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12-31-08.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!     *     Xinhua Financial News.  A regulatory panel weighing a proposal for a C$16.2 billion ($12.5 billion) pipeline to ship gas from Canada's Arctic will not complete its report for one year, spelling another in a long list of delays for the embattled project.

12-30-08.  PR Newswire for APEX.  One possible roadblock to the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline moving forward appears to have been resolved. The Deh Cho First Nations, of approximately 4,500 people, claim traditional territory which amounts to about 40 per cent of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline route, were the only group not to sign on to the deal.     *     ADN.  The trans-Alaska oil pipeline has reopened after an overnight shutdown....     *     ADN by Wesley Loy.  Investigators searched Monday for the cause of a fire that seriously damaged the Petro Star Inc. refinery in Valdez.

12-29-08.  WWF-Canada.  For many years, there have been plans to build a gas pipeline in the Mackenzie Valley. Thirty years ago, NWT residents opposed plans for a pipeline. Now, many feel the region is ready for industrial development – but only if it’s done right, stewarding the land and resources for future generations. WWF agrees with this principle.  WWF-Canada believes a network of protected areas must be established before natural gas reserves are developed, and that network must protect key wildlife habitats and culturally significant areas and adequately represent all the distinct natural regions that will be affected by development. A gas pipeline will affect sixteen of the Mackenzie Valley’s distinct natural regions – only five are currently represented in protected areas.  (Comment: An effective obstructionist strategy is to say, "We agree it can be done, but only under conditions with which we agree."  Effectively, then, all of the time-tested, due-process, existing and demanding regulatory processes can be ignored as WWF obstructs by complaining that to 'do it right' another laundry list of requirements must be imposed on any project sponsors.  Like America, Canada is in danger of allowing minority voices to lead it into political and economic paralysis.  -dh)    *     CBC News.  Two organizations that helped created a panel to review the proposed Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline are frustrated with how long that panel is taking to prepare its report and demanding a date for the report's release.     *     Point Thomson Delays, by Wesley Loy, ADN.  That Point Thomson, one of the world's largest undeveloped discoveries, has sparked such a court battle makes sense considering its stupendous value.  At today's oil and gas prices, the field holds recoverable resources worth roughly $55 billion. That's more than triple the bailout President Bush announced for the U.S. automobile industry on Dec. 19.     *     ADN by Michael Carey.   Ed Dankworth, who died Dec. 6 at 80, made news in Alaska for half a century as a police officer, legislator, lobbyist and entrepreneur. In every incarnation, he rose to heights he wouldn't have imagined when he was just a Texas boy who dreamt of starring in cowboy movies: commander of the Alaska State Troopers, co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee, the state's most influential lobbyist, businessman successful in Alaska tourism.

12-28-08. Anderson says it's unlikely that carbon emissions levels can be kept below 650 parts per million (ppm) by the end of the century, since these levels are already well over 380ppm and rising at 2ppm per year. Additionally, natural control mechanisms like carbon sequestration in oceans and permafrost appear to be past their coping levels. Ocean acidity, a direct effect of carbon emissions, has already risen 10 times faster   than predicted. The world's oceans can't harbor any more carbon without ecological meltdown.  The carbon sequestered in permafrost is now beginning to be released - for the first time in 11,000 years - as a result of global warming, most notably in the Canadian Arctic and Western Siberia. As the Arctic ice melts, the darker water raises temperatures, creating a negative feedback loop of warming. Siberian warming, first documented in 2005  , threatens to release not only long-pent-up carbon dioxide, but methane as well. These gases, according to the online journal Bioscience, add up to 1,500 billion tonnes of gases  , or twice the amount of greenhouse gas emissions already present in the atmosphere.   (Comment:  though the U.S. can little influence any outcome due to the overwhelming effect of oceans, permafrost, China and India on carbon production, politicians will likely push U.S. ratepayers closer to poverty in a misguided attempt to solve a world problem with American family treasure.  The carbon taxing and carbon trading mechanisms are nothing more than complex and expensive ways to have government futilely attempt to manipulate climate change on the backs of U.S. citizens.  But for those who invest in the North American natural gas market the result should be positive as increasing political pressures force more and more power generation to convert to natural gas.  -dh)     *     MSM Monitor I found it offensive when it is all of 24 degrees outside and another storm headed our way. I may stop posting environment stories. Frankly, I've got better things to do with my time than constantly rebut this deceptive and malicious agenda-pushing garbage.  Please see Climate Change Causes Power Blackouts and related links within for more as well as the AmeriKan MSM's Long, Slow, Ceaseless Fart.   "Going with climate's flow; Environmentalists shift approach, planning to adapt to nature's changes" by Carolyn Y. Johnson, Globe Staff | December 26, 2008  Environmental advocates, wildlife officials, and land trusts charged with protecting the natural world are beginning to take a new approach to climate change: rather than focus only on stopping it, they are also thinking about how to adapt to what's coming.... Yeah, it has gone from GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE

12-27-08.  Slave River Journal, by Shawn BellThe re-elected Conservative government’s Speech from the Throne delivered promising news for the NWT’s proposed Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline.  The Nov. 19 speech highlighted the goal of reducing regulatory barriers to extend a natural gas pipeline through the North as one of the government’s key initiatives.  “It’s very rare that a specific project gets mentioned in the Speech from the Throne,” said Tim Coleman, director of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Office. “So that’s a good sign.”

12-26-08.  Hall of Record Blog"Energy ministers from 12 of the world’s leading exporters of natural gas met in Moscow on Tuesday to create a producers’ group that consumers fear could develop into an Opec-style cartel.  Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, who chaired the meeting, warned that the era of “cheap gas” was coming to an end, and said members of the group would co-operate to make the gas market "predictable".       *     Polar WarmingLiquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is receiving greater attention as a possible cheaper alternative to northern gas pipeline projects e.g. Mackenzie Valley Gas Project.  Projects such as the Mackenzie Valley pipeline have been in the planning stages for years — requiring numerous regulatory approvals and capital expenditures.

12-25-08.  Merry Christmas!   PNA via ADNState legislators mulling whether a tax rewrite could be needed if North Slope natural gas starts flowing to Outside markets learned that gas production from state-owned fields could actually reduce state tax revenue.

12-24-08.  MOSCOW, December 23 (RIA Novosti) - The headquarters of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum will be set up in Doha, the capital of Qatar, the country's deputy prime minister said Tuesday.  "An official ceremony of filling the first tanker with liquefied natural gas is scheduled for February 19," said Alexander Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Gazprom management committee and head of Gazprom Export.     *     Book Clubs at SAPLHarry Boyd, a hard-bitten refugee from failure in Toronto television, has returned to a small radio station in the Canadian North. There, in Yellowknife, in the summer of 1975, he falls in love with a voice on air, though the real woman, Dido Paris, is both a surprise and even more than he imagined.  Dido and Harry are part of the cast of eccentric, utterly lovable characters, all transplants from elsewhere, who form an unlikely group at the station. Their loves and longings, their rivalries and entanglements, the stories of their pasts and what brought each of them to the North, form the centre. One summer, on a canoe trip four of them make into the Arctic wilderness they find the balance of love shifting, much as the balance of power in the North is being changed by the proposed Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline....    

12-23-08.   PNA via ADNState legislators mulling whether a tax rewrite could be needed if North Slope natural gas starts flowing to Outside markets learned that gas production from state-owned fields could actually reduce state tax revenue.     *      Scandinavian Oil and Gas MagazineWaterborne Energy projected today that “winds of change” will bring a major shift to the global LNG market in 2009.  The Houston-based consulting firm that tracks and analyzes LNG markets expects global LNG production to significantly increase next year, and international spot prices to drop accordingly.  “While 2009 will start slow, we expect a 30 percent rise in total LNG production worldwide by year end,” says Steve Johnson, president of Waterborne Energy. The firm monitors, analyzes and reports on global shipments of LNG.     *     PNA.  State regulators today decided not to approve a pair of gas supply contracts between Enstar and two Cook Inlet producers, but allowed Enstar to enter the contracts and pass the cost of the gas on to its customers on a temporary and possibly refundable basis.     *     PNA via ADN.  The third of four Prudhoe Bay replacement transit pipelines has gone into service, and the fourth and final replacement line is scheduled to be in service by Christmas, BP spokesman Steve Rinehart said.

12-22-08.  ADN.  With oil prices currently below $30 a barrel, the Palin administration's prediction that prices will average $74 during the year that starts July 1 is unrealistic, said state Rep. Mike Hawker (Photo-l). The state could face a multibillion-dollar revenue shortfall for that year, and the governor should revise her proposed budget, said Hawker, who will co-chair the budget-writing House Finance Committee next year.  "The governor's budget anticipates the most optimistic circumstances," Hawker said. "We also have to be honest with the people of Alaska and look at perhaps the more difficult circumstances of significant deficits, which we will face if the price of oil does not rise rapidly."  (Also, see The Alaska Standard.)     *     ADN Editorial re: state energy plan (See 12-08 story below).  The Palin Administration will take another month before rolling out its statewide energy "plan," and that's probably a good thing. To date, the planning effort led by state energy coordinator Steve Haagenson has not been getting good reviews.     *     ADN on Flint Hill Refinery by Tim Bradner (NGP Photo-r).  The Flint Hills refinery near Fairbanks is having problems and may be up for sale. The state is mulling several options to help keep the refinery open. State investment is a possibility being discussed.  (Author note:       The perfect storm for Alaska is brewing amid: a national recession; oil and gas demand destruction accompanied by lower prices/state revenue; relentless lowering of Alaska production, exacerbating revenue declines; increasing cost of Alaska state and municipal governments; increased Alaska energy costs; increasing Alaska tax and regulatory burdens on the oil industry, the wealth producer; reluctance or inability of Alaska administrators to resolve state/producer disputes in Cook Inlet and Point Thomson; and, now, unrealistic budgeting in the face of a predictable, approaching storm.  The bitter icing on Alaska's cake is the lack of spending discipline (fiscal plan), lack of an energy plan and lack of an economic stimulus plan.  The ship of state is rudderless and each day finds its hapless citizens further off course and closer to greater hardship if not a real grounding.  It is time to wake up.  If politicians truly grasped the imminent and irreversible danger of this situation, they would be convening a special, Legislative session even during this most special of seasons.   -dh)

12-20-08.  PNA by Gary Park.  Word that the Joint Review Panel, responsible for examining the environmental and socio-economic aspects of the C$16.2 billion venture, needs another year to complete its work has pushed those hoping to benefit from Arctic resource development past the breaking point.  Northwest Territories Premier Floyd Roland told the Globe and Mail he is “really quite concerned. … It’s a delay on another delay and we’ve not got a clear answer as to why. It has shaken the confidence of the business community.”   Nellie Cournoyea (NGP Photo, 6-03), a former NWT premier and now chairman of the Inuvialuit Regional Corp., said the latest splutter is “devastating. … It’s incomprehensible that a process like this would take so long.”

12-19-08.  ADN.  Shell Oil has canceled plans to drill for oil and do other exploration in the Beaufort Sea next year.  (KTUU Video)    *      Reverse VampyrJames O’Brien, an emeritus professor at Florida State University who studies climate variability and the oceans, said that global climate change is very important for the country and that Americans need to make sure they have the right answers for policy decisions. But he said he worries that scientists and policymakers are rushing to make changes based on bad science.   “Global climate change is occurring in many places in the world,” O’Brien said. “But everything that’s attributed to global warming, almost none of it is global warming.”  He took issue with the AP article’s assertion that melting Arctic ice will cause global sea levels to rise.  “When the Arctic Ocean ice melts, it never raises sea level because floating ice is floating ice, because it’s displacing water,” O’Brien said. “When the ice melts, sea level actually goes down. I call it a fourth grade science experiment. Take a glass, put some ice in it. Put water in it. Mark level where water is. Let it [melt]. After the ice melts, the sea level didn’t go up in your glass of water. It’s called the Archimedes Principle.”  He called sea level changes a "major scare tactic used by the global warming people."

12-18-08.  KTUU by Jason Moore ...the company known as Denali is planning to move to an office building in Midtown Anchorage that will hold a big sign on the side that says "Denali, the Alaska Gas Pipeline."  The move comes a dozen days after the state awarded TransCanada the exclusive AGIA license to build the pipeline.  The sign there says Denali's owners, BP and ConocoPhillips, are still in the game.  "This is a really important moment for Denali because we're stamping ourselves on the community here," Denali President Bud Fackrell said (NGP Photo).      *     Arctic Focus.  According to Denali President Bud Fackrell, the company sees what is happening as competition between them and TransCanada, rather than a race to see who will get there first. “I don’t view this as a race. Clearly we’re in competition with TransCanada but our standard is we’re going to do it the right way. We may beat them to doing an open season or we may not but fundamentally we wanted the very best cost estimate we can for our open season.”  If it were a competition based on money spent, then Denali would be winning.  The company shelled out $60 million on the proposed project this year and plans on double that amount in 2009.  Fackrell says that Denali has pre-filed with the federal Energy Regulatory Commission for approval of their oil project along with filing papers with the BLM to secure right of way permits.  This filing comes on the heel of field work the company had done along the proposed gas line route.

12-17-08.  NNS by Guy Quenneville.  SOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - Reaction to news that the Joint Review Panel will not have its report on the embattled Mackenzie Gas Project ready until December 2009 has been uniformly negative and in some cases incredulous.  "You've got to be kidding" was the initial reaction of Ann Marie Tout, president of the NWT Chamber of Commerce.  (Randy Ottenbreit-NGP Photo, 3-02, Calgary-Imperial Oil's development executive for the Mackenzie Gas Project, speaks about the embattled pipeline at the Inuvik Petroleum Show in June. Project proponents and oil and gas industry leaders were unanimously disappointed with news that the Joint Review Panel will not have its report ready until December 2009.)     *     Alaska Gas Pipeline Blog.  According to Marty Rutherford, deputy commissioner of natural resources: "We believe it's only a matter of time until all the parties come together to accomplish our mutual goal".  What does TransCanada have the the Denali Pipeline needs? Of course TransCanada needs money, actually more US taxpayer money to build the gas line and gas to fill it with. The North Slope producers have the financing and they have the gas.  And while we're penning a happy note to Santa asking for a pipeline merger go ahead and ask for $140/bbl oil and $2/gal diesel. Dream on Marty, and happy holidays!

12-16-08.    ADN by Eric Lidji (NGP Photo, 12-9-08).   "We believe it's only a matter of time until all the parties come together to accomplish our mutual goal," Marty Rutherford, deputy commissioner of natural resources, said at the recent "Energy in Alaska" conference hosted by Law Seminars International in Anchorage.   *      Also, on 12/9, see South-central Alaska Natural Gas Storage/Supply Issues:  A Ratepayer’s Review of Our Gas and Electric Challenges, By Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines.    *     ADN, Alan Bailey regarding Enstar's gas supply.

12-08-08.  Calgary Herald by Shaun Polczer.  Mackenzie Valley Pipeline stalled for another year? 

12-08-08.  NOTE:  Two big events this week 1.  ADN.  Anchorage Chamber of Commerce "Make It Monday" Forum presents Steve Haagenson (NGP Photo-r) with the Alaska Energy Authority on the state's long-term energy plan, noon to 1 p.m., Dena'ina Convention Center. RSVP by 9 a.m. Monday at 272-2401 or  2.  Your author will be addressing the Energy In Alaska Symposium on Tuesday but the event begins today.  I'll be discussing South Central Alaska Natural Gas Supply and Storage Issues.     *     Alaska Journal of Commerce, by Tim Bradner BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. will spend $1.2 billion on capital projects in Alaska in 2009, a 30 percent increase over the $900 million spent in 2008, a company spokesman said Dec. 2. The increase comes even as BP suspends some marginal Prudhoe Bay field projects because of lower crude oil prices and state tax effects.     *     KTUU story with VIDEO.  "This AGIA license is not a commitment to do anything other than process a whole lot of paper," Rep. Mike Hawker said.  State Rep. Jay Ramras was at Friday's AGIA license signing, and has been skeptical of the deal since the start.  "I was careful to stand in the back of the room," Ramras said. "I'm one of the non-believers."  Ramras still believes as he did the day the Legislature approved the TransCanada license that AGIA will fail.  "Until we get the three producers to sit down with the state and the country of Canada, we're no where," Ramras said. "In my opinion, all we've done is waste a lot of time and some growing fraction of $500 million."  Radio talk show host and former candidate for governor, Andrew Halcro (NGP Photo-l) has been the most vocal critic of the governor's gasline plans.  "What's amazing to me is we have granted, not only the $500 million, but an exclusive contract which could last for as long as 10 years to a company who's CEO has already said publicly this project cannot move forward until Exxon is happy," Halcro said.     *     Mackenzie Gas Project EIS.     *     PNAThe game of poker over Cook Inlet natural gas prices continued Dec. 1 when Enstar Natural Gas Co. told the Regulatory Commission of Alaska that ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil Co. have refused to amend new gas supply contracts with Enstar to set gas prices below a price cap specified by RCA in an Oct. 31 order. The commission had issued the order as a ruling in its review of Enstar’s new contracts with the two Cook Inlet gas producers.     *     Sarah Palin Book Sales - Introduction - Sarah takes on Big Oil .     *     ADN by Tom Kizzia.    Arctic oil and gas exploration, federal subsistence protection and funding for rural development are among the Alaska concerns that could see sudden policy shifts in the new Obama administration.

12-07-08.  London Free Press A panel examining the Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline project says it will take another year to complete its long-awaited review in the latest setback for the multibillion-dollar plan that originally hoped to have gas flowing in 2009.     *     Calgary Herald by Charles Frank.  On Wednesday, federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice said he expected a key report from the environmental panel reviewing the $16-billion project to come forward sometime this spring.  "I'm actually very optimistic (the controversial project will go ahead) because a lot of the work that needed to be done has now been done," he said.  On Friday, however, panel chair Robert Hornal announced the long-awaited report would not be finished before December 2009.     *     APRN - Audio download by Libby Casey.  THIS IS A GOOD REVIEW OF DRUE PEARCE AND HER PIPELINE COORDINATOR'S OFFICE DURING THE BUSH-OBAMA TRANSITION.  The future of TransCanada’s gas pipeline project is far from certain. Both the TransCanada project and the Denali Project, which is being driven by BP and ConocoPhillips, will now work their way through the complex federal regulatory process.

12-06-08.  FDNM While the governor plans to be in Fairbanks today to sign a $500-million deal on the gas pipeline, the key decisions on whether the project will be built are not controlled by TransCanada.  Just ask Hal Kvisle, the chief executive officer of TransCanada, who also is expected to be in Fairbanks for the signing ceremony at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.  Speaking with stock analysts in late October, he said the “single most important step” in moving the gas line forward is what he hopes will be “fruitful discussions with the existing producers on the North Slope.”

12-05-08.  Alaska Dispatch, by Tony Hopfinger (Photo-l with author, 2-25-02).  Given that the Big Three oil companies must first commit to the TransCanada project, and that they will almost certainly demand knowing the tax structure before doing so, why are we giving this Canadian company $500 million?     *     FDNM by Dermot ColeLongtime Fairbanksan Rick Solie is taking a new job in Anchorage as director of government and community affairs for Denali — the Alaska Gas Pipeline, a joint project of BP and ConocoPhillips.     *     Utilipoint by Jon Brock (Photo-l)  I found the news that Jeff Bingaman, United States Senator from New Mexico and Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, would be addressing an energy summit in my home city of Albuquerque too interesting to pass up.     *     AP The company owning a North Pole refinery is reviewing its options for the facility's operations as market conditions worsen.     *     APThe head of Shell Alaska says the company may appeal a recent federal court ruling that has delayed its plans to drill exploratory wells in the Beaufort Sea next year.  The company's general manager, Pete Slaiby, says the company was disappointed, particularly after investing $2.5 billion over the last three years on leases and operations in the state.    *     ANGDA.  Yesterday ANGDA issued a press release announcing the EIS contract award to URS Alaska.  When completed, Administrative Clerk Leah Burkes reports that ANGDA will have all of the State and Federal permits required to build the Beluga to Fairbanks gas pipeline.  “We are happy to be starting the last major permitting process on the Beluga to Fairbanks pipeline.  We look forward to working with the Corps as the lead agency and URS as the independent third party contractor under the Corps’ direction.  ANGDA will fully participate in the public scoping and hearing process, and looks forward to hearing the public’s input,” said Harold Heinze, ANGDA CEO.

12-04-08.  KTVA, Grace Jang (NGP Photo-l).  Seward could be the first city in the South-central Alaska to face rolling blackouts.       *      ADN The Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority is spending up to $250,000 for a project manager to bridge the gap between years when data is being collected and major engineering occurs on a pipeline that could branch off a main pipeline and deliver North Slope natural gas to Southcentral Alaskans, according to Petroleum News.     *     News Canada.  The proposed $16.2 billion Mackenzie gas project in the Arctic will still go ahead, despite lengthy regulatory delays and prolonged talks over fiscal breaks for the line's backers.  Construction of the Mackenzie Valley pipeline, which would carry gas to markets in Canada and the U.S., has been repeatedly delayed.  "I'm actually very optimistic because a lot of the work that needed to be done has now been done," Environment Minister Jim Prentice said (NGP Press Conference Photo, Calgary-r).   *  Green Party.  The Tar Sands are a triple bottom line (economic, ecological and social) failure that is creating substantially greater problems than it can ever hope to resolve.

12-03-08.  FDNM by Rena Delbridge.    Gov. Sarah Palin plans to be in Fairbanks on Friday as the state signs off on a natural gas pipeline license.   *     CBC It has been more than one year since the Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project, which is evaluating the environmental and socio-economic impacts of the proposed gas pipeline, held its last round of public hearings in November 2007.  The panel has never specified when its report and recommendations would be ready, other than to say it will be finished sometime in 2009.  "When you listen to some people in the streets, they're disappointed in how long it's taking," said Frank Pokiak, chairman of the Inuvialuit Game Council in the territory's Mackenzie Delta region, where the pipeline route would begin.  The game council, along with the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board, is asking the panel to provide a specific date when its report will be delivered.  In a letter sent to panel chairman Robert Hornal last week, both groups said the public deserves "some sense of when the panel's final report will be completed."     *     AP via ADN FAIRBANKS -- State lawmakers want to understand why two energy companies ready to drill for natural gas have not received lease-related considerations from the state.

12-02-08.  PNA by Kristen Nelson.  ExxonMobil continues aggressive Point Thomson effort: a key to Alaska gas pipeline progress.  DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin wrote Dan Seamount (NGP Photo-l), the commission chair, on Oct. 29, asking to be heard on applications ExxonMobil made to the commission for drilling permits. Irwin said DNR, as landowner, is an affected party entitled to notice under Alaska statutes.  *    Deseret News by Jay Ambrose.  Apologize and do it now, Barack Obama, John McCain and all you members of Congress who ranted about Big Oil's price-gouging and the way future-markets speculators were abusing the wallets of consumers at the gas pump.    *     PNA, by Eric Lidji.  BP Plans $1.2 billion Alaska program for 2009.     *     FDNM, by Rena Delbridge.  Lawmakers tried to figure out Monday why the state won’t grant lease-related concessions to two companies ready and willing to drill for Alaska natural gas. Rep. Ralph Samuels, an Anchorage Republican, pointed representatives from both oil companies and DNR to a bigger theme — how development of the state’s natural gas resources could affect plans to build a large-diameter, transcontinental gas line.  “If this state does not get a gas line, we are all so screwed — and you can’t get it without Point Thomson,” Samuels said. He said DNR is looking for leverage to force producers into supporting TransCanada’s pipeline, which was licensed under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act. Some say the TransCanada proposal won’t succeed without the assurance of gas, and they add that a producer-backed line, such as proposed by the joint ConocoPhillips/BP Denali project, is more likely to materialize.  “You want Exxon and Chevron and BP and all the rest of the them to put that gas into the AGIA pipeline. Is that the endgame that’s going on here?” he asked.   “When you tell folks what you plan on doing, your leverage can evaporate,” Division of Oil and Gas Director Kevin Banks said.  Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jay Ramras, a Fairbanks Republican, expressed frustration that viable projects are in limbo on DNR’s desk while constituents clamor for better, cheaper energy.  DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin was unable to talk specifics, as an appeal is pending before him on the Thompson unit’s termination. Instead, Banks fielded lawmakers’ inquiries.

12-1-08.  ADN by PNA. Of the things that could get in the way of an Alaska gas pipeline happening this time around some can be managed or will be taken care of by the markets, the federal coordinator for a gas pipeline project said recently.  But one thing that could kill the project is under the state's control -- needed infrastructure upgrades, said Drue Pearce, who heads the Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects.   *     Today is a deadline wherein in its order U-08-58(8) the RCA imposed on Enstar a requirement to file an amendment affirming acceptance of certain commission imposed conditions for approval of gas supply contracts.  -dh


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