts are in doubt, the Venezuelan ambassador to Minsk said on Monday. “The company suspended work over non-payments for the first part of the contract,” Americo Diaz Nunez said.

2-3-09.  Gulf News by Leah Bower Sadly, it is looking like all the parties involved in the potential $30 million (Dh110.21 million) Alaska gas pipeline project are getting cold feet as a chill settles over the price of natural gas.       *      KTUU The seven members of the House Special Committee on Energy will visit Nome and Kotzebue this weekend and Bethel and Dillingham at the end of the month.  The committee's co-chair says members plan to sit down with residents to discuss a statewide energy plan.       *      Alaska Legislative Digest via Alaska Journal of Commerce by Tim Bradner (NGP Photo, 3-08).  The concern legislators have is that as the all-important 2010 open seasons for both TransCanada and Denali approach, it is apparent that energy markets are in a high state of flux.     *     NNS by Lauren McKeon.  Calgary-based natural gas company ATCO Midstream has started its move to the North with the recent purchase of Enbridge-owned IPL Holdings, replacing it as the third member of the Ikhil Joint Venture (IJV).     *     NNS by Paul BickfordAnn Marie Tout, president of the NWT Chamber of Commerce, especially welcomed the budget's commitment to provide $37.6 million to fund environmental assessments and aboriginal consultations relating to the Mackenzie Gas Project. ...  Western Arctic MP Dennis Bevington said the budget shows the Conservative government has no real vision for Canada, such as any plan to develop new green technologies....  Premier Floyd Roland was disappointed to hear a Mackenzie Valley highway was not included in the budget delivered by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. ... Mayor Peter Guther of Norman Wells is concerned about how much money will actually reach small communities, noting he has previously observed problems with federal programs. ... Grand Chief Jerry Antoine of the Deh Cho First Nations said the budget falls short in enhancing First Nations' economies. ... Territorial Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger said, while there are gaps in the budget, there are also things to help the NWT, such as the $50 million for social housing. ... Chuck Strahl, federal minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, praised the budget.

Comment: If this Congress begins passing irresponsible and, indeed, treasonous and suicidal legislation like the currently worded Amnesty bill, then developing a gas pipeline, an energy policy, a defense policy, an economic policy, an education policy, a health care policy or environmental policies will all be moot issues, for we will have lost the country and our children will remember us as THE WORST GENERATION.  What a sharp contrast this generation is to THE GREATEST GENERATION which would have lost WWII had it conducted its affairs as weakly and cowardly we now conduct ours.   -dh. 

2-2-09.   Petroleum News Alaska Reports: Federal Coordinator's new office - Point Thomson Drilling Moving Ahead - FERCSpeaker Mike Chenault by Dave Harbour overseeing Kenai LNG plant - Demand for new in-state gas supply - Canadian industry suffers - PNA's Alliance Meet Alaska Report (Our photos and notes here) - Fire Island wind farm project.        *      Calgary Herald by Dave YagerFollowing Tuesday's federal budget, the growing ranks of unemployed oil workers are "shovel ready" -- ready to go to Ottawa's House of Commons and Edmonton's legislature and shovel the bovine excrement out of both buildings.  Because from the bottom rungs of the oilpatch, what our politicians say about jobs and what they are doing are diametrically opposed. While the greatest challenge comes from collapsed oil and gas prices, federal and provincial policies continue to make a difficult situation worse. It doesn't have to be this bad.  (Comment:  Environmental and social extremists often say, "...this development is inevitable but it should not occur now, thus craftily converting temporary delay into sustainable, permanent delay."  -dh      *        Juneau Empire Editorial shared from ADNThe Alaska Permanent Fund is supposed to be a place for the state to invest its money prudently - not a development fund for questionable projects. That's why a proposal to allow the fund board to invest up to $1 billion in in-state energy projects is a bad idea.  The proposal, House Bill 44, is sponsored by House Speaker Mike Chenault (NGP Photo-r) and Reps. Peggy Wilson and John Harris.  It would allow the Permanent Fund board to invest up to $1 billion of the fund in in-state energy projects. But backers of the $4 billion in-state gas pipeline proposed by Enstar Natural Gas say they don't even need any state funding. Private investors will carry the load, Enstar says.        *      Alberta Oil Magazine, by Gordon Jaremko.  No one, Justice Thomas Berger included, questioned belief in northern resources so rich they have to be tapped. “I have proceeded on the assumption that, in due course, the industrial system will require the gas and oil of the western Arctic, and that they will have to be transported along the Mackenzie Valley to markets in the south,” he wrote.

2-1-09.  FNM.  Gov. Sarah Palin said she will introduce legislation in February enabling Enstar Natural Gas Company to move ahead on plans to build a gas “bullet line” linking the North Slope and Southcentral.  Anadarko is drilling at the Gubik field on the south side of the North Slope.  The company is in its second exploration season with two rigs at work, spokesman Mark Hanley confirmed.  Palin’s legislation will ease state regulatory and permitting issues related to Enstar’s plans, said Joe Balash, special assistant to the governor.  “Our priority is getting a large-diameter line to commercialize Alaska North Slope gas and ensure that Alaskans then have access to it,” Balash said. “If the timing is such that it is too far off to meet the needs of Alaskans, then a smaller in-state line is desirable, preferable. We support that, and we would look first to the private sector to provide that.”  ... Enstar spokesman Curtis Thayer said the utility has outlined some issues to the administration, but does not know what the legislation will specify.


New photos added this month:


Dr. James Murphy - University of Alaska Economics Professor by Dave HarbourDr. James Murphy - University of Alaska Economics Professor (Herbert Eckmann studying in background)

John Lau by Dave HarbourJohn Lau by Dave Harbour 2-9-09

Bill Noll -r- and Dave HarbourBill Noll (r) and Dave Harbour 2-6-09

Gail Phillips and Dave Harbour -left- 2-6-09Gail Phillips and Dave Harbour 2-6-09

Ben Gren and Dave Harbour Ben Gren (R) and Dave Harbour

Mary Pignalberi and Dave Harbour Mary Pignalberi and Dave Harbour

Frank Appel and Dave Harbour Frank Appel (R) and Dave Harbour

Luz Chamberlin and Dave HarbourLuz Chamberlin and Dave Harbour

Glen Clary and Dave Harbour Dave Harbour and Glen Clary (R)

John Norman and Dave Harbour John Norman (R) and Dave Harbour

Judy Brady and Dave Harbour Judy Brady and Dave Harbour

Ken Erickson and Dave Harbour Ken Erickson (L) and Dave Harbour

Paul Laird and Dave Harbour Paul Laird (L) and Dave Harbour

 Rick Braun and Dave Harbour Dave Harbour and Rick Braun (R)

Robin Phillips and Dave Harbour Robin Phillips and Dave Harbour

Steve Pratt and Dave Harbour Steve Pratt (L) and Dave Harbour

Brian Rogers - UAF Chancellor - RDC Meeting - 2-5-09Brian Rogers - UAF Chancellor - RDC Meeting - 2-5-09

Carl Portman - RDC Meeting - 2-5-09Carl Portman - RDC Meeting - 2-5-09

Chuck Hawley  and Dave Harbour RDC 2-5-09 by NGPChuck Hawley (r) and Dave Harbour RDC 2-5-09

David Hopkins - RDC 2-5-09David Hopkinson - RDC - 2-5-09

Diantha Crockett - RDC - 2-5-09Deantha Crockett - RDC - 2-5-09

Steve Borrell - RDC - 2-5-09Steve Borrell - RDC - 2-5-09

Wendy King - RDC - 2-5-09Wendy King - RDC - 2-5-09



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